Magnesia features

  • September 2015

    Imerys subsidiary launches third Indian refractories plant

    30 September 2015

    The company hopes that the new plant will bolster its presence on the subcontinent, where its 2014 revenues were more than €100m.

  • UK government under pressure to intervene in SSI Redcar steel plant closure

    30 September 2015

    Pressure is mounting on the British government to intercede on behalf of workers in the closure the northern England steelmaking facility. But further market intervention is the last thing the saturated industry needs, delegates at last week’s UNITECR conference heard.

  • MGX provides drilling update for Driftwood Creek magnesia project

    30 September 2015

    The Canadian explorer has provided a new field report for its proposed Driftwood magnesia project, as it pushes ahead with developments at the facility in the hope of starting commercial production in late 2016.

  • IM October Price Movements

    30 September 2015

    IM's full price listing for October 2015.

  • Akdeniz: A partnership made in the Mediterranean

    30 September 2015

    Istanbul-headquartered Akdeniz Mineral Kaynaklari was the first official partnership in history between a Turkish company and a Greek company. Along with their collaborators, Grecian Magnesite, Akdeniz produces a range of high purity CCM products for speciality markets in Europe and has plans to expand its existing footprint in Africa.

  • Lax resource inspection hindering Chinese mineral development

    28 September 2015

    A number of key mineral development policies implemented across the world are underutilised in China, leading to lower-value products and smaller profits.

  • Adding TiO2 can boost performance of magnesia-chrome bricks

    26 September 2015

    Pretoria study aimed to prolong brick life as findings show densifying bricks with TiO2 can reduce wear, which could be a new market for struggling minsands.

  • TiO2: False bottom

    26 September 2015

    Repeated predictions of a return to health in the titanium dioxide pigments and feedstock industries have so far disappointed market participants. James Sean Dickson, Reporter, examines the industry and considers what might be necessary to bring about a brighter future.

  • Ukraine’s TiO2 industry buckles under pressure

    26 September 2015

    Weakness in the domestic economy, international sanctions against Crimean companies following Russian annexation and poor demand for feedstocks has pushed Ukrainian TiO2 to the edge, Vladislav Vorotnikov, IM Correspondent, discovers.

  • Mining in Turkey – now and then

    26 September 2015

    Turkey’s mineral diversity is well known and the country is home to some of the world’s leading producers of borates, soda ash and magnesite. However, political uncertainty and recent instability in Turkey’s mining legislation has hindered its development as a mining nation, Aykut Karaca, IM Correspondent, explains.

  • Borates industry vigilant as REACH trundles forward

    26 September 2015

    The EU’s REACH regulation has come under fire from a number of mineral producers for which Europe is an important market. Myles McCormick, Reporter, spoke to Hakan Kanli, operations, quality and regulatory affairs manager at Etimine SA, the European subsidiary of Turkish borates miner, Eti Maden, about where the borates industry stands in relation to the EU regulation and what the future holds.

  • Organik Madencilik to open Turkey’s first vermiculite mine

    26 September 2015

    A JV between Turkey’s Yildrim Group and Greek miner S&B, Organik is planning to produce vermiculite from the Karakoc deposit in central Turkey and is intending to tap into markets where shortages have seen the mineral substituted for perlite in the past.

  • Kaltun: Feelers out for new feldspar markets

    26 September 2015

    The mining arm of Kaltun Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret is one of the biggest feldspar producers in Turkey, with output of around 2m tpa as well as smaller quantities of mica and quartz. The company is seeking to build on its strong position in the Turkish market by reaching new customers in regions including the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

  • Eti Soda looks to quell doubts over expansion plans

    26 September 2015

    The company, which is controlled by the Turkish conglomerate, Ciner Group, has seen its two major expansion projects delayed time and again for reasons to do with financing and construction issues. Now, Eti Soda says that its plans that will make Turkey the biggest soda ash producer in Europe by 2018 are back on track.

  • Fluorspar: Made in China?

    26 September 2015

    China has been dominant in the fluorspar chain over the last 20 years, but recent challenges including downturns in commodity prices and a weakening economy are changing the face of the industry as Liz Gyekye, Chief Reporter, and Shruti Salwan, IM Analyst, discover.

  • Indian mica: A glittering past but an uncertain future

    26 September 2015

    Mica production in India has a proud history, but changes in end market demand have raised a question mark over the industry’s future. Sunder Singh, IM Correspondent, takes a look at trends in the domestic industry and how Indian suppliers are being encouraged to produce more value-added products for new markets in an effort to offset falling global demand.

  • UK Salt: Too little of a good thing?

    26 September 2015

    Despite having more than 14,000 uses, media attention given to salt tends to focus on the issues of salt in diets and de-icing applications. Laura Syrett, Acting Editor, spoke to the secretary general of the UK Salt Association, Peter Sherratt, about how the industry is working to bust myths and promote understanding of the industry.

  • Archer signs support deal with Leigh Creek Energy

    25 September 2015

    The diversified explorer is has agreed to look into potential cooperation arrangements with the locally-based gas supplier for their respective magnesite and gas projects.

  • Sibelco’s Australian magnesia arm to slash up to 50 jobs in restructuring

    17 September 2015

    The Belgian minerals giant said that workforce changes are necessary to maximise both the life and the profitability of its magnesia operations in the area.

  • UNITECR 2015: Refractories industry in need of new skills and ideas

    17 September 2015

    Both refractories engineering and raw materials companies have complained of a shrinking skills pool and the pace of innovation lagging behind sector needs.

  • UNITECR 2015: TiO2 can boost magnesia-chrome brick performance

    17 September 2015

    Research from the University of Pretoria in South Africa has shown that by adding 1% titanium dioxide to a high quality magnesia carbon brick can demonstrably improve its mechanical and thermal-mechanical properties – a finding that could gain traction in the present wave of enthusiasm for better performing refractory products.

  • UNITECR 2015: Steel industry needs to adjust to “new normal” without subsidies

    16 September 2015

    Hans-Jurgen Kerkhoff, president of the German Steel Federation, has called on global industry bodies to allow their steel sectors to adapt organically to a new era of lower growth, without prolonging overcapacity by subsidising producers – a bold policy move that could mean a sharp adjustment for refractories suppliers.

  • MGX submits final component of Driftwood mining lease application

    14 September 2015

    The conclusion and submission to authorities of a final land survey at MGX’s Driftwood Creek site marks the completion point of the Canadian explorer’s mining lease application.

  • Chinese industrial minerals: Falling prices, rising costs and fierce competition

    02 September 2015

    A storm of anti-competitive problems are affecting the Chinese mining industry according to a report released by the country’s Ministry of Land and Resources. Export prices are too high, domestic prices are too low, taxes are now burdensome and low value added products are all contributing towards a difficult environment for Chinese mineral producers.

  • MGX Minerals starts phase two drilling at Driftwood magnesia project

    01 September 2015

    The Canadian explorer is gradually ticking all the boxes and getting all the players in place to help with developments at its proposed Driftwood Creek magnesia facility in British Columbia, as it continues to test thick sections of magnesite at the western zone of the property.