• Refractories have a new future with renewable energy IM September 2018

    Renewable energy has so far been excluded from consideration as an alternative to fossil fuels in the refractory industry, because of the sustained extreme temperatures needed in the production of materials. Amid growing concern about greenhouse gas emissions, new research from Australia may soon help companies to make a partial - or even a complete - switch to solar energy. Read More

  • Logistics and processing trends in kaolin markets IM April 2018

    Kaolin is primarily composed of the clay mineral kaolinite, and is valued primarily for its whiteness and particle size. How is it being processed and transported today, and how can this be expected to change? Read More

  • Taking off: The use of drones in mining IM March 2018

    In a short space of time, drone technology has begun to have a significant effect on the mining industry. Its potential to cut costs, increase efficiency and boost safety in the sector will lead to widespread adoption. Read More

  • Lomon Billions plans 700,000 tpy of new TiO2 capacity IM December 2017-January 2018

    Lomon Billions has plans to double its capacity to 1.3 million tpy and secure its own feedstocks following a Chinese policy change that encourages new chloride route processing. Read More

  • Liaoning looks to lift standards in magnesia processing IM September 2017

    Government incentives and academic cooperation have spawned a number of promising new environmentally sensitive projects in the capital of China’s magnesia industry, Albert Li, IM Correspondent, finds. Read More

  • China’s talc industry readies for processing upgrade IM July-August 2017

    The goal of cleaning up the domestic environment, set as a top priority by Premier Xi Jinping as part of China’s 13th Five Year Plan in 2016, has had a particularly adverse affect on the mining industry. Now talc producers are being targeted, Yoke Wong, IM Head of Market Reporting, finds. Read More

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