Magnesia features

  • February 1999

    Chromite in crisis - Producers hold out for October recovery

    01 February 1999

    In March last year, IM published a comprehensive review of the supply market for chromite, detailing producers around the world and the grades they supplied. Since then, the industry has witnessed a new corporate conglomerate take the South African market by storm, followed by a severe downturn in the ferrochrome market which looks set to transform 1999 into a very bleak year indeed.

  • IM Profiles - Hernic

    01 February 1999

    An expanding force in South Africa's chrome and andalusite belt

  • It's all tiled up for Italy and Spain

    01 February 1999

    This article examines the current status of the tile sectors in Spain and Italy, discusses recent trends, and investigates the potential threat of Asian producers penetrating the European market.

  • China's phosphate rock export trade

    01 February 1999

    This article, which provides a colourful background to this mineral sector, along with details on current producers and transport logistics, will not only appeal to buyers and competitors in the phosphate rock business, but indeed to anyone who does business in China.

  • New trends in kaolin for paper - synthetic pigments reviewed

    01 February 1999

    Several kaolin-based synthetic pigments with better scattering coefficients have been developed. They can be roughly grouped into four categories. The first category is the calcined kaolin produced by all the major players in the kaolin industry. The second category is kaolin products that require small amounts of chemicals at essentially room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The third kaolin product category requires larger amounts of chemicals and high temperature and high-pressure reactors. The fourth category is miscellaneous products. The processes involved, the chemical reactions that occur, and the hypothetical physical basis for the observed effects are discussed for each category.

  • Paper for the population - Changing demand for paper grades in N. America

    01 February 1999

    Shifting demographic trends and the move away from printed media towards electronic means of communication will be the key challenges for the paper industry. Although demand for paper is unlikely to change significantly over the next decade, changes in consumption patterns will pose threats for certain paper grades and provide opportunities for others. Paper makers, and indeed mineral suppliers to the paper industry, will have to be nimble if they are going to succeed or even survive in the changing climate of demand.