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  • High standards

    Participants in the industrial minerals sector hone their skills and build their product knowledge through the use of detailed international, regional and national standards. Read More


  • Growing stronger: vermiculite and perlite

    Driven by demand from multiple sectors - from construction and horticulture to fire protection and steelmaking - the global vermiculite and perlite market remains in growth mode, underscored by a healthy supply-demand balance, reports Ross Davies. Read More

  • Plentiful potash sector sees no need for change

    Abundant reserves, robust price forecasts and a lack of major catastrophes have dampened enthusiasm for innovation in the global potash industry, but does this approach risk missing important chances to improve production of one of the world’s most important minerals? Rose Pengelly reports. Read More

  • A weighty issue Indian barite exports win out in sluggish market

    Markets for oilfield minerals have had a slow start to the year while global drilling activity remains limited and oil markets repeatedly fail to break new highs. Read More

  • Wollastonite potentialin carbon emissions reduction technology

    Wollastonite has been described as “a white mineral for a greener world” and it seems governments, businesses and industries agree – with wollastonite set for increased market growth in its traditional uses plus a new focus on its powerful qualities to help tackle climate change. Sarah Gibbons, Keith Nuthall, Raghavendra Verma and John Pagni Read More

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  • 'If you have a passion for anything ... don’t think of the obstacles'

    As chief executive officer of the World Energy Congress’ organizing committee - while holding down her day job in the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Energy and Industry - 2019 has already been a busy year for Fatima Al Foora Al Shamsi. She tells Ross Davies about her career as well as what is on the agenda for the upcoming congress. Read More