Magnesia features

  • January 1999

    North American refractories - All change at the top

    01 January 1999

    After years of relative stability, the North American refractory industry is suddenly undergoing consolidation and rationalisation on a scale previously unseen. Amidst a general consensus that this shake up is long overdue, many within the industry are anxiously watching and waiting to see who will be the next to join the spending spree and who will end up as leader of the pack.

  • Rare earths - Recent market trends

    01 January 1999

    During the last ten years rare earths producers have had to adjust to several radical changes that have affected the raw materials, the application mix, and the price structure. New producers have emerged, especially from China, some have ceased their activities while others have focused their efforts in a specific market segment..

  • Processing Boron - Eti Holding upgrades Bigadic

    01 January 1999

    Among the boron minerals identified, colemanite (Ca2B6O115H2O) and ulexite (NaCaB5O98H2O) are considered important hydrated boron minerals of commercial importance. With advancements in technology, Eti Holding AS, the second biggest boron producer in the world, aims to match customer requirements by providing a better service with a wide range of products. For this purpose, Eti Holding has made investments in a ground colemanite project, which is the focus of this article.