Lithium latest news

  • July 2016

    Price Briefing 22-29 July 2016

    29 July 2016

    Existing inventory in brown fused alumina prevented prices gain amid supply tightness; Chinese TiO2 producers announced eighth price hike; fertiliser prices expected to remain low in 2016 while fluorspar prices held at five-year lows as supply far outstripped demand.

  • Sony to sell battery business to Murata

    28 July 2016

    The Japanese firm, which first commercialised the lithium-ion battery, is now set to offload the loss-making division to Murata Manufacturing.

  • Lithium carbonate, hydroxide spot prices steady

    28 July 2016

    The decline in Chinese spot prices appears to have stalled this past week following several weeks of declines. Prices remain at historically high levels though with market participants continuing to report strong supply-demand fundamentals.

  • FMC lithium supply deal grabs market attention

    27 July 2016

    The lithium producer’s offtake deal with a “major” EV producer has been well received by the market but it has also prompted various theories by observers as to who the unnamed manufacturer might be.

  • Chinese lithium producer Rui Fuliye bought by local conglomerate

    26 July 2016

    Shandong Jiangquan is looking to diversify into both the lithium and battery industries by taking full control of lithium producer Shandong Rui Fuliye, where it will continue capacity expansion efforts already underway.

  • Lithium export data shows China hydroxide price dip in June

    26 July 2016

    The drop off in the spot price of lithium in China can be seen in lithium hydroxide export figures for June, though lithium carbonate retained its upward trajectory during the month, according to trade statistics recently released by the Chinese government.

  • FMC strikes supply deal; accelerates expansion plans

    26 July 2016

    The lithium producer intends to speed up a previously announced expansion of its hydroxide capacity to supply an unnamed “major” EV maker. It now aims to have a capacity of 18,000 tpa by the end of next year.

  • SQM drops objections to Albemarle’s Atacama expansion

    22 July 2016

    A deal between SQM and Albemarle, the world’s two largest producers of lithium from brine, will see the companies work together on an environmental programme in Chile’s Atacama Desert, with SQM dropping its environmental complaints against Albemarle’s ramp up plans.

  • Chinese producers anticipate lithium price stability, spot drop off continues

    22 July 2016

    As the Chinese lithium spot price continued to fall this week, a number of supply-side industry players expect a steadying of the market in the second half of the year, though buyers still predict a sustained price decline.

  • Tesla’s vision for the future a boon for Li-ion?

    21 July 2016

    Elon Musk’s ambitious plan for the electric vehicle producer include extending its vehicle range and the integration of solar roofs and battery storage, both of which should fuel battery demand and consequently demand for battery minerals, notably lithium. Some analysts remain dubious, however.

  • Orocobre “confident” Olaroz delays are now behind it

    21 July 2016

    Having been forced to postpone the date it expects to reach nameplate production once again this week, the lithium producer’s CEO told IM that this would be the last delay and defended the length of the ramp up process.

  • Orocobre delays completion of Olaroz ramp up by two months

    20 July 2016

    The lithium producer has said it will not reach nameplate capacity at its Olaroz facility until November as it makes modifications to the site’s purification circuit. The project is one of a number bringing new material to market this year, which industry players hope will lead to an easing of the supply shortage.

  • Mt Cattlin ore processing capacity doubled

    20 July 2016

    General Mining Corp., operator of recommissioned spodumene mine has increased the site’s potential annual throughput to 1.6m tonnes ore.

  • China’s lithium-ion battle: LFP vs NCM

    19 July 2016

    Both lithium iron phosphate and nickel cobalt manganese batteries have their own relative strengths and weaknesses as they compete to fill the booming Li-ion space. Delegates debated these at the recent LiB and Key Source Material Meeting in Tianjin, China.

  • Big names in energy look to Li-ion battery storage

    18 July 2016

    Investment by three former energy bosses in a UK-based battery maker comes as part of a growing shift towards Li-ion-based energy storage systems, something players in the lithium industry have pointed to as a future driver of demand for the mineral.

  • Lithium Juniors News in Brief 12-18 July

    18 July 2016

    A brief round up of notable junior activity in the lithium industry.

  • First collective net loss for ‘Top 40’ mining companies

    18 July 2016

    2015 marked $27bn net loss for top miners with consolidation and cost cutting expected to continue; First lithium company to make the Top 40.

