Magnesia features

  • May 1999

    Grinding & bearing it - A zircon market insight

    01 May 1999

    Life is pretty miserable at the moment in the world of zircon. Zircon’s reputation as a lucrative money spinner has largely been dispelled in the face of declining demand and falling prices. It is the millers that have suffered the most; oversupply and depressed demand in Asia have conspired to send opacifier prices spiralling downwards. Instead of cutting back production, opacifier producers are on the verge of a price war as they fight for market share. Falling sand prices may offer a bit of respite for the millers, but unless demand picks up in Asia, they will need to brace themselves for the long-haul.

  • IM Profiles - Foskor

    01 May 1999

    Foskor, as a subsidiary of the South African state owned IDC, has long been established as a global player in both the phosphate and zircon industries . However, the next two years are expected to bring considerable change to the ownership of the South African mining company.

  • A see-thaw - The ups and downs of European HF

    01 May 1999

    This article reviews the current status of the European HF and fluorocarbon industries and examines the impact regulation will have on HF production and acidspar demand in the future.

  • Opportunities in New South Wales - Minerals of Australia's oldest state reviewed

    01 May 1999

    The industrial minerals of NSW (excluding construction materials and gem stones) are discussed below in approximate order of importance in terms of current and potential economic significance

  • Building cement on dimension stone waste

    01 May 1999

    Portugal is an important consumer of cement raw materials. About 12m. tonnes of cement raw materials are extracted every year from the Maceira and Pataias quarries (SECIL) and from the Souselas and Alhandra quarries (CIMPOR). On the other hand, exploitation, sawing, cutting and polishing of natural stones (commonly granite, marble and limestone) produce large quantities of waste that impact the environment.