Magnesia features

  • December 2015

    Magnesita to embark on major restructuring and float UK subsidiary

    22 December 2015

    The Brazilian refractories manufacturer has had a tough year and its directors have now approved a major overhaul of its corporate structure, including the incorporation of its non-South American operations into a new business, which it plans to float on London’s AIM exchange.

  • Magnesita: Efficiency and cost control top 2016 refractories agenda

    21 December 2015

    A weak steel industry, falling consumption and declining prices are just some of the hurdles facing refractories producers in 2016. Liz Gyekye, Chief Reporter, spoke to leading Brazilian manufacturer Magnesita Refratarios SA’s CEO, Octavio Lopes, about how the company is planning to deal with these issues.

  • Russian zeolite industry could get second wind from changing government policy

    21 December 2015

    A state-backed programme to substitute imports of certain food products, such as premixes for animal feeds which Russia previously sourced from the West, could give a leg-up to Russia’s zeolite industry, which collapsed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Vladislav Vorotnikov, IM Correspondent, discovers how local businesses are taking the opportunity to expand the market for zeolite.

  • Fluorspar: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global fluorspar industry.

  • Oilfield minerals: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global oilfield minerals industries.

  • Graphite: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global graphite industry.

  • Lithium: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global lithium industry.

  • Potash and phosphate: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global potash and phosphate industries.

  • Rare earths: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global rare earths industry.

  • Soda ash: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global soda ash industry.

  • Titanium dioxide: Year in Review 2015

    21 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global TiO2 industry.

  • Mineral markets start 2016 on a low ebb

    21 December 2015

    Antimony market crashes in 2015; refractories pull alumina, graphite and magnesia down.

  • Magnesia: Year in Review 2015

    17 December 2015

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global magnesia industry.

  • MGX to begin bulk-sample programme at Driftwood project shortly

    14 December 2015

    The Canadian explorer is working towards becoming a commercial entity, as it prepares to begin a bulk magnesia sample scheme at its Driftwood site in Canada. The company is pushing ahead with plans to start commercial production in late 2016.

  • China considers changing magnesia export policy for chemically synthesised material

    11 December 2015

    The China Inorganic Salts Industry Association wants to overhaul the criteria for exporting magnesia from the country, including lowering the MgO content threshold from 98% to 90% to allow chemical producers to reach international markets.

  • US International Trade Commission upholds ruling on tariffs for Chinese magnesia bricks

    08 December 2015

    The US’ International Trade Commission, based at the government’s Department of Commerce, has published its first five-year review, also known as a sunset review, of a 2010 countervailing duty order on magnesia carbon bricks. The organisation says levies should remain to help protect US trade.

  • November 2015

    Graphite exploration – the importance of planning

    30 November 2015

    Graphite has become the focus for dozens of exploration companies since the mineral’s investment boom of 2011-2012. Andrew Scogings, Industrial Minerals Consultant, looks at the different exploration and testing methods and reporting conventions used by the graphite industry.

  • Feldspars in Turkey

    30 November 2015

    Having recently overtaken Italy as the world’s largest producer of feldspar, Turkey dominates global supply of the ceramic and glass mineral and is expected to remain on top as global demand recovers, Aykut Karaca, IM Correspondent, finds.

  • The black parade: Graphite companies continue to put on a show

    30 November 2015

    Tanking stock values, falling prices and exasperation with the slow growth of new markets are just some of the litany of difficulties facing the graphite sector, whose junior companies were once the pick of the small cap investment world. Laura Syrett, Acting Editor, takes a look at the industry and examines what schools of thought are informing its decisions.

  • China’s slowdown leaves graphite industry with unshakable hangover

    30 November 2015

    Falling consumption of graphite in China as a result of weaker demand for steel, cement and glass refractories – which continue to represent the largest end markets for the mineral – looks set to ensure the sector remains on a downward trend until growth from batteries can take up the slack, IM Analyst, Shruti Salwan, discovers.

  • Which materials are “critical” and which are “strategic”?

    30 November 2015

    The terms “critical” and “strategic” used to describe the importance of various minerals and metals to different countries and organisations are often applied without definition or context. George J Simandl, Carlee Akam and Suzanne Paradis outline the case for appropriate use of these terms to avoid misunderstandings and misrepresentations.

  • Grecian Magnesite beefs up CCM processing plant

    30 November 2015

    The Greek magnesia producer is concentrating on enhancing its market position by announcing a CCM capacity development against a background of economic and financial challenges in its home country.

  • IM December Price Movements

    27 November 2015

    IM's full price listing for December 2015.

  • Price Briefing 20 – 26 November

    27 November 2015

    Iodine, magnesia, potash, rare earths and TiO2 prices all down on earlier in the year, as oversupply and weak Chinese consumption erode markets.

  • CCM prices from China slip in flat market

    25 November 2015

    Soft refractories demand is reported to be eroding prices for caustic calcined magnesia.

  • Magnesita’s Q3 loss increases almost 50-fold due to write-offs

    13 November 2015

    Despite posting an increase in net operating revenues, the Brazilian refractories producer has reported a significant loss for the third quarter of 2015 as a result of exceptional events in the company’s Brazilian, European and Chinese operations.

  • General Magnesium to go public in January 2016

    12 November 2015

    The Canadian magnesite and talc producer is aiming to raise funds for its Whitney project via a reverse takeover process, following the announcement of deals for magnesite offtake and talc processing which have brought the site closer to operation.

  • Orbite obtains US fly ash recycling patent

    11 November 2015

    The company, which changed its name from Orbite Aluminae Inc. to Orbite Technologies earlier this year, has been given the green light by US officials to pursue the commercial application of its fly ash processing technology. The innovation transforms fly ash into a high value mineral feedstock by extracting all the valuable constituents, including rare earths and alumina.

  • General Magnesium readies for Ontario magnesite-talc production with new deals

    06 November 2015

    A confirmed agreement for magnesite and another expected for talc will allow the company to bring its Whitney Township mine online.

  • MGX receives bulk sample permit for Driftwood Creek project

    05 November 2015

    The Canadian explorer is hoping to extract more magnesia from its Driftwood site after receiving permission to extract more of the material from the area. The news comes as the company pushes ahead with developments at the facility in the hope of starting commercial production in late 2016.

  • Martin Marietta posts record Q3 sales despite declines in magnesia

    04 November 2015

    As Martin Marietta’s magnesia specialities business operates at capacity, the segment is particularly sensitive to fluctuations in the steel sector, which is down 8% compared with 2014 figures. The company’s aggregates business meanwhile posted strong sales increases owing to a recovery in the construction sector.