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  • On the way up: Industrial minerals in India IM March 2018

    India has recorded economic growth of around 7% per year in the past three years. But while it has significant resources of some of the most widely used industrial minerals, this sector has shown only modest growth, as Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh discovers. Read More

  • The sands of time: TiO2 feedstocks to 2020 IM February 2018

    The balance in the market for titanium dioxide (TiO2) feedstock has been in constant flux throughout history, and 2017 was no exception. Industrial Minerals Correspondent Cameron Perks takes a look at supply, demand, and prices throughout 2017, as well as what we should look out for as we approach 2020. Read More

  • TiO2 feedstocks turn a corner IM March 2017

    A rebound in titanium dioxide prices and demand has paved the way for positive momentum in the mineral sands sector. Kasia Patel, North American Editor, and Cameron Perks, IM Correspondent, look at current industry trends and planned new projects in the sector. Read More

  • Titanium dioxide: Year in Review 2015 IM January 2016

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global TiO2 industry. Read More

  • Australia: End of the mining gloom? IM December 2014

    The downturn of the global “commodities supercyle” and slowing raw material demand in China has been felt keenly in Australia’s resources sector. But while proponents of Australian mining admit the industry isn’t quite as mighty as it used to be, they say that there are still plenty of reasons to be positive Down Under, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor and Laura Syrett, Prices Editor, discover. Read More

  • Is there enough demand for new TiO2 feedstock producers? IM May 2014 issue

    IM Editor-in-chief, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, discovers the updates in the development of new titanium dioxide projects in Africa and Australia, and analyses them in light of the currently difficult market conditions experienced by main producers. Read More

  • Supply Situation Report: Light at the end of the tunnel for TiO2 feedstocks IM July 2013

    The titanium dioxide (TiO2) feedstock industry underwent a significant period of upheaval during 2012: prices rose, prices fell and production was cut by some of the largest producers. Read More

  • Price Briefing: Titanium dioxide hikes unlikely to stick IM May 2013

    Recent titanium dioxide (TiO2) price hikes by major producers are unlikely to be accepted by pigment endusers, analysts told IM. Read More

  • Projects in the pipeline: Green hills of Africa not as important as its sandy beaches IM April 2013 issue

    2013 is to be Africa's year with Kwale to be first online followed by Minerals Commodities' Tormin and Mineral Deposits' Grand Cote Read More

  • IM 2012 Round-ups: Titanium dioxide feedstocks January Issue 2013

    Prices for titanium dioxide (TiO2) feedstocks saw unprecedented rises during 2012, leading to increased profit margins for many existing producers and improved project economics for junior developers. Read More

  • Industrial Minerals Prices July 2012 July 2012

    Read More

  • Vietnam processing potential September Issue 2008

    Vietnam has raised export tariffs on all mineral exports, including key industrial minerals, notably titanium sands, up to 20% in a dramatic measure to reduce the export of minerals and encourage processing of minerals domestically. Read More

  • West African minsands April Issue 2007

    Carnegie-Astron brings Gambian minsands back on stream, with contract drilling in Senegal Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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