Magnesia features

  • December 2014

    2014: Gone but not forgotten

    31 December 2014

    Editor Siobhan Lismore-Scott looks at the trends of 2014

  • Refractories News Review

    31 December 2014

    CUMI establishes independent European subsidiary Nabaltec to expand aluminium trihydroxide production Orbite delays commercial production of HPA Dashiqiao refractory companies switch kilns to natural gas

  • Drilling grade barite: the global outlook

    31 December 2014

    As unconventional shale oil and gas exploration and development continues at pace in North America and further afield, Andrew Scogings, Industrial Minerals Consultant, provides an executive summary of IM’s upcoming research report on drilling-grade barite.

  • How did the Middle East become so important to industrial minerals?

    31 December 2014

    As well as importing more minerals into the region, countries in the Middle East also started to concentrate on developing their own minerals industry, here, Siobhan Lismore-Scott details why this has happened and where.

  • Lithium: Year in Review 2014

    31 December 2014

    It has been an interesting year for lithium markets with two major mergers taking place and news of a Gigafactory, which ignited interest in the sector.

  • Magnesia: Year in Review 2014

    31 December 2014

    It has been a year of ups and downs for the magnesia industry as demand has waned and supply has remained robust.

  • Potash and Phosphate: Year in Review 2014

    31 December 2014

    Compared with 2013, 2014 was a quiet and settled year in agriminerals, though again defined by movements in the potash sector

  • Bauxite and Alumina: Year in Review 2014

    31 December 2014

    Antonio Torrisi tracks the highs and lows of the bauxite and alumina industry in 2014

  • Lessons from 100 years of mineral data

    31 December 2014

    With the recent publication of data for 2012, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has 100 years of continuous mineral production data - but what do they tell us about worldwide industrial mineral production? Teresa Brown analyses some of these trends and what they say about the industry as a whole.

  • TiO2: Year in Review 2014

    31 December 2014

    Last year was undoubtedly a turbulent one for the titanium dioxide (TiO2) industry. 2014 was characterised by further consolidation among the market’s top players in response to poor market demand, juxtaposed to positivity from new and hopeful feedstock producers, who maintain that additional supply is needed to meet future demand.

  • MOTIM banks on quality in Europe refractories

    31 December 2014

    The Hungary-based electrominerals producer is a leading supplier of abrasive and refractory products in Europe and is also coveting growth opportunities in the US and developing economies.

  • Rare Earths: Year in Review 2014

    31 December 2014

    Despite new production coming online from US-based Molycorp in 2012 and Australia-based Lynas Corp. in 2013, China still retained almost 90% of global rare earths production in 2014.

  • Oilfield Minerals: Year in Review 2014

    31 December 2014

    An increase in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) over the past few years means that demand for oilfield minerals has never been stronger. Continued drilling and exploration kept demand high for minerals such as frac sand, bauxite, kaolin, bentonite and barite over the course of 2014.

  • Graphite: Year in Review 2014

    27 December 2014

    2014 has been a tumultuous year in graphite markets. While steel demand has edged up, this has not translated into volume or price growth for graphite. Meanwhile, the hype that has surrounded potential growth in the Li-ion battery sector has also failed to deliver short-term demand increases.

  • Tough times for many in 2015

    27 December 2014

    Energy minerals still waiting for battery lift off; chromite market bearish over next 12 months

  • IM prices January 2015

    27 December 2014

    External pressure on bentonite and bauxite prices to continue in 2015

  • Dashiqiao refractory companies switch kilns to natural gas as Tangshan establishes quality inspectorate

    16 December 2014

    Replacing kiln fuel oil with natural gas will enable Dashiqiao manufacturers to produce more specification led products in a less polluting process, while a new quality control office in Tangshan will help manage the regional industry’s transition to higher value products.

  • MGX forms strategic alliances for magnesite and silica sand projects in Canada

    04 December 2014

    Following a strategic alliance with two TSX-V listed investors, the Canadian junior strengthens its finances to continue developing its magnesite project and enters a joint venture for a potential high-purity silica project in British Columbia, which is an opportunity to diversify its mineral portfolio.

  • Cofermin to branch out to create two companies

    03 December 2014

    The creation of a specialised China resource underscores the importance the Germany-based trading company places on its refractory materials supply and relationships.

  • IM December Price Movements

    01 December 2014

    IM’s full price listing will now only be published online. If you have any comments or concerns, or wish to discuss any of the grades or prices listed, please contact Laura Syrett, Prices Editor, at

  • Vesuvius merger proposal rejected by Morgan without discussion

    01 December 2014

    The news that Vesuvius' offer was rejected by rival UK refractories producer Morgan Advanced Materials without discussion suggests that Morgan is content with its business model, but also reveals more about Vesuvius' ambitions to expand to create a world-leading refractories company.

  • November 2014

    Pressures in Asian markets squeeze refractory and chemical minerals

    28 November 2014

    Global increases for calcium carbonate and kaolin Refractory minerals under strain in China

  • Imerys results underline commitment to ceramic proppants

    27 November 2014

    As a leading producer in many mineral industries, Imerys results are a good indication of the state of the market. These are strong results —with the exception of fused minerals — showing that new areas of growth, such as talc in polymers in automobiles and Li-ion batteries, are starting to affect even traditional producers.

  • RHI’s revenues decline in Q3 due to depressed glass and non-ferrous market

    27 November 2014

    Refractory products demand sluggish but a positive trend in raw materials noted -

  • IM: Your global publication

    27 November 2014

    This month IM brings readers coverage from South East Asia, China, Miami and Singapore, as well as from the results season.

