Lithium latest news

  • June 2015

    Western Lithium and Lithium Americas merge to become two continent supplier

    30 June 2015

    The two TSX-V-listed exploration companies have joined forces to strategically develop their assets in North and South America, in a deal that provides a stronger balance sheet as well as geographic and product diversification.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief 24 – 30 June

    30 June 2015

    REM takes stake in Czech lithium project as Cobre Montana JVs with European Metals; MIT develop new semisolid Li-ion battery.

  • CORFO claims it can prove SQM violated Atacama lease obligations

    26 June 2015

    The Chilean government agency has lashed out at SQM saying it has evidence that the miner has not adhered to the terms of the lease to extract lithium in the Salar de Atacama – a claim which SQM strongly denies, citing its observance of the contract and its willingness to cooperate with arbitration proceedings.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief 17 – 23 June

    23 June 2015

    Orocobre receives ISO accreditation for Olaroz; Bacanora and Pilbara Minerals raise funds.

  • China may not be in for a green car boom despite surge in Shanghai EV sales

    23 June 2015

    Chinese EV sales doubled last year to 50,000 units, with Shanghai leading the way thanks to government incentives to drive cleaner cars. However, a lack of charging infrastructure and a possible identity problem for brands like Tesla means that the country is not expecting EVs to come close to conventional car sales before the end of the decade.

  • Price Briefing 12 – 18 June

    19 June 2015

    Chemical barite prices sidestep weakness in drilling grades; lithium prices set to rise; TiO2 market expected to weaken in H2.

  • SQM denies reports implying termination of Chile lithium mining lease

    18 June 2015

    The world’s leading lithium producer has denied reports that CORFO has rejected its conciliation proposal, maintaining business at SQM’s Salar de Atacama lithium property in Chile has not been impacted despite the arbitration proceedings.

  • LSM15: Lithium price fluctuation unlikely to affect battery costs, says Stormcrow

    18 June 2015

    Even if lithium becomes more expensive, the batteries it goes into are not expected to follow suit as the cost of the technology is not beholden to the lithium price.

  • LSM15: Politics and tech to determine lithium market development

    18 June 2015

    Government support coupled with rich domestic resources helped to cement Chile’s position as the world’s leading producer and prospective market entrants have highlighted favourable policies as key to fostering progress in the sector, although the main growth driver will remain demand from new lithium-based technologies.

  • Orocobre beset by ramp-up bottlenecks but on-track for 17,500tpa by Q4 2015

    17 June 2015

    Despite some obstacles in the ramp-up phase, Orocobre is on-track for 17,500 tpa lithium production from its Argentinean facility.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief 10 – 16 June 2015

    16 June 2015

    More Li-ion battery-powered ferries are on the horizon while a college in Nevada is advertising courses claiming to train students for a job at Tesla Motors.

  • Saft extends Li-ion commercial satellite agreement with Russia

    16 June 2015

    Saft has cemented its role in Russian satellite company JSC ISS' Li-ion battery supply with a further five years nailed onto the agreement. The French battery technology business supplies energy storage, marine, aviation and other sectors.

  • Rare Earth Minerals increases hold on Sonora lithium project

    10 June 2015

    Increasing its stake in Bacanora in small increments, REM is keeping the operator of the Sonora lithium project in Mexico firmly in the public eye at a time when investor interest in the lithium market is growing.

  • What next for RB Energy?

    05 June 2015

    The bankrupted energy company sits on lithium assets that could supply the Tesla Motor Gigafactory once it opens in Nevada.

  • London one step closer to Li-ion powered 'Boris Bike' network

    05 June 2015

    London's prospective adoption of Li-ion battery-powered bikes will not affect global demand for Li-ion batteries on its own, but the presence of city bike schemes worldwide suggests there is great scope for expansion.

  • Pure Energy Minerals grows Nevada properties

    04 June 2015

    By increasing the reach of its Nevada mining opportunities, Pure Energy Minerals is signalling its confidence in the lithium market. The Esmerelda property is strategically located close to its existing Clayton Valley project.

  • IM Lithium News in Brief 27 May – 2 June

    02 June 2015

    Li-ion battery technology is finding its way into the skies and under our seas with a solar-powered plane navigating between China and Hawaii, and a lithium battery-powered submarine under development. As demand increases for the battery technology, transportation restrictions by air continue to be hotly debated. The Rechargeable Battery Association has made the argument that passenger plane bans of lithium batteries will make it harder to ship batteries needed urgently in medical devices.

  • Sonora lithium project gathers pace with new Bacanora CEO

    01 June 2015

    Bacanora's choice of new CEO coincides with its move into the development phase of the Sonora lithium project. Recently installed Peter Secker, who was formerly at the helm of now extinct Canada Lithium, is looking to turn his experience of hard rock projects into momentum to drive the exploitation of Sonora's large clay resource.

  • Pilbara Minerals courted by offtake partners as financing takes shape

    01 June 2015

    Investor interest in Pilbara Minerals' capital raising show that hard rock lithium has a place alongside brine extraction as a potential source of future lithium supply.