Magnesia features

  • September 1999

    Nervous of steel - Calcined & tabular alumina market review

    01 September 1999

    Calcined alumina has a strong competitive position in a diverse range of markets including refractories; ceramic whiteware; wear resistant, advanced and electronic ceramics; insulators; and polishing compounds and is used as a feedstock in tabular and white fused alumina production. Around 60% of calcined alumina, and 90% of tabular alumina, is consumed by refractories. As with all refractory raw materials the downturn in the steel industry has had a negative impact on demand.

  • Tricks of the trade - Germany's mineral traders

    01 September 1999

    Germany’s mineral trading business has a long tradition, and the country hosts some of the world’s most prolific trading companies. However, as the core business of the majority of mineral traders is the refractories industry, aggravating business conditions have forced companies to reevaluate their strategies. This concluding part of our report on Germany’s minerals industry investigates the nature of the trading business and reviews the businesses of certain German traders of industrial minerals that were the focus of a visit by IM in June this year.

  • White minerals in plastics - Market developments

    01 September 1999

    The purpose of this paper is to summarise the market for some of these minerals, highlight differences between the use of minerals by the plastics industries in North America and western Europe, and to discuss some of the trends that are affecting supply and demand and assess the future potential for these products.

  • Taking a cold bath - Italian sanitaryware reviewed

    01 September 1999

    As Europe’s leading sanitaryware producer, Italy has witnessed a reduction in production and consumption since the peak in 1995. Nevertheless, Italy’s consumers, which rank fourth largest in Europe, still hold a healthy respect for bathroom items as a major and stylish investment in their homes – which is good news for ceramics! The country also happens to be the world’s leading producer and consumer of the bidet. The following article outlines the structure of this traditional industry, highlighting the main players and market trends.

  • Filling the gap - A review of European GCC

    01 September 1999

    Until early in 1999, Omya was leading the industry with no real challengers. But the situation is now expected to change as Imetal is filling the gap, ready to secure a strong position as a second player in the game. The take-over of ECC by Imetal presages a move towards wider restructuring in the GCC industry. Competition will be tougher leaving even less room for smaller players. In this article, IM looks at the main players and the markets for GCC as a filler in Europe