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  • The peaks and troughs of Eurasian mining IM May - June 2019

    Turkey is the standout performer in Eurasia’s industrial minerals industry but its economic recession is affecting the wider region. Rose Pengelly looks at what neighboring countries are doing to boost their domestic mining sectors. Read More

  • Paper thin markets? A look at PCC in paper IM April 2019

    Paper markets may be changing but the minerals used within them are still being used in the same way. Ian Wilson takes a look at precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and discuses producer developments in 2019. Read More

  • On the way up: Industrial minerals in India IM March 2018

    India has recorded economic growth of around 7% per year in the past three years. But while it has significant resources of some of the most widely used industrial minerals, this sector has shown only modest growth, as Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh discovers. Read More

  • Australian agricultural limestone: What’s eating Australia? IM October 2016

    With soil acidification eating at Australia’s multibillion dollar agricultural market, Richard Flook, Consultant, and Cameron Perks, IM Australian Correspondent,* take a look at what is being done to help farmers improve their productivity and the growth required in the Australian agricultural limestone industry. Read More

  • New Zealand agricultural limestone: Fertilising middle earth IM October 2016

    New Zealand may be best known as Tolkien’s “Middle Earth” but it is also a powerhouse in agricultural production. The lush green fields have long relied on agricultural limestone but recently more attention has been focussed on optimising performance. Richard Flook, Consultant, and Cameron Perks, IM Australian Correspondent examine how fine grades of agricultural limestone, either spread or granulated, are becoming increasingly popular. Read More

  • Yukon’s mineral industry – looking back and moving ahead IM March 2016

    Low metal prices are keeping a lid on exploration, but as the Yukon Government’s Department of Energy, Mines and Resources explains, the territory is using the downtime to improve the industry’s regulatory framework, ready for a turnaround. Read More

  • New South Wales maps out industrial mineral opportunities IM November 2015

    The eastern Australian state of NSW is home to a large number of highly prospective industrial mineral deposits. Cameron Perks and David Forster* outline how the Geological Survey of New South Wales is producing an updated map of the region’s geology in order to showcase its potential to investors, geologists and the wider community. Read More

  • The silent treatment: How minerals are giving water a new lease of life IM May 2015

    With around 2m tonnes of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste discharged into the world’s waterways every day, it is crucial that wastewater is treated thoroughly. Liz Gyekye, Chief Reporter, examines how minerals form a key part of many wastewater treatment systems. Read More

  • Africa’s Industrial Minerals Map IM February 2015

    Read More

  • The use of naturally occurring minerals in animal feed IM October 2014 issue

    The term usually applied to food prepared for domesticated livestock is ‘fodder,’ which is primarily composed of natural organic ingredients such as hay, straw, silage, pelleted foods, oils, grains, legumes and molasses as well as spent grain from breweries and distilleries and DDGS (distiller’s dried grains with solubles), from bio-ethanol production. Frank Hart* looks into the use of naturally-occurring minerals in animal feed. Read More

  • GeoVista forges links with transport providers to open up Swedish mining IM March 2014 issue

    GeoVista outlines importance of rail network in report; supports other companies such as Nordic Mining in Norway Read More

  • Minor bulks, major gains: industrial minerals boost handysize ship market IM December 2013

    Rates for smaller dry bulk vessels are continuing to grow as the fleet size remains tight and demand from the minor bulk sector generates more orders for shippers, Wayne Yamada explains. Read More

  • Glass: a fragile industry? IM April 2013 issue

    Glass manufacturing is a large consumer of many industrial minerals, including soda ash, quartz and limestone. It is also used in a wide variety of industries, such as construction, manufacturing and home ware. But with the economic recession still leaving a trail of devastation in many industries, how will the glass supply chain fare in 2013? Read More

  • Looking for the right mineral filler for plastics February 2013 issue

    Fillers were first introduced into the plastics industry as a cost-saving device. But, as Ajay Kulshreshtha discovers, their myriad properties perhaps should be more correctly focused on improving performance and driving innovation Read More

  • End User Focus: Playing ceramic catch-up July 2012

    There are three main sectors for production of ceramics in the world: porcelain/tableware, sanitaryware and tiles. In all of these markets, China is the world’s leading producer and consumer and it is just the global ceramic tiles sector that will be considered in the following. Read More