  • Magnesita to suspend graphite investment, but broaden talc reach

    27 November 2014

    Magnesita suspends graphite exploration; Chinese refractories inspections concluded

  • The Indian graphite industry - why we need to take notice

    27 November 2014

    As companies battle to bring their graphite projects, IM looks at the possibilities emerging in India.

  • Graphite projects and reserves - are we facing an oversupply situation?

    27 November 2014

    This year has seen two graphite mines —Woxna and Loharano — come into production and a lot of excitement as Tesla’s Gigafactory was announced. However, prices have remained muted and as time ticks on, a strategic partner is yet to be announced to supply the electric vehicle producer. IM Editor Siobhan Lismore-Scott asks the industry their opinions on the market and projects in the pipeline — both existing and, in the case of Vietnam and India, potential for growth.

  • Talga eyes graphene potential

    26 November 2014

    Graphene has the potential to cause a high-tech revolution in a number of industries, but the material’s commercial breakthrough has been hindered by the difficulty of producing pristine graphene on a bulk scale. Talga resources claims to have broken this impasse, following metallurgical developments at its Vittangi project. James Sean Dickson, Reporter, visited the company’s site in Sweden to assess its progress.

  • Graphite: The six steps to striking success

    26 November 2014

    This report aims to compare and contrast 21 listed graphite plays (13 ASX, seven TSX and one AIM) and shed some light on important factors to consider when assessing graphite (and indeed other industrial mineral) projects1. Andrew Scogings, IM Consultant, and Jason Chesters, Resource Analyst at Patersons Securities, look into the listed companies using parameters set out by Patersons in August. The project list is by no means exhaustive, and should be seen as a general perspective on the current state of play.

  • Australia: End of the mining gloom?

    26 November 2014

    The downturn of the global “commodities supercyle” and slowing raw material demand in China has been felt keenly in Australia’s resources sector. But while proponents of Australian mining admit the industry isn’t quite as mighty as it used to be, they say that there are still plenty of reasons to be positive Down Under, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor and Laura Syrett, Prices Editor, discover.

  • South East Asia: Room to grow

    26 November 2014

    Although regulatory difficulties in the past may have discouraged foreign investment, South East Asia is being touted as a region ripe for development with many underexploited resources and demand for industrial minerals in a variety of markets including refractories, glass, ceramics, construction and proppants. Andrew Scogings, IM Correspondant, Kasia Patel, Deputy Editor, and Tran Kim Phuong, Contributor

  • Nabaltec sees Q3 revenue growth due to solid performance in refractories and flame retardants

    26 November 2014

    By posting another sequential revenue increase in Q3, which follows solid growth in the previous quarter of this year, the German refractory and flame retardants producer is strengthening its position as a world-leading supplier of alumina products, despite lower growth targets in Germany’s economy.

  • Diary Dates December 2014

    26 November 2014

    Upcoming Industry events

  • Prime Meridian enters global market with ceramics proppants buy

    25 November 2014

    The Canadian junior hopes to gain a strategic foothold in the region through the majority acquisition and expansion of Indian ceramics proppants producer, Hallmark. Kasia Patel, Deputy Editor

  • China to open mining to foreign investment and assess domestic efficiency

    19 November 2014

    The announcement of more minerals opened to foreign investment policies by China’s Ministry of Commerce shows the country’s intention to adapt to the new economic globalisation, while actively promoting more efficiency in its mining industry.

  • IFGL and Orient Refractories posted solid growth in India

    18 November 2014

    The positive results recorded by two of the major Indian refractory producers show a robust demand for refractory products in the country, despite a continuing slow growth in the steel industry, which has not yet reached full capacity.

  • Magnesita to suspend graphite investment, but broaden talc reach

    14 November 2014

    The Brazilian refractory producer is starting to see the benefits of its sales strategy outside its domestic market. The company will continue to pursue this strategy in its core businesses and will temporarily halt graphite exploration to cut costs and increase profitability.

  • South East Asia '14: Room to grow

    14 November 2014

    The 4th South East Asia event showcased the ample opportunity in the region, as well as the companies already looking at exploiting the resources to hand. Highlighted was the significant upside potential in ceramics, silica sand, high purity quartz, bentonite bleaching earth, diatomite and perlite filter aids.

  • MGX Minerals acquires new magnesite assets in Canada

    10 November 2014

    By adding seven mineral claims over known magnesite deposits to its Driftwood Creek project in British Columbia, the junior company controls the majority of magnesite deposits in the Canadian territory and expands its resources capacity to become a potential major producer of magnesia in North America.

  • Carborundum Universal confirms merger with Cellaris Refractories

    10 November 2014

    The move to purchase all shares from Israel’s Cellaris Ltd underlines the Indian refractories company’s commitment to the market.

  • Orbite closer to construction of HPA plant in Canada

    07 November 2014

    By completing the installation of the decomposer and calcinatory, the Canadian junior has taken a further step towards commissioning its high-purity alumina plant, while filing another patent application for its processing technology for the recovery of a wide range of minerals and metals.

  • RHI’s revenues decline in Q3 due to depressed glass and non-ferrous metal market

    05 November 2014

    Sluggish demand for glass in a slowly developing construction industry and a depressed non-ferrous metal industry due to falling metal prices have impacted RHI’s refractories business and profits and could force the company to close a site in Europe.

  • Video News: Vesuvius retains earning outlook in Q3

    03 November 2014

    Vesuvius retains earning outlook in Q3; Alevo to build energy storage battery plant in US, Sumitomo Corp. starts test production of rare earths in Kazakhstan