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  • Market imbalances persist in rare earths sector MMM March 2022

    Supply problems and an over-reliance on China continue to challenge the rising demand for rising rare earths. Read More

  • Building sources of rare earths supply MMM October 2021

    With rare earth prices climbing on fresh demand from the new-energy sector and the potential for future Chinese supply constraints, governments outside China are supporting new sources of supply, William Clarke reports. Read More

  • Rare earths revisited MMM June 2021

    Not for the first time, governments are focusing attention on supplies of rare earths as a vital resource for many areas of industry and technology. William Clarke reviews key international rare-earth supply chains and plans as the materials take center stage in a rush for new energy minerals Read More

  • Trade wars, 'green' outlook rejuvenate rare earths MMM October 2020

    With government support for rare earths mining increasing, a growing number of miners – including mineral sands producers – now see value in a market that, for a long time, was effectively closed to non-Chinese producers due to its high costs and strict environmental regulations. Read More

  • Assessing China's logistics challenges after the virus lockdown MMM March 2020

    Delays to exports of minerals from China are inevitable as a result of the nation’s battle to contain the spread of novel coronavirus. Davide Ghilotti and Carrie Shi made a mid-February assessment of the impacts. Read More

  • YEAR IN REVIEW 2018: Rare earths 03 January 2019

    A round-up of the year’s main events in the global rare earths market. Read More

  • Year in Review 2018 IM December 2018-January 2019

    A round-up of all this year's events in the global industrial mineral sector. Read More

  • Old king coal: The next rare earths rush? IM October - November 2018

    With trade wars once again exacerbating concerns over critical mineral supplies, Fastmarkets correspondent Rose Pengelly looks at whether new technologies can make coal a viable alternative source of rare earths. Read More

  • How climate change policies affect the mineral industries IM July - August 2018

    Climate change policies have long been part of the conversation in the EU, which set strong 20% reduction targets for 2020, but as Vasili Nicoletopoulos* discusses, the push to go green has had an impact on the mining industry worldwide. Read More

  • On the way up: Industrial minerals in India IM March 2018

    India has recorded economic growth of around 7% per year in the past three years. But while it has significant resources of some of the most widely used industrial minerals, this sector has shown only modest growth, as Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh discovers. Read More

  • 2017: The year of the supply squeeze IM December 2017-January 2018

    If 2016 should be remembered with a shudder, then 2017 will be remembered as the year when it became harder to source minerals. The supply situation changed for many minerals in the markets that Industrial Minerals covers, not least because many producers were simply shut down by strict environmental laws in China, or found it harder to source materials due to demand-side challenges, consultant editor Siobhan Lismore-Scott writes. Read More

  • US exiting Paris Treaty not expected to impact minerals sector IM July-August 2017

    In the wake of President Trump’s announcement that the US will be pulling out of the 2015 Paris Climate Treaty, IM looks at the significance of this move and the possible impact this will have on the industrial minerals market. By Mark Rowe Read More

  • No respite for rare earths IM November 2016

    A commodities market rebound in 2016 left the rare earths sector largely untouched, but some companies are still determined to bring new mines online, writes IM Correspondent, Rose Pengelly. Read More

  • Phosphogypsum: Another Russian rare earths pipe dream? IM September 2016

    A plan to recycle waste from fertiliser plants to produce pure rare earths and gypsum is the latest to come out of Russia’s metallurgical science community, but this project is already facing many of the obstacles that have scuppered previous similar endeavors, Vladislav Vorotnikov, IM Correspondent, finds. Read More

  • Europe funds domestic rare earths mining project I2MINE IM June 2016

    An EU-funded project has developed innovative deep-mining strategies that are set to cut Europe’s dependence on the imported rare earth elements (RE) within four years, while also curbing environmental damage. Read More

  • Alumina advances in technical ceramics IM April 2016

    Alumina is the most widely used raw material in technical ceramics production, accounting for up to 80% of the total used. Jessica Roberts* looks at some of the key raw materials in advanced ceramics and their supply chains and outlines which sectors are poised for growth. Read More

  • Rare earths: Year in Review 2015 IM January 2016

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global rare earths industry. Read More

  • Which materials are “critical” and which are “strategic”? IM December 2015

    The terms “critical” and “strategic” used to describe the importance of various minerals and metals to different countries and organisations are often applied without definition or context. George J Simandl, Carlee Akam and Suzanne Paradis outline the case for appropriate use of these terms to avoid misunderstandings and misrepresentations. Read More

  • The rigours of rare earths IM November 2015

    After yet another trying twelve months for rare earths companies, the future for the industry remains uncertain. James Sean Dickson, Reporter, looks at recent market developments and the prospects for Western and Chinese producers amid conditions of oversupply and soft demand. Read More

  • Australian mining: Down but not under IM November 2015

    The Australian resources sector is adjusting to lower commodity prices, which have necessitated a revision of cost structures and spending plans. IM gets a feel for the industry’s sentiments and looks at how the country’s miners are making plans to do business in a post-supercycle environment. Read More

  • Rough year for global rare earths as illegal mining takes its toll IM November 2015

    The continuation of illegal mining in China, low prices and substitution made 2015 a difficult year for the rare earths industry and miners face a challenging year ahead, Rachel Carnac, discusses. Read More

