Magnesia features

  • July 1999

    The heat is on - A review of the non-ferrous refractories market

    01 July 1999

    Refractories used by the base metals industry are becoming more and more specialised. Things are changing in the industry, with the move to more cost efficient and environmentally friendly smelting processes, but also due to the increased production of secondary metals. Inside furnaces, conditions are getting hotter, more turbulent and more corrosive to the refractory lining. This is IM’s insight into the smelters, the converters and other electrolytic cells to see what’s hot and just how turbulent things are.

  • New kid on the block - Can CRS make the grade?

    01 July 1999

    In August 1998, IM reported on a potential new source of alumina cements and fused aluminas based in South Africa. CRS Aluminas (Pty) Ltd has set itself the task of penetrating refractory markets already dominated by a small but well established group of raw materials suppliers. The competition is fiercesome, the customers demanding, and right now market conditions are far from favourable. In this feature we examine CRS’s products and objectives, along with some test results, and assess just what kind of market CRS is up against.

  • A cast of thousands - A review of India's foundry industry

    01 July 1999

    India has one of the largest numbers of operating foundries in the world, but the industry is not in the best of health. With the exception of a few operations, it has yet to develop a level of technology that will allow it to play a dominant role in the international export market. This article looks at the state of the industry in more detail, and considers the Indian demand for foundry raw materials.

  • Pigment in the middle - A TiO2 industry focus

    01 July 1999

    In the space of two years the TiO2 pigment industry has undergone a dramatic transformation. Unrewarding economic returns, as result of rising feedstock costs and the difficulty of passing these added costs to customers, have forced players to think hard about their commitment to the industry. As a matter of survival, producers are consolidating, to gain efficiencies and market share, and are implementing cost cutting measures.  

  • Moving mountains - Mendoza making progress

    01 July 1999

    Following last month’s review of the Agentinean industrial minerals industry, this month IM takes a closer look at one region. The state of Mendoza is a good illustration of both the problems that face Argentina’s industrial minerals sector, and the efforts that are being made to stimulate development.