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  • Russia: Open for olivine IM April 2016

    JSC North Urals Dunites is planning to mine dunite as a source of olivine from the Iovinsky deposit in Russia’s Ural Mountains, which promises to be the world’s second largest project of its kind. Vladislav Vorotnikov, IM Correspondent, discovers how the company is dealing with environmental opposition and the challenge of finding new markets. Read More

  • Raw materials trends in refractories IM September 2014

    Over the last two years IM has reported on the shifting trends in the refractories industry, with China looking to reduce wastage and increase energy efficiency. Ted Dickson* explores these various trends and asks – how will this shift impact raw material supply? Read More

  • Carbon capture: the added values of mineral carbonation IM August 2014

    Although the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has always been acknowledged by the scientific community and governments worldwide, CO2 has been historically undervalued in the market place, which did not encourage companies to reduce emissions. Read More

  • Greenland critical of expert economic-independence report IM March 2014 issue

    There are rare earths, olivine and feldspar deposits on Greenland, but hopes for independence lie with Denmark Read More

  • Norway’s mining strategy to attract exploration IM March 2014 issue

    The Norwegian government is seeking to attract miners to the country and has developed a strategy for the minerals industry to do this by promoting the country’s deposits and publicising the industries that are already in place and working. Read More

  • Industrial Minerals Prices July 2012 July 2012

    Read More

  • Resource strategy & scenario modelling May 2012

    ‘Resource strategy’ entails more than simply mining and selling products; it encompasses issues such as capacity planning, expansion timing, and political mindset, as Jeff Loehr explains Read More

  • Greece seeks mineral lifeboat January 2012

    While economic difficulties for Greece continue, Ananias Tsirambides and Anestis Filippidis highlight the wealth of the country’s mineral resources and suggest how they could contribute to assisting its financial future Read More

  • End User Focus: Under mineral lock & key November 2011

    As an emerging niche market, carbon capture and storage could bring demand potential for magnesium and calcium oxide-rich industrial minerals Read More

  • Foundries forge ahead June 2011

    A healthy resurgence for metal casting in 2011 is spurring demand for foundry raw materials, but producers are struggling to supply niche minerals as stocks dwindle Read More

  • End User Focus: Scratching the surface November 2010

    Insight into the world of blasting abrasives and their key applications sees garnet fighting its corner against cheaper alternatives such as copper slag Read More

  • Foundries fire up a gear July 2010

    Automotive markets are giving foundries the drive they need to recover from recession, but western foundries will have to tap into specialised products to compete with developing countries’ heavy industries Read More

  • END USER FOCUS: Tundish refractory opportunities April 2010

    A vital element in continuous casting, the tundish has become one of the biggest cost centres in the process, using refractory minerals such as magnesite, andalusite, bauxite, olivine and dunite Read More

  • Metal markets in flux January 2010

    Dolomite, fluorspar and lime flux producers breathe a sigh of relief as an upswing begins in the aluminium and steel market cycles Read More

  • Shipping SeqiOlivine June 2009 issue

    MINERALS ON THE MOVE: Since establishing the greenfield Seqi site in 2005, Minelco has emerged as one of the world’s select few olivine producers. Here IM examines Minelco’s navigation to markets through the untamed landscape of Greenland by Jessica Roberts, Assistant Editor Read More

  • Minerals for carbon dioxide sequestration June 2009 issue

    Minerals key to locking emissions: George Hawley examines the use of industrial minerals in capturing carbon dioxide emissions Read More

  • Minerals to the grindstone January Issue 2009

    An abrasives market focus: opportunities have opened up for certain types of abrasive products, especially superabrasives in specific markets. Alison Russell reviews minerals used as abrasives and examines consumption trends within the industry. Read More

  • Olivine's future in flux November Issue 2008

    With olivine attracting increasing attention outside of its traditional application as a slag conditioner, is the main market for this strategic mineral about to change? Read More

  • Ermad export future April Issue 2008

    Having established a solid position in the domestic Turkish feldspar and quartz markets, Turkish producer Ermad sees a bright export future in all minerals, including its olivine production Read More

  • Minerals of Italy August Issue 2007

    A significant processor of domestic minerals and overseas mineral sources, particularly ceramics and paper, Ian Wilson, examines how Italy’s minerals industry has survived and grown through high quality grades and consolidation Read More

  • Orhaneli olivine June Issue 2007

    Dunites from the Orhaneli region in Turkey have been only recently exploited as a source of olivine. Elif Cevik examines geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of certain Orhaneli dunites that show potential for a range of industrial applications Read More

  • Greece is the word April Issue 2007

    Greece continues to hold leading positions in world magnesite, bentonite, perlite, and pumice production and exports. The country is also the leading producer of bauxite in the EU and a dominant player in the global cement market. Kiki Hatzilazaridou and Ioannis Marantos of IGME review the industry’s status, developments, and outlook Read More

  • The refractories world today - an overview April Issue 2007

    Functioning as a silent partner to the world’s heavy industry players, the refractories industry is a major supporter of the global economy. Dr Charles E. Semler reviews the current status of the world refractories industry, highlighting trends in demand, mineral consumption, and what the future may hold Read More

  • Alumina in a spin August Issue 2006

    Raw material chemistry is critical in mineral wool manufacture, and therefore careful feedstock selection is paramount. Competition amongst alumina sources is hotting up with potential bauxite alternatives and a buoyant market outlook Read More

  • Foundry focus June Issue 2006

    Recent highlights in the world of foundry minerals supply. The booming Chinese foundry market has attracted a number of western players in recent years, not least some of the leading bentonite producers. However, the latest parties to pursue this market include Swedish minerals supplier Minelco AB, and UK-based refractories manufacturer, Capital Refractories Ltd. Read More

  • A choice of flux June Issue 2006

    Iron ore feedstock, agglomeration process, geography, and material availability all influence the selection of dolomite and olivine as fluxes in iron making Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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