Magnesia latest news

  • May 2014

    Price Briefing 23 – 29 May

    29 May 2014

    Metso confident of mining industry turnaround while Iluka warns of challenges for minsands

  • Chinese deadburned magnesia prices stable in slow market

    28 May 2014

    Fledgling steel recovery yet to boost refractory raw materials

  • Video News: Refractories Special

    27 May 2014

    RHI acquires DBM plant; refractory market hit by Chinese steel shutdowns; Magnesita Refractarios; looks ahead

  • China’s GengSheng Minerals Inc. receives delinquency letter from NYSE

    22 May 2014

    The halt in trading will come as a blow to GengSheng, which was at pains to emphasise its new leap to OTC trade. However, this is not a permanent condition and can be easily resolved – whether or not the stock will suffer when it is remains to be seen

  • ICCA 2014: Kerneos explores new markets for calcium aluminates

    22 May 2014

    By opening a new R&D centre in China and developing new calcium aluminate cement-based products, the French world leading producer is diversifying, while it expects demand in the refractory and construction markets to rise again in H2 2014.

  • Magnesita looks ahead to positive impact of graphite and talc projects

    17 May 2014

    The Brazilian refractories and minerals producer’s Q1 results show that vertically integrated supplies of raw materials are becoming increasingly important for Magnesita’s balance sheet.

  • RHI acquires Turkish DBM plant; fire breaks out in Norway

    15 May 2014

    RHI’s results show that it is continuing to press on with its vertically integrated strategy and demonstrate that it is also addressing the issues it encountered in Norway in 2013. While revenues and sales overall do remain low, there are some beacons of positivity coming from the company’s raw material business.

  • Vesuvius underscores “disappointing” foundry market, gives update on China

    15 May 2014

    The refractories manufacturer is putting quality above quantity, it highlighted in its interim management statement, released today. Although the management indicated it had seen some revenue growth, the company is clearly moving towards delivering better products out of China, which will put it ahead of competitors.

  • Ma’aden net profit declines 48% as prices dip across all products

    15 May 2014

    Phosphate-based fertiliser producer Ma’aden saw its profits slashed despite increasing volumes sold, as prices of DAP and ammonia have remained low over Q1 2014. However, the company’s continuing development in its King Abdullah phosphate project indicates it believes the investment will pay off and markets will pick up.

  • Refractory market could suffer from Chinese steel company shutdowns

    12 May 2014

    The government’s actions against the steel, cement and glass industries, to reduce pollution and cut overcapacity would impact industrial minerals like alumina, andalusite, bauxite, graphite, magnesia and zircon

  • GengSheng announces voluntary delisting from NYSE

    12 May 2014

    The delisting of its common stock and instead looking to trade in an OTC manner represent the company’s desire to function in a more transparent market-friendly way. It has also been open about its struggles within the domestic refractories market and the difficulties it has faced with the US market.

  • Tasmania Minerals Council slams Green Party on mining tax

    09 May 2014

    Australia’s minerals industry in the last two years was characterised by lower commodity prices, high industry costs and the scaling back of capital expenditure plans. Minerals associations in the country are calling for more legislative support to boost production volumes.

  • Australia to increase salt production in 2014 by 22%

    07 May 2014

    Figures from a recent report indicate that Australia is the world’s leading exporter of salt and will remain in this position, as production has increased during 2014, but revenue from the overall industrial minerals industry is expected to decline in the next year.