  • Brexit: Mineral companies in “wait and see” mode

    18 July 2016

    Financial markets in turmoil although market participants say it's too early to predict the long-term impact; ceramics sector expresses concerns over exports.

  • Lithium 2016: Demand on the rise

    18 July 2016

    Booming growth in lithium demand; short term supply remains a worry as belief that majority of juniors will fail.

  • Samsung considering stake in carmaker BYD

    15 July 2016

    The Chinese electric vehicle producer has denied reports that Samsung is set to buy a 4% share; says companies will cooperate on vehicle parts.

  • Price Briefing 8-14 July 2016

    15 July 2016

    Chinese lithium spot prices continue to decline; iodine price declines show no sign of letting up; Chinese potash contracts signed; alumina prices fall

  • China lithium market will balance in 2017, says industry association

    14 July 2016

    Chinese lithium carbonate industry observers told delegates at the 2nd LiB And Key Source Material Meeting that the domestic market could reach an overall supply-demand balance in 2017 if more investment is put into production. However others warned that bringing on new supply needs to be done at a gradual pace so the market is not flooded.

  • Chinese lithium spot continues its decline

    14 July 2016

    A drop off in the price of lithium reported on the Chinese spot market continued this week, knocking it down further. In Japan, meanwhile, contract prices in the country’s once sheltered lithium market appear to be rising to the levels experienced in the rest of the world.

  • Galaxy seals second Mt Cattlin offtake deal

    12 July 2016

    The agreement with a Chinese customer will be noted by industry players, who are watching with interest as new Australian spodumene producers move towards the market, potentially alleviating the lithium supply shortage and current high prices.

  • Lithium Juniors News in Brief

    11 July 2016

    A brief round up of notable junior activity in the lithium industry.

  • Price Briefing 1-7 July 2016

    08 July 2016

    Fluorspar prices fail to rebound due to weak demand; Chinese TiO2 operators signal yet another price hike; bauxite prices slow down amid persistent issues in consumption; Chinese silicon carbide export values point to lower prices; lithium prices see a degree of stabilisation.

  • Multiple factors converge to stabilise lithium prices

    07 July 2016

    With contract prices appearing to stall their upward trajectory and the Chinese spot market dipping, lithium market sources this week pointed to several influences coming together to temper the spike in price of the battery mineral.

  • Mt Marion's resource estimate upped 160%

    06 July 2016

    The larger figure comes as the Western Australian spodumene joint venture prepares to begin shipments of product, which market participants have indicated should contribute to a calming of the sharp rise in lithium prices seen in recent months.

  • Li-ion technology here to stay

    05 July 2016

    Having taken decades to become established as a market leader, Li-ion batteries are unlikely to be knocked off their pedestal by competing technologies any time soon, IM heard at the Financial Times Festival of Finance in central London last week.

  • Tesla Q2 deliveries below expectations

    04 July 2016

    Despite a delivery drop-off, vehicle production was up 20% sequentially, further fuelling lithium demand. The company's ambitious ramp-up plan should still allow it to meet full year delivery targets.

  • China’s West Mining to buy Qinghai Lithium

    04 July 2016

    West Mining is taking full control of the lithium producer, in a move that combines a reorganisation and expansion of its ownership.

  • Qinghai: The future world lithium production base?

    04 July 2016

    The province of Qinghai in China is attracting attention from major companies, such as electric car maker Build Your Dream. IM analyst Albert Li looks at why.

  • Pilbara signs six year spodumene offtake deal

    04 July 2016

    With shipments of 140,000 tpa due to start in early 2018, the deal sets Pilbara up to be the next Australian spodumene producer to enter the sector, as juniors vie for position in the booming lithium market.

  • Lithium capacity expansion news from China

    04 July 2016

    A number of lithium producers have recently announced capacity expansions targeted at meeting the expected growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries from the electric vechicle sector.

  • Price Briefing 24-30 June 2016

    01 July 2016

    Brexit leaves mineral producers in limbo; graphite prices hindered by weak refractory market; Chinese lithium price dip likely to be temporary; potash contracts signed at lower levels; TiO2 driven by improvements in Chinese housing and automotive sectors.