Magnesia features

  • December 1999

    Lifting the lid off glass recycling

    01 December 1999

    This feature explains the benefits of glass recycling, the do's and don'ts of waste glass disposal, and the impact of glass recycling on raw material suppliers.  It also highlights the stark differences in glass recycling across Europe

  • Markets for Turkish feldspar

    01 December 1999

    The rise in world production of white body tile and granito tile has increased demand for the albite deposits in the southwestern part of Anatolia, Turkey. Seven albite producers are now competing in the domestic and international markets to supply this material. This paper reviews the geology, reserves, and production of these feldspar products from Turkey.

  • Industrial Minerals of the Arab world

    01 December 1999

    This paper is based largely on the first stage of the Evaluation Study of the Arab Mineral Wealth Sector and the Requirements for its Development (Sectorial Study), which was carried out in 1995. The study was conducted by the Arab Mining Company (Armico) for the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (Aidmo) and was financed by the Islamic Development Bank, Armico, and Aidmo.

  • Bowed down with imports - A review of Japan's mineral industry

    01 December 1999

    Part 2 of this article, to be published in February 2000, will discuss Japan’s refractories industry, the impact of Chinese imports on domestic synthetic raw material production, and the alternative markets that synthetic mineral producers are targeting to ease the pain.

  • November 1999

    High grade kaolin fillers - Production review

    01 November 1999

    High grade kaolin fillers are the focus of this contributed review which will appear in two parts: this month will cover world production, including commercial specifications; next month will cover international trade, methods of distribution, sales and marketing, and prices.

  • Handle with care - reflections on the UK glass industry

    01 November 1999

    This feature gives a snapshot of the UK flat and container glass industries – profiling the major players, examining the trends in the market place, and discussing the impacts on raw material suppliers. This will be followed next month with an article looking at the glass markets in Continental Europe.

  • Paint technology - Its impact on pigments & minerals

    01 November 1999

    This paper will examine the penetration of the different paint technologies. The paints and coatings industries constitute, for several pigments and minerals manufacturers, the most important market outlet. It is therefore considered that a good understanding and insight into these technologies, and into the individual market segments, is essential in developing the right pigment type for the specific application and technology

  • Mineral transport - A view on logistic concepts

    01 November 1999

    On a global scale, industrial minerals are being moved from mines or producers to the processing industry and/or end-users. They are moved by means of transport such as ship, barge, rail and truck. Prior, during and after this transport, industrial minerals are handled, screened, processed, packed, stored, and almost every time transported once again.