Graphite latest news

  • March 2015

    Triton hooks up with AMG for Ancuabe graphite exploration

    31 March 2015

    The initial two-year agreement will see the ASX-listed junior and Germany-based carbon materials producer co-explore the past-producing graphite region in Northern Mozambique. The deal excludes Triton’s flagship Balama North project, however managing director Brad Boyle said that the arrangement could indirectly benefit the operation.

  • Tesla CEO tweet keeps market guessing about new product launch

    31 March 2015

    Tesla founder Elon Musk is known for hype generating about his business ventures, and just over a year after announcing plans to build a lithium-ion Gigafactory in Nevada, the CEO has tweeted about a top secret new Tesla product due to be launched at the end of April.

  • Chinese refractories output falls for first time in ten years

    30 March 2015

    2014 saw the first drop in China’s refractory production since 2004 as domestic demand from the steel, cement and glass sectors continues to weaken in the wake of slowing GDP growth. Exports jumped last year, meanwhile, as suppliers sought international buyers for surplus production.

  • IM Graphite News in Brief 20 – 26 March

    26 March 2015

    Valence ships first 20 tonnes graphite from Uley; National Graphene Institute opens in UK.

  • Indian graphite prices face downwards pressure

    26 March 2015

    Flake graphite prices from India are likely to be revised down following disrupted operations last year; decision to be made pending research

  • Graphenea graphene cuts alumina ceramic wear in half

    26 March 2015

    The Spanish nanomaterials company studied the effect of adding its standard graphene oxide to alumina-based ceramic materials used in the biomedical industry and found that a small amount of graphene can reduce wear by as much as 50%. It expects the results of the study to find application in commercial products in the near future.

  • China’s amorphous graphite supply tightens

    25 March 2015

    Supply Update: Low consumption rates cause drop in production as weak demand fails to absorb excessive supplies, which is likely to keep the market suppressed for H1 2015

  • BAIC-backed Pride graphite anode plant accelerates construction in Jixi

    24 March 2015

    BAIC Motor Corp. is one of the biggest EV producers in China and its investment in a graphite anode facility in Heilongjiang’s graphite capital is just one of a number of projects underway to increase the production of value-added graphite materials in the region.

  • Can selling exploration rights solve China’s graphite industry problems?

    23 March 2015

    The recent auctions of Heilongjiang’s exploration rights in Jixi have been given a mixed reception by the industry. Proponents of the new system believe that it will help solve the issue of profiteering by powerful companies and promote the development of further processing, while others feel that it is a risky strategy that inflates the price of mineral reserves.

  • Vein graphite price revisions await government nod

    20 March 2015

    Despite limited demand, vein graphite prices for 2015 are expected to rise as the new Sri Lankan government targets downstream expansion

  • PDAC 2015: Battery minerals an oasis in the mining desert

    20 March 2015

    Battery mineral companies happier than most as short term demand sources disputed.

  • Price Briefing 13 – 19 March

    20 March 2015

    Antimony trioxide prices drop while European graphite skirts under Chinese FOB contracts.

  • IM Graphite News in Brief 13 – 19 March

    20 March 2015

    Talga receives $5.5m towards German graphene plant; Triton makes expanded graphite from Balama North ore.

  • Rebound in Japan’s graphite imports signals growth

    18 March 2015

    Downloadable graph: Increase in China’s flake graphite exports to Japan support the country’s emergence from recession: port by port.

  • SGL Group decreases graphite electrode capacity to counter weak prices

    18 March 2015

    SGL Group has stayed true to its word and is implementing its planned cost savings - over half of which has been focused on its graphite electrode products. The company has increased its cost saving target to €240m in order to keep its balance sheet healthy going forward.

  • Graphite prices stand firm despite upward pressure

    13 March 2015

    Chinese producers hold out on prices as market awaits rebound in industrial demand.

  • New law seeks to spread benefits of Mozambique's mining industry

    13 March 2015

    Mozambique's 2014 Mining Law is intended to benefit the people of Mozambique, shifting supply agreements onto local contracts and determining adequate compensation for communities affected by mining. However, some parts of the legislation are vague and companies need to fully understand the process in order to operate effectively in the east African country, according to legal firm Clifford Chance.

  • Price Briefing 6 – 12 March

    13 March 2015

    Graphite flat while craft beer pushes up soda ash and TiO2 markets anticipate a price lift.

  • Refractories to push graphite growth?

    11 March 2015

    End Market Review: Do current trends in refractories signal towards restricted graphite demand?

  • Lithium News in Brief 26 February – 9 March

    10 March 2015

    Airlines call for worldwide ban on lithium battery shipments; No delays to Tesla's Gigafactory.

  • StratMin could look to debt markets for graphite expansion financing

    09 March 2015

    Grahite producer StratMin is hoping to leverage its offtake agreement to access debt market financing for expansion at its project in Madagascar, according to director Manoli Yannaghas. The company may equally be able to rely on cashflow by the time that it needs growth funds, most likely 2016.

  • Graphite prices await industrial rebound

    06 March 2015

    Flake and amorphous graphite prices steady at new lows, while uncertainty continues in vein and spherical graphite market

  • PDAC 2015: Battery minerals an oasis in the mining desert

    06 March 2015

    Most commodities are presently operating in a depressed market and financing environment. Lithium and graphite, and now to a lesser extent rare earths, are receiving interest that other minerals are not, owing to excitement in electric vehicles, grid storage solutions and high tech industries. However, even considering the extra attention, times are hard for battery mineral developers.

  • IM Graphite News in Brief 27 February – 5 March

    05 March 2015

    GrafTech International Q4 2014 sales revenues fall by 16%; Testing for Northern Graphite Inc.’s flake graphite concentrates confirms the material of suitable quality for all major end markets; First graphene-inclusive mobile phones launched in China.

  • PDAC 2015: Battery demand drivers disputed; purity and processing efficiency is key

    04 March 2015

    Although attendees at PDAC disagreed on whether EV or grid storage demand would emerge first to drive battery growth, there was all round agreement that product value will lie in processing technology and increasing purity

  • PDAC 2015: Rare earths forgotten in a lithium and graphite focused EV and high-tech world

    03 March 2015

    The decline of interest in rare earths in favour of graphite and lithium, despite relatively similar end markets, has been questioned by rare earths companies. It has been suggested that China may wish to take a strategic interest in the emerging technologies that use rare earths to continue its rare earths dominance.

  • China’s natural graphite exports gain by 11% in 2014

    03 March 2015

    Supply Update: Despite environmental closures and domestic consolidation, China’s graphite industry registered growth in 2014 with value-added spherical graphite hitting new production levels

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