  • High purity limestone quest December 2011

    Reconnaissance assessments are one of the first steps in identifying new commercial mining projects. Clive Mitchell outlines the British Geological Survey’s recent evaluation of high purity limestone deposits worldwide, including in the Middle East Read More

  • End User Focus: Under mineral lock & key November 2011

    As an emerging niche market, carbon capture and storage could bring demand potential for magnesium and calcium oxide-rich industrial minerals Read More

  • End User Focus: Sticking to tradition September 2011

    These days, tile adhesives are a complicated mixture of additives, chemicals and fillers, each playing a crucial part in the adhesive performance. But, as Ed Hiam explains, traditional materials such as industrial minerals still play a key role in this evolving market Read More

  • FGD’s solution for pollution July 2011

    END USER FOCUS: New coal-fired power capacity and crackdowns on existing polluting sites continue to lead demand for flue gas desulphurisation and its key mineral consumption Read More

  • Glass loses its shine November 2010

    One of the first markets to be dramatically impacted by the financial downturn, the glass industry slowly starts cracking the window to recovery in Europe but pre-crisis levels are still far away Read More

  • Plastics in forward drive October 2010

    With the recession receding in the rear view mirror, the filler minerals industry looks forward to a smoother ride ahead with the automotive market Read More

  • Peninsula prospects June 2010

    Although there remain challenges, an abundance of untapped mineral deposits, increasing demand, and clear political will and support to develop the mineral sector has brought the Arabian Peninsula under the investor spotlight Read More

  • Tile boom cracks May 2010

    After many prosperous years, the ceramic tile industry saw its first real slowdown in 2008. Asia and the Middle East now lead the way to recovery, while Europe and the USA remain sluggish Read More

  • North Africa builds its minerals’ future March 2010

    Even though the global downturn has slowed growth, North Africa is looking forward to realising its phosphate and other mineral resources Read More

  • Metal markets in flux January 2010

    Dolomite, fluorspar and lime flux producers breathe a sigh of relief as an upswing begins in the aluminium and steel market cycles Read More

  • Water borne mineral opportunities December 2009

    Belgium’s Lhoist Group explains how increasing industrial development and environmental regulation is opening new opportunities for wastewater treatment products such as its new Neutralac® SLS45 Read More

  • UK lime’s green credentials November 2009

    British lime producer Francis Flower is striving for wider uptake of recycled aggregate products Read More

  • FGD: capturing mineral opportunities October 2009

    Murray Lines examines the key concepts and minerals in one of the most effective weapons against green house gas emissions, flue gas desulphurisation - the leading environmental market for minerals Read More

  • Eco demand heats up mineral wool September 2009

    Demand for mineral wool remains stable despite a slumping construction market as government global warming strategies call for ever more efficient insulation products, Alison Russell reports Read More

  • Minerals for carbon dioxide sequestration June 2009 issue

    Minerals key to locking emissions: George Hawley examines the use of industrial minerals in capturing carbon dioxide emissions Read More

  • Saudi Arabia minerals review June 2009 issue

    Seeking Saudi mineral potential: A shift in national policy to diversify into non-oil resources has prompted domestic development and overseas interest in Saudi Arabia’s considerable wealth of untapped industrial minerals Read More

  • Industrial Minerals: state of the industry May issue 2009

    In celebration of IM’s 500th issue, we invited leading lights of the industry to share with us their views on the shaping of the industry and its future Edited by Mike O’Driscoll, Editor Read More

  • Filler minerals: Auto doom & gloom stalls market April issue 2009

    IM reports on the 4th High Performance Fillers for Polymer Composites conference, held 4-5 March 2009 in Barcelona, Spain, covering market outlook, new filler grades, plus developments in nanofillers and mineral processing by Jessica Roberts, Assistant Editor Read More

  • Steel cloud: lime green lining January Issue 2009

    With the steel sector in the midst of a downturn, will European lime find its biggest consumer in the ever growing environmental market? Meanwhile new EU emissions legislation challenges the industry's evolution Read More

