Magnesia features

  • February 2022

    China restarts magnesia production, Haicheng keeps pushing for magnesite consolidation

    22 February 2022

    Production of magnesia in Haicheng and Dashiqiao, in China’s Liaoning province, has started to recover this week, according to market participants. And the local government in Haicheng has pushed forward the consolidation of the local magnesite industry based on a plan set out last year.

  • European magnesia prices up on improved demand; China market flat amid production halts

    16 February 2022

    European magnesia prices jumped amid stronger demand over the past month, while the China market was quiet with most producers still facing production halts due to environmental regulation in Liaoning province.

  • Download the February 2022 issue of MMM

    16 February 2022

    Welcome to the February 2022 issue of Metal Market Magazine, where we investigate the evolution of lithium prices and the fundamentals affecting the bauxite and alumina markets.

  • Bauxite prices firm but alumina shows mixed fortunes

    16 February 2022

    Supply risk has put a brake on the declining price of brown fused alumina (BFA) although white fused alumina (WFA) prices were still down.

  • Supply concerns for bauxite, fused alumina in China

    16 February 2022

    The winter shutdown in China did not stop the fall in fused alumina prices over the past two months, but another interruption to operations created by the Winter Olympics in February could last until the middle of March. While bauxite prices held mostly stable in the period despite operational closures, the supply crisis is not over.

  • Can lithium carbonate’s premium over hydroxide persist in 2022?

    16 February 2022

    The price differential between lithium hydroxide, which is usually the more expensive material, and lithium carbonate reversed in 2021. Davide Ghilotti, Zihao Li and Susan Zou give the reasons for that change, and consider what the effects of the likely supply-demand fundamentals for the two materials may have this year.

  • Danieli's Gianpietro Benedetti on the future of steelmaking

    16 February 2022

    Danieli Group chairman Gianpietro Benedetti has six decades of global experience in steel production and innovative technologies for the industry. He discussed with Richard Barrett trends in steelmaking, green steel production and some of the key technologies available to achieve them.

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