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  • RHI Magnesita: Brick by brick consolidation IM December 2017-January 2018

    The merger between RHI and Magnesita ‘makes sense’ because the refractory industry tends toward consolidation, while raw material shortages in China may lead supply to diversify elsewhere, according to the new company’s chief executive officer, Stefan Borgas. Read More

  • Bridging the Gulf IM July-August 2016

    As the US Geological Survey prepares to issue a special publication on the mineral resources of Iran, the international business community is kicking its heels in frustration about the snail’s pace of progress towards establishing trade links with the Islamic Republic, Rose Pengelly, IM Correspondent, writes. Read More

  • Ontario’s mineral sector: “Enriching the future” IM March 2016

    Home to some of the world’s leading mining technology specialists, Ontario has long been at the forefront of the modern mining industry. Michael Gravelle, Ontario’s Minister of Northern Development and Mines, outlines how the province is working to reinforce its status as a global mining destination. Read More

  • The silent treatment: How minerals are giving water a new lease of life IM May 2015

    With around 2m tonnes of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste discharged into the world’s waterways every day, it is crucial that wastewater is treated thoroughly. Liz Gyekye, Chief Reporter, examines how minerals form a key part of many wastewater treatment systems. Read More

  • End User Focus: Liquid assets: picking the right mineral for wastewater treatment December 2012 issue

    Increased regulation and cost pressures mean that more than ever companies are looking to see which products better suit them. Siobhan Lismore looks at the industrial minerals used in wastewater treatment, with particular emphasis on magnesium hydroxide and lime, and speaks to key figures about how the market is progressing Read More

  • The squeeze on North American lime August 2012

    The lime market, which started to recover in 2010, is not yet back to pre-crisis levels, but steel and flue gas desulphurisation could bring some growth in the US Alexandra Feytis, Correspondent Read More

  • High purity limestone quest December 2011

    Reconnaissance assessments are one of the first steps in identifying new commercial mining projects. Clive Mitchell outlines the British Geological Survey’s recent evaluation of high purity limestone deposits worldwide, including in the Middle East Read More

  • End User Focus: Sticking to tradition September 2011

    These days, tile adhesives are a complicated mixture of additives, chemicals and fillers, each playing a crucial part in the adhesive performance. But, as Ed Hiam explains, traditional materials such as industrial minerals still play a key role in this evolving market Read More

  • FGD’s solution for pollution July 2011

    END USER FOCUS: New coal-fired power capacity and crackdowns on existing polluting sites continue to lead demand for flue gas desulphurisation and its key mineral consumption Read More

  • Plastics in forward drive October 2010

    With the recession receding in the rear view mirror, the filler minerals industry looks forward to a smoother ride ahead with the automotive market Read More

  • Metal markets in flux January 2010

    Dolomite, fluorspar and lime flux producers breathe a sigh of relief as an upswing begins in the aluminium and steel market cycles Read More

  • Water borne mineral opportunities December 2009

    Belgium’s Lhoist Group explains how increasing industrial development and environmental regulation is opening new opportunities for wastewater treatment products such as its new Neutralac® SLS45 Read More

  • UK lime’s green credentials November 2009

    British lime producer Francis Flower is striving for wider uptake of recycled aggregate products Read More

  • FGD: capturing mineral opportunities October 2009

    Murray Lines examines the key concepts and minerals in one of the most effective weapons against green house gas emissions, flue gas desulphurisation - the leading environmental market for minerals Read More

  • Saudi Arabia minerals review June 2009 issue

    Seeking Saudi mineral potential: A shift in national policy to diversify into non-oil resources has prompted domestic development and overseas interest in Saudi Arabia’s considerable wealth of untapped industrial minerals Read More

  • Industrial Minerals: state of the industry May issue 2009

    In celebration of IM’s 500th issue, we invited leading lights of the industry to share with us their views on the shaping of the industry and its future Edited by Mike O’Driscoll, Editor Read More

  • Steel cloud: lime green lining January Issue 2009

    With the steel sector in the midst of a downturn, will European lime find its biggest consumer in the ever growing environmental market? Meanwhile new EU emissions legislation challenges the industry's evolution Read More

  • Alumina cement developments October Issue 2008

    Highlights of papers presented at "Calcium AluminateCements", the Centenary Conference 2008, Avignon 30-June-2 July 2008 Read More

  • Emissions Trading: a changing climate August issue 2008

    Legal Eye: Bert D’Hooghe assesses how the industry is tackling climate change and looks at the revision of the EU emission trading scheme (ETS), with reference to dolomite, gypsum, lime, magnesia, and soda ash Read More

  • Head to Head: Calcium aluminate cements: bauxite v alumina September Issue 2007

    Bauxite and alumina use in calcium aluminate cements is being challenged by tightened raw material supply Read More

  • Head to Head - Lime vs Magnesia January Issue 2007

    Lime and magnesium oxide/hydroxide compete head on in water treatment applications. While all of these products have their advantages, consumer choice is frequently swayed by the key elements of availability and cost Read More

  • Minerals get set for REACH October Issue 2006

    The EU’s new REACH policy is scheduled to come into force in spring 2007. According to Roger Doome of IMA-Europe, co-ordination is the name of the game if the industrial minerals industry is to be ready for implementation. Read More

  • Nordic developments September Issue 2006

    Following last month’s feature on Nordic industrial mineral supply, here we review some of the latest developments in the region Read More

  • Tanzanian industrial minerals April Issue 2006

    Investment needed to unleash the potential of abundant reserves Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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