Lithium latest news

  • May 2014

    FMC Lithium, US DoE partnership could improve Li-ion technology

    30 May 2014

    New research could use SLMP technology to improve battery capacity and performance while at the same time decreasing concerns over safety. Developments are expected to greatly reduce manufacturing costs, boosting the EV industry worldwide.

  • Rockwood completes Talison acquisition

    29 May 2014

    By securing new reserves in Australia through the Talison acquisition, Rockwood solidifies its position as a world-leading lithium producer with significant and diverse resources in multiple continents.

  • Avalon produces lithium-bearing petalite during test work

    28 May 2014

    As Avalon continues to progress operations at its Seperation Rapids project in Ontario, Canada, the glass and ceramics industry can look forward to new supply of petalite concentrate and feldspar – both of which are used as flux ingredients.

  • LSM14: How lithium can change the solar landscape

    28 May 2014

    While industrial minerals like quartz, silica, feldspar and silicon carbide have traditionally been linked with solar energy applications, it is lithium that could see a 10-fold increase in demand through use in CSP working fluids.

  • Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was carrying Li-ion batteries

    27 May 2014

    Missing flight was carrying around 2.5 tonnes Li-ion batteries; Batteries packed according to IATA regulations

  • LSM14: the true impact of Tesla’s Gigafactory

    27 May 2014

  • LSM14: RB Energy to ship first lithium carbonate next week

    23 May 2014

    By joining the handful of current lithium producers, mainly based in South America, RB Energy’s first commercial production of battery-grade lithium carbonate is big news for an industry which has faced a tough few years.

  • LSM14: the true impact of Tesla’s Gigafactory

    22 May 2014

    While many remain excited about the impact Tesla’s ambitious EV plans will have on the critical materials industry, those in the know outline what this really means for the global lithium supply chain at this year’s Lithium Supply & Markets conference in Montreal, Canada.

  • Falling iodine prices hit SQM Q1 results

    21 May 2014

    SQM’s results highlight the negative impact iodine prices have had on the sector, whereas its lithium division showed promise as a result of the expanding electric and hybrid vehicle market, expected to grow by up to 10% more this year, compared to 2013.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief

    21 May 2014

    Latest technological developments from Power Japan Plus, Stria Lithium; Tohoku University, Japan; Renault and LG Chem join forces; POSCO to concentrate on lithium segment of business; RB energy closes $22m deal

  • Western Lithium receives funds to complete Nevada lithium project

    19 May 2014

    The advancement of funds means the company can move towards completion and commercialisation of its Nevada lithium plant and its demonstration plant in Germany.

  • RB Energy announces Q1 losses of C$2.6m

    14 May 2014

    As a consequence of Tesla Motors’ announcement to build a lithium Gigafactory in North America, RB Energy is confident the investment it has made in its Quebec lithium project will be worth the losses it has suffered this quarter.

  • Nemaska Lithium feasibility study predicts boost to lithium prices

    14 May 2014

    The growth of the electric vehicle market is expected to increase the supply/demand gap, and boost prices for both lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

  • Video News: Malaysia Airlines MH370 was carrying Li-ion batteries

    13 May 2014

    US kaolin prices remain flat; Russian Federation to meet with EU over energy regulations; BGS survey finds wars have both helped as well as hindered the development of the industrial minerals sector

  • Tasmania Minerals Council slams Green Party on mining tax

    09 May 2014

    Australia’s minerals industry in the last two years was characterised by lower commodity prices, high industry costs and the scaling back of capital expenditure plans. Minerals associations in the country are calling for more legislative support to boost production volumes.

  • FMC shows growth as lithium and soda ash recover

    07 May 2014

    FMC is the second multi-faceted producer to point to gains in the soda ash space in as many days, but it is also interesting that the producer pointed to an increase in demand in the lithium space from the energy storage sector.

  • Rockwood profit increases despite poor lithium results in weak potash market

    07 May 2014

    The company’s profit increased as Rockwood’s surface treatment business offset lower sales of potash, produced as a lithium by-product, in the difficult potash market.

  • Nemaska Lithium to acquire permitting for Whabouchi project

    06 May 2014

    Many analysts are predicting success for the lithium-ion market, expecting it to reach $24.2bn by 2018, as a result of the increasing demand in electric vehicles and renewable energy. Despite Canada not having made much of an impact on the Li-ion market in recent times, additional producers in the country could put it back on the map.

  • Clariant posts net loss despite sales growth in developing economies

    02 May 2014

    Net losses for the Swiss chemicals producer show the negative impact of unfavourable currency exchange on geographically diversified businesses. Recent divestments and unfavourable weather also impacted on the company’s profits, but will help Clariant reduce costs in 2014.

  • Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 was carrying Li-ion batteries

    02 May 2014

    Now that it has been confirmed that the missing Malaysia airlines flight was carrying around 2.5 tonnes Li-ion batteries, a spotlight has once again been placed on the fuel cells, which have previously been held responsible for incidents including smoke, fire, extreme heat or explosion.

  • Ultra Lithium commences drilling on Serbian lithium and boron sites

    01 May 2014

    Serbia is considered underexplored despite its wide spectrum of mineral deposits. The country contains high quality lithium and boron, two valuable elements used in batteries and the pharmaceutical industry and to encapsulate radioactive waste, respectively. Ultra is following in the footsteps of Rio Tinto, which has already discovered deposits of lithium and boron.

  • Orocobre to complete lithium-potash-boron project in August

    01 May 2014

    As well as moving its lithium carbonate activities towards commercial production level, Orocobre is ramping activities through its Borax Argentina operations, with the potential for significant new Argentinian mineral supply by the end of this year.