Magnesia features

  • August 1999

    A view to changing horizons - Germany's minerals reviewed

    01 August 1999

    This month’s first part of a feature on Germany’s mineral supply industry reviews operations of ceramic clay producers in the Westerwald region and Bavarian suppliers of kaolin, siliceous earth and ATH, backed by an evaluation of the current status of Germany’s mining industry. This article also recaps milestones in German history since the economic miracle of the 1950s.

  • Absorbent pet litters - Swell times ahead

    01 August 1999

    The absorbent pet litter market remains one of the most dynamic markets in the bentonite industry. Recent growth has placed this market among the ranks of drilling fluids, iron-ore pelletising, and foundry markets in terms of consumption volumes and customer acceptance. However, the market is evolving towards increased convenience and improved functionality. Enhanced performance of agglomerating Na-bentonite compared to Ca-bentonites and other clay minerals has meant that scoopable pet litters are winning market share at the expense of traditional pet litter.

  • Improvements in the field of AlF2 and HF technologies

    01 August 1999

    Improvements of AlF3 and HF production technologies, using fluorspar as a raw material, are highlighted in terms of productivity, yield, maintenance and product quality. This article focuses on the acidspar pre-reaction, conversion rate, importance of the feed acid composition and the preheating of raw materials which are necessary to obtain the optimum conditions for a good pre-reaction using a special “co-kneader”. The opportunities to increase capacities and efficiencies of HF reactors, indirectly heated rotary kilns and AlF3 reactors, and fluid bed reactors are explained.

  • Perlite producers - Heavy hitters in lightweight business

    01 August 1999

    The suppliers of perlite ore and concentrates form a select club which newcomers have found it hard to break into. The exceptional market growth seen in the USA has recently attracted several novices to the business in North America but their success has not exactly been unqualified. The economies of scale, technical knowledge and strength in marketing and logistics of the major players mean that the few new projects that have come on stream during the 1990s have found life tougher than expected.