  • Reflections on ASEAN Glass December Issue 2008

    Murray Lines reports on the 32nd ASEAN Glass Conference held 7-10 October 2008 in Borneo. Amongst topics and trends covered was the outlook for glass packaging, central to glass minerals’ prospects in the Asia Pacific region Read More

  • Alumina cement developments October Issue 2008

    Highlights of papers presented at "Calcium AluminateCements", the Centenary Conference 2008, Avignon 30-June-2 July 2008 Read More

  • Glass minerals strike gold October Issue 2008

    Murray Lines examines the main glass minerals and highlights trends in the rapidly expanding Asia Pacific market, dominated by China. Read More

  • Chinese ceramics seek southern comfort October Issue 2008

    China's need for ceramics raw materials is increasing. The response from southern sources is examined Read More

  • Vietnam processing potential September Issue 2008

    Vietnam has raised export tariffs on all mineral exports, including key industrial minerals, notably titanium sands, up to 20% in a dramatic measure to reduce the export of minerals and encourage processing of minerals domestically. Read More

  • A minerals passage to India August issue 2008

    As the word continues to seek a passage into India's industrial minerals industry, the country has continued to strengthen through domestic expansions and international acquisitions. Read More

  • GCC blossoms in Eastern Europe June Issue 2008

    Eastern European minerals and markets are attracting increasing interest. For the region, Ian Wilson examines the main sources of supply, players involved, and market demand for ground calcium carbonate (GCC) Read More

  • Afghanistan: Revival & redevelopment June Issue 2008

    Major redevelopment projects in Afghanistan are placing large demands on the minerals industry, which is struggling to keep pace. Clive Mitchell and Antony Benham report on the revival of the country’s industrial minerals industry Read More

  • West Bengal potential February Issue 2008

    THE NORTH-WEST Indian state of West Bengal has a number of industrial mineral opportunities, many of which are still unexploited. The main industrial minerals found in West Bengal are china clay, fireclay, apatite, dolomite, limestone and vermiculite. At the moment only apatite, china clay and fireclay are mined, with 2004-2005 production figures of: 4,950 tonnes apatite, 68,544 tonnes fireclay and 67,099 tonnes china clay. Read More

  • Nigeria's hidden treasures October Issue 2007

    Following mismanagement and corruption, the government has stepped up its pursuit for economic reform and exploitation of mineral wealth by declaring 2007 as “Minerals and Mines Year” implementing new legislation that could make Nigeria a promising new mining destination Read More

  • Head to Head: Calcium aluminate cements: bauxite v alumina September Issue 2007

    Bauxite and alumina use in calcium aluminate cements is being challenged by tightened raw material supply Read More

  • Minerals of Italy August Issue 2007

    A significant processor of domestic minerals and overseas mineral sources, particularly ceramics and paper, Ian Wilson, examines how Italy’s minerals industry has survived and grown through high quality grades and consolidation Read More

  • Head to Head: Limestone v dolomite May Issue 2007

    Limestone and dolomite are critical ingredients used in glass production. Although some glassmakers choose to use one rather than the other, which is often a function of availability, it is apparent that each has its place to maintain a balanced glass melt Read More

  • Hardly gold dust May Issue 2007

    Freight Market Report: NOT A REFERENCE to the extravagant rates in the freight market but at this time of the year huge swaths of yellow dust swirl from the deserts of Mongolia across northern China, down the Korean peninsula enveloping both south and north Korea; after a mild winter experts believe 2007 could be the worst on record. To address this China, Korea and Japan have been meeting to help Mongolia to create a green belt across the Gobi desert and are giving $1.2 m. to promote forestation. Now in the second quarter, Capesize Owners can look back to the start of the year with huge satisfaction: the BCI soared to over 8000 points an increase of 2000 since early January – owing to a 23.4% rise at 100.2mt in first quarter Chinese imports on 2006, and massive congestion. Read More

  • Calcitic materials for glass October Issue 2006

    Measuring the decrepitation of limestone and dolomite in a glass batch allows glassmakers to maximise their choice of raw material. Esref Aydin and Atilla Çebi explain why. Read More

  • Nordic developments September Issue 2006

    Following last month’s feature on Nordic industrial mineral supply, here we review some of the latest developments in the region Read More

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