Lithium pricing news

  • November 2016

    Price Briefing 4-9 November

    11 November 2016

    The TiO2 industry sees improving demand, chromite prices continue their weekly increases amid firm demand and lithium buyers expressed frustration as producers hike annual contract rates.

  • Lithium buyers express frustration as suppliers call shots

    11 November 2016

    High prices, long terms commitments and contract peculiarities are among the features being flagged by buyers during ongoing lithium contract negotiations.

  • Price Briefing 28 October – 03 November

    04 November 2016

    Titanium dioxide producers continue to look for price increases while graphite, bauxite and fused alumina prices held unchanged and lithium carbonate and hydroxide 2017 contract offers show a wide range.

  • Producer offers on lithium contracts span wide range

    03 November 2016

    The range of offers for 2017 lithium carbonate and hydroxide contracts is particularly wide this year, according to market participants who added that terms being offered also vary greatly.

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