Fastmarkets IM Wall Charts

Fastmarkets IM has created wall charts offering a clear visual summary of key aspects of the industrial minerals markets.

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Current wall charts:

Graphite Map 2018

Refractories Wall Chart 2018

World Lithium Map 2018

Natural Graphite 2017

Fluorspar Supply Chain

Aerospace Minerals

World Lithium Map 2015

Flake Graphite 2015

Proppants/ Hydraulic Fracturing Wallchart (2 sided)

Refractory Minerals Wallchart

Oilfield Minerals (2-sided)

Featuring the leading producers of barite, bentonite, US frac sand, plus other market data

Previous Industrial Minerals wallcharts:

Natural Graphite 2014

Natural Graphite 2013

Fluorspar Map

Refractory Minerals

A snapshot of the industrial minerals used in the refractories sector including their key characteristics.

Ceramic Minerals

A reference point showing which minerals are utilised in the ceramics industry and why they are used. Includes production data for each ceramic subsector.

Principles of Mineral Processing

Highlights the basic principles employed in industrial minerals processing with a focus on upstream processing - crushing, grinding, screening and classification - the key stages from mine to market.


A global map showing production areas and exploration hotspots for natural graphite. Also, includes supporting industry data such as: end markets split, and production by country.