Lithium latest news

  • May 2017

    Savannah acquires Portuguese lithium asset

    31 May 2017

    The company has just concluded the purchase of the Mina do Barroso lithium site in the southern European country, which adds to its existing lithium projects in Finland.

  • Price briefing 19-25 May

    26 May 2017

    Mineral sands producer Iluka raised zircon prices; while ilmenite and rutile prices held firm; China Southern Rare Earth Group Co. unveiled another round of price hike; Magnesia prices unchanged as Chinese government sets new environmental standards; Galaxy Resources complete 2016 offtake spodumene sales

  • Mt Cattlin completes 2016 offtake sales with third shipment

    25 May 2017

    Galaxy has concluded its 2016 contract offtake supply obligations with all future lithium concentrates to be shipped at 2017 pricing levels.

  • Lithium carbonate prices inch upwards in China

    19 May 2017

    Demand from the EV market as well as some tightness in supply has pushed battery grade lithium carbonate prices higher in China.

  • Price briefing 12-18 May

    19 May 2017

    The ongoing draconian anti-pollution controls in China continue to disrupt production in a number of minerals, which has lifted prices in bauxite and antimony trioxide. Meanwhile, fused magnesia is no longer available in China; producers announced another rare earth price hike; chromite and silicon carbide prices remained stable; and lithium carbonate spot have risen in China again.

  • Booming lithium revenues prompt SQM to boost capacity

    19 May 2017

    The Chilean miner raised its demand forecasts for the lithium, used in electric car batteries, and announces a plan to rapidly grow production

  • Lithium supply set to be key price determinant for H2

    15 May 2017

    Producers and consumers of lithium reported tighter than anticipated carbonate supply in the global market during the first quarter of 2017. With two weeks to go to Industrial Mineral’s 9th Lithium Supply & Markets Conference in Montreal, Canada supply levels going forward is guaranteed to be a hot topic at the event.

  • Lithium Juniors News Brief 8-12 May

    12 May 2017

    A roundup of junior activity in the lithium industry.

  • Johnson Matthey approves Nemaska Lithium first shipment

    09 May 2017

    Johnson Matthey Battery Materials Ltd (JMBM) released early payment of CAD$2m following the satisfactory first shipment of lithium hydroxide solution.

  • Chile seeks lithium investors in Europe

    08 May 2017

    The Chilean government, represented by investment agencies Corfo, the Chilean economic Development Agency, and InvestChile, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, will hold a meeting in Europe in mid-May seeking companies interested in investing in producing value-added lithium products in Chile.

  • Hainan province accelerates EV growth

    08 May 2017

    Hainan province in China has introduced measures to help speed up electric vehicle growth in the region this year.

  • Net sales boosted Abemarle's Q1 performance

    04 May 2017

    Albemarle reached a 10% growth in net sales due to higher sales volumes in all segments, having initiated a share repurchase programme and repaid a significant amount of long-term debt.

  • AMG’s profits continue to rise in Q1

    04 May 2017

    The producer of metals, minerals and alloys strengthened further its profitability following a strong closure of 2016.

  • Solvay Q1 profits rise on sales volume increase

    03 May 2017

    Solvay reported a strong start to the year as increased sales volumes were supported by positive currency effects.

  • Higher lithium prices boost FMC revenues in Q1

    03 May 2017

    FMC's lithium business reported a 45% surge in earnings due to higher prices for hydroxide and other specialty products, according to president and CEO Pierre Brondeau. confirms $66 million Q1 2017 revenue, an increase of 9% from Q4 2016.

  • Neometals confirms third Mt Marion lithium shipment

    03 May 2017

    Neometals has confirmed that the third shipment of lithium concentrate from Mt Marion departed in April as well as its intention to seek a third party to purchase its stake in the mine's owner Reed Industrial Minerals'.