Iron Oxide Pigments features

  • A colorful future – the rebound in iron oxide pigments IM October - November 2018

    As big players in the iron oxide pigment business reap the rewards of an upturn in the construction industry, Fastmarkets IM correspondent Myles McCormick takes a look at the state of the market. Read More

  • Iron oxide: build, or it won’t come IM March 2015

    Iron oxide pigment demand is benefitting from growth in new markets such as batteries and cosmetics, but the industry’s main demand driver is the construction sector, where consumption has been hurt by weaker economic growth. Kasia Patel, Deputy Editor, takes a look at what construction forecasts might mean for iron oxide and discusses varying preferences for natural and synthetic material. Read More

  • Supply Situation Report: Iron oxide – back in the black IM April 2013 issue

    Iron oxide is an important pigment material for creating red, yellow and black colours in concrete, bricks, paints, inks and a wide variety of other materials. The construction industry - which accounts for the majority of iron oxide pigments end use - suffered greatly in the global recession and the after-effects linger on across the world. Read More

  • Price Briefing: Barytes market reports bull trend as taxes bite in China August 2012

    Barytes up while graphite market softens and a rare earth platform hoves into view Read More

  • Industrial Minerals Prices July 2012 July 2012

    Read More

  • Pigments on rollercoaster ride January 2011

    Bumpy road ahead for pigment producers as construction and automotive markets decline in the west but rise in the east, driven by an emerging Asian middle class Read More

  • The cost of colour January Issue 2009

    Iron oxide pigment reviewed: buckling iron ore prices coupled with falling demand from the collapsing construction industry, could send iron oxide pigment prices tumbling. Will fiscal stimulus packages across the world be enough to maintain demand? Read More

  • Utilising XRF for bauxite analysis July Issue 2007

    XRF is a key method of controlling quality and production processes in oxide analysis. Martijn Olde Weghuis explains how using the Axios Minerals-WROXI-SuperQ -FP algorithm combination with XRF provides the best solution for bauxite analysis Read More

  • Paint's eastern bright spots December Issue 2006

    Terry Knowles surveys the shifting world paint scene and highlights its brightest markets. Many of these are in the east, which has forced paint companies to invest there in search of growth, and raw materials such as industrial minerals Read More

  • The colour of minerals September Issue 2006

    The world would be a duller place without industrial minerals. Inorganic mineral pigments brighten our surroundings, adding a splash of colour to everything from paints and plastics to inks, textiles, and glass. Ted Dickson reveals the astonishing variety of products available. Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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