Magnesia features

  • December 2009

    Global steel output rises 24%

    23 December 2009

    China leads across the board recovery in crude steel production in November

  • Chinese refractories output down

    21 December 2009

    China’s refractory production and refractory mineral exports plummeted in 2009

  • Lithium special: the decade the world goes electric?

    12 December 2009

    IM talks with Bill Moore, founder of, on how electric vehicles could shape the next ten years

  • Lithium special: Li-ion in the driving seat

    12 December 2009

    Auto battery development sees increased mineral and chemical opportunities

  • Lithium special: Geothermal brine breakthrough

    12 December 2009

    Simbol Mining increases acquisition activity as it nears a lithium geothermal brine extraction breakthrough which could eliminate the need for solar evaporation

  • Lithium special: Northern light on Finnish lithium

    12 December 2009

    Keliber Oy explains how its green process has given it a footing to become Europe’s first producer of lithium carbonate

  • Lithium special: demand not to be taken Lightly

    12 December 2009

    While future lithium markets appear promising, Lara Smith outlines why suppliers should be treading carefully

  • Lithium special: countdown to Lithium

    12 December 2009

    How significant upstream and market developments have shaped 2009 into one of the most significant years yet for lithium

  • Metal markets in flux

    12 December 2009

    Dolomite, fluorspar and lime flux producers breathe a sigh of relief as an upswing begins in the aluminium and steel market cycles

  • Brazil’s rise to recovery

    12 December 2009

    Brazil leads the South American economies out of recession, with particular focus on developing its fertiliser minerals market and rejuvenating mineral exploitation with a new Mining Law for 2011

  • Climate change fall out

    12 December 2009

    Coal-fired power plant demise threatens FGD minerals future

  • New Year blues in China

    12 December 2009

    Supply disruption, price rises, and export licence speculation in China feed anxiety for early 2010

  • Magnesia FGD outlet to close

    12 December 2009

    Closure of Exelon Philadelphia power units in 2011 marks end of magnesia use in FGD and hits 13.5% of US caustic calcined magnesia demand

  • Magnesia FGD outlet to close

    08 December 2009

    Closure of Exelon Philadelphia power units in 2011 marks end of magnesia use in FGD

  • Japanese refractory sales hit

    03 December 2009

    Shinagawa and Krosaki incur H1 losses as steel demand recovers but a rebound in the refractories industry is far from certain

  • Tasmanian magnesite progress

    02 December 2009

    Beacon Hill magnesite development continues with mining lease application

  • Gengsheng refractories contracts

    01 December 2009

    Renewed refractories and bricks contracts with Shandong Iron & Steel worth $9m.

  • November 2009

    Price hikes on the way in 2010

    30 November 2009

    Editor's Comment: Chinese power price rises to impact minerals

  • China’s CO2 emissions ambition

    27 November 2009

    China’s aim to cut CO2 emissions by 40-45% provides boost to “green minerals”

  • Magnesia prices to rise in Jan

    27 November 2009

    Prices are expected to increase from January on constrained Chinese supply

  • Gengsheng steel contracts

    25 November 2009

    Chinese refractories producer renews three steel furnace contracts worth $7.3m.

  • ACC Resources Co. LP

    22 November 2009

    ACC Resources trades raw material in North and South America for the refractory and foundry industries. Gerardo Cortina, president, discussed with IM the challenge to find alternative sources to China in this changing environment

  • Industrial Minerals December 2009 prices

    22 November 2009

    Summary of industrial mineral prices listed in monthly IM issue

  • Water borne mineral opportunities

    22 November 2009

    Belgium’s Lhoist Group explains how increasing industrial development and environmental regulation is opening new opportunities for wastewater treatment products such as its new Neutralac® SLS45

  • Phosphate face-off

    22 November 2009

    The drying up of credit lines and an uncertain short term future has resulted in a buyers strike for phosphate. After production and price cuts, all suppliers of the fertiliser mineral can do now is play the waiting game

  • 2000-2009: a decade of minerals

    22 November 2009

    A decade of industrial minerals: the turning of China, the rise of Imerys, a trading evolution, and refractory market consolidation – IM revisits some of the key events that have defined the decade

  • Non-met refractories cool off

    22 November 2009

    Non-metallurgical refractories – cement, glass, ceramics, monolithics, and petrochemicals – have been heavily impacted by the economic crisis. In the short term, signs of recovery are shy while new niche opportunities offer longer term optimism by Alexandra Feytis, Assistant Editor

  • October steel output rises 13%

    20 November 2009

    Global crude steel output rises year on year driven 42% increase in China

  • Prices on the rise

    12 November 2009

    Bauxite and diatomite prices on the increase while dead burned magnesite is steady

  • DB magnesite prices balanced

    11 November 2009

    A quiet dead burned magnesite market awaits outcome of contract negotiations

  • New rules for Chinese exporters

    11 November 2009

    Ministry believed to be planning new strategy to control industrial mineral exports