Lithium latest news

  • January 2015

    Galaxy granted trading halt ahead of lithium plant sale announcement

    30 January 2015

    Galaxy has called for the pause in trading as it tries to offload its lithium plant to Tianqi in an attempt to secure its finances.

  • Companies seek new lithium opportunities in Chile

    30 January 2015

    The Chilean government and lithium producers want to secure public-private partnerships as they seek to exploit the world’s largest lithium reserves. The move has brought optimism back to Chile’s mining sector.

  • Albemarle swings to loss for Q4 2014

    29 January 2015

    The US-based speciality chemicals maker continues to see its profits depressed by weaker prices for brominated flame retardants. Albemarle is now looking for growth in the lithium market, following its restructuring after its merger with Rockwood Holdings.

  • Chile to open up lithium reserves

    28 January 2015

    Chile is the world’s largest producer of lithium and holds 57% of the world’s lithium reserves but, aside from a disastrous attempt to open up the market in 2012, it has only allowed one company, SQM, to exploit its assets. Although the Commission has gone on the record in support of opening up the industry, details — such as how the shared ownership scheme would work — remain under wraps.

  • Neometals targets lithium hydroxide market

    28 January 2015

    Formerly Reed Resources, Neometals is relatively unique in its efforts to produce lithium hydroxide directly from its concentrate. It believes this will make it stand out in the growing battery market.

  • Chile’s former deputy mining minister on trial over lithium bid scandal

    27 January 2015

    The former deputy to the mining minister and his legal counsel are accused of forging documents to help secure a lithium tender for SQM in 2012.

  • Advanced Electrolyte Technologies becomes subsidiary of Ube Industries

    22 January 2015

    By upping its stake in Advanced Electrolyte Technologies, Ube is increasing its involvement in the lithium battery production as it has its eye on the growing EV, energy storage and portable consumer goods markets.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief 16 –22 January 2015

    22 January 2015

    Airbus says it hasn’t turned its back on Li-ion batteries; Neometals expands lithium exploration in Western Australia; and Phinergy says its air-aluminium batteries can expand electric vehicles range by a thousand miles.

  • Lithium Americas’ demo plant produces six tonnes lithium compounds in one month

    21 January 2015

    Lithium Americas have adopted South Korea-based POSCO’s extraction technology which it says is already exceeding expectations.

  • Albemarle to be restructured following Rockwood acquisition

    21 January 2015

    After completing its merger with lithium producer Rockwood Speciality Holdings Inc. last week, speciality chemicals producer Albemarle is now focusing on having a flexible and forward-looking lithium strategy.

  • Seeo’s lithium polymer batteries to be assessed by USABC

    19 January 2015

    Seeo has already received backing from tech-focused venture capital firms like Samsung, now it is getting support from American manufacturers like Ford and GM. The assessment brings the company closer towards commercialisation and breaking into the huge US battery market.

  • Bacanora drilling results exceed expectations

    15 January 2015

    Bacanora believes that it now has a reliable and diverse array of deposits from which to source its lithium as it seeks to become a major supplier for the future potential electric vehicles market.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief 8 – 15 January 2015

    15 January 2015

    Seeo awarded contract to have polymer batteries assessed; Boston Power receives support from host country; and forecast of 20% growth CAGR over the next five years for lithium-ion phosphate batteries.

  • Albemarle completes acquisition of lithium specialist Rockwood Holdings

    14 January 2015

    The announcement marks the conclusion of deal between Albemarle Corp. and Rockwood Holdings, which are seeking to expand their speciality chemicals portfolios and work in growing bromine and lithium battery markets.

  • Now you see it: Pure Energy aims to make Nevada lithium mine invisible

    13 January 2015

    Having a small environmental footprint has become key for lithium juniors looking to supply the green energy market, as companies become increasingly exacting about the credentials of their supplies.

  • China sees threefold increase in electric vehicle production

    12 January 2015

    A rise in EV production in China is likely to result in rising demand for battery minerals such as lithium and graphite and could signal the start of the swell in uptake hoped for by energy mineral producers.

  • EU antidumping to boost European glass fibre market

    08 January 2015

    European fibreglass producers have welcomed the restrictions on Chinese imports, which they believe undercut prices and undermine European industries, while industrial mineral producers serving this market also stand to benefit from customer diversification.

  • Chilean 2012 lithium tender to be examined by courts

    08 January 2015

    SQM is in the press for the wrong reasons once again, as local newspapers report on whether or not the company used its political connections to win the national lithium tender in 2012, which was then declared void. This is the latest in a spate of court cases that the leading lithium producer has been embroiled in.

  • Pilbara Minerals to upgrade lithium resource

    07 January 2015

    Western Australia is home to one of the world’s largest hard rock lithium deposits. Improvements to the lithium grade could make the deposits in the area more attractive to the electronics market and help lift the region after the gloom caused by a downturn in iron ore.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief: 16 December 2014- 07 January 2015

    07 January 2015

    Pure Energy testing 99% lithium extraction technology; Lenovo launches lithium-encased laptop lighter than a bottle of water and predicts that electric vehicles will overtake consumer electronics as the main source of lithium demand by 2018.

  • Samsung invests in lithium batteries that promise increased capacity

    05 January 2015

    Technology giant Samsung is continuing to grow its stake in global Li-ion battery manufacturing as demand for the technology increases across the consumer electronics and energy sectors, which is an encouraging sign for mineral companies pegging their futures on the growth of the lithium battery industry.

  • Canada bans lithium batteries as cargo on passenger planes

    05 January 2015

    The grounding of the Boeing 787 Dreamliners fleet in 2013 was down to the failure of Li-ion batteries. The fires Li-ion batteries caused on Japanese and UK runways have spread global fears about their safety.