Magnesia features

  • June 1999

    Friedland clay vs bentonite - A competitor from NE Germany

    01 June 1999

    The industrial potential of clays rich in muscovite-montmorillonite-mixed-layer-minerals is illustrated by using Friedland clay as an example. In addition to the characteristics of the raw material, the advantages of using such clays in the field of ceramics, construction/environmental protection and other industrial fields are considered.

  • Chromite foundry sand - Niche market status is key to survival

    01 June 1999

    Chromite sand is a well established moulding sand used in the foundry industry, although it does have its rivals in silica sand, zircon, and olivine. The technical merits and application of these materials as foundry sands are examined here, along with an assessment of the outlook for chromite’s survival amidst a declining market

  • Bentonite - US foundry market focus

    01 June 1999

    Bentonites have been used as a bonding agent in foundry green sand systems for decades. Classified as either sodium or calcium clays they have been used individually or collectively to provide unique foundry properties. To understand the current and further trends of bentonite usage it is necessary to examine the trends and developments occurring within the foundry industry today..

  • Argentina's industrial minerals - On the right track

    01 June 1999

    This article outlines the changes that have taken place to date, discusses the problems faced by the country’s existing industrial mineral producers, and highlights the operations of some of the more important players. Next month we will take a closer look at the province of Mendoza, one of the most forward-looking provinces which is making great efforts to attract foreign investment.

  • Tales from the sandmen - A review of Europe's glass sand supply

    01 June 1999

    The European glass sand supply industry has remained stable in recent years. However, raw materials suppliers have been put under increasing pressure to meet rising customer specifications. The market is dominated by four companies which operate facilities throughout Europe and worldwide. The following article gives an insight into glass sand specifications, introduces Europe’s main glass sand players and their operations, and discusses certain factors that have an impact on this particular industry.