  • REM: A song for Sonora IM April 2015

    UK AIM-listed Rare Earth Minerals Plc has taken Bacanora Minerals Ltd’s Sonora lithium project under its wing and is now singing, or rather shouting, from the top of the wall about the project’s credentials. Laura Syrett, Acting Editor, speaks to REM’s CEO, Kiran Morzaria, about his company’s ambitions for the Mexico-based deposit. Read More

  • Thorium and the rare earth value chain – a nuclear renaissance solution? IM March 2015

    Rules covering thorium discharge in many of the world’s top rare earths-consuming countries have prevented the development of potentially valuable domestic resources in these regions and helped cement China’s monopoly over the sector. James Kennedy* and John Kutsch** discuss the social and economic disadvantages of this situation and outline how a new nuclear strategy could help solve the problem. Read More

  • Africa’s Industrial Minerals Map IM February 2015

    Read More

  • Critical materials show mixed price performance in 2014 IM January 2015

    Falling energy prices hit demand for cleantech minerals; CRMs on par with base and precious metals in 2014 Read More

  • Rare Earths: Year in Review 2014 IM January 2015

    Despite new production coming online from US-based Molycorp in 2012 and Australia-based Lynas Corp. in 2013, China still retained almost 90% of global rare earths production in 2014. Read More

  • Tough times for many in 2015 IM January 2015

    Energy minerals still waiting for battery lift off; chromite market bearish over next 12 months Read More

  • Australia: End of the mining gloom? IM December 2014

    The downturn of the global “commodities supercyle” and slowing raw material demand in China has been felt keenly in Australia’s resources sector. But while proponents of Australian mining admit the industry isn’t quite as mighty as it used to be, they say that there are still plenty of reasons to be positive Down Under, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor and Laura Syrett, Prices Editor, discover. Read More

  • Alkane well positioned to bring Dubbo to fruition IM November 2014

    Alkane look to zircon markets with the Dubbo project Read More

  • Northern’s dysprosium hopes with Brown IM November 2014

    Andrew Scogings, IM Correspondent, looks into Northern Minerals’ Brown project in Western Australia and discusses the rare earths markets it is targeting. Read More

  • Rare earths recycling and recovery: the two sides of the industry IM November 2014

    The rare earths supply risk and consequent panic buying that emerged in 2011 paved the way for sluggish demand, oversupply and low prices. In light of this, recycling rare earths from downstream products might appear an unnecessary economic burden. Antonio Torrisi, Reporter, investigates how this technology can integrate with new mining projects to promote future stability and sustainability in the rare earths market. Read More

  • Diary Dates IM October 2014 issue

    Read More

  • Developing Vietnam’s mineral sands for the rare earths market IM October 2014 issue

    Vietnam has 3,260km of coastline, along which the main sand deposits containing ilmenite, rutile, zircon and other heavy minerals are distributed. Tran Kim Phuong* outlines how these deposits can be of use for the rare earths — or the TiO2 — market. Read More

  • The Great Occasion IM April 2014 issue

    The Industrial Minerals Congress launched 40 years ago, in 1974, and was attended by over 400 delegates from 36 different countries. As we prepare for the 22nd Congress, which will be held in Vancouver this month, IM approached several industry leaders and asked each of them the same five questions to get their perspectives on how the market has changed. Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor Read More

  • Greenland critical of expert economic-independence report IM March 2014 issue

    There are rare earths, olivine and feldspar deposits on Greenland, but hopes for independence lie with Denmark Read More

  • Year in Review 2013: Rare Earths IM January 2014 issue

    Kasia Patel, Senior Reporter Read More

  • Pricing trends remain unpredictable as 2014 approaches IM December 2013

    Fluorspar prices to remain flat to 2016, iodine resists further drop and rare earths halt their decline Read More

  • What makes or breaks a rare earths junior? IM November 2013 issue

    Competition in the junior rare earths industry shows no sign of abating, with 2013 registering record numbers of developers looking for a stake in the sector. Laura Syrett discusses what separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to picking projects with a chance of succeeding. Read More

  • Rare earths bucking the trend as other markets decline IM October 2013 issue

    The majority of the industrial mineral industry is still waiting for the post-summer resumption of buying activity to take effect, pricing information gathered by IM in September suggests. Read More

  • IM 2012 Round-ups: Rare earths January Issue 2013

    Following a quiet start to the year for rare earths (RE), leading newcomer to the industry US-based Molycorp Inc. signed a definitive agreement to buy the processing firm Neo Material Technologies Inc. for Canadian dollar C$1.3bn ($1.31bn) in March. Read More

  • Rare Earth Special: “China will continue to lead conversation in rare earths” November 2012 issue

    Metal Events and Roskill Information Services discuss key issues in the market ahead of industry conference Read More

  • Rare Earth Special: Projects in the Pipeline: Rare earths light up global markets November 2012 issue

    Turbulence continued to dominate the rare earths industry throughout 2012 as the majority of global supply remained under China’s lock and key. Export quota restrictions remained firmly in place during the past 12 months, as the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) reduced export limits by 27% year-on-year for the first half of 2012 and withheld quotas from more than 20 Chinese companies. Read More

  • Rare Earth Special: China’s rare earth revolution November 2012 issue

    As China continues to defy international pressure to ease its rare earths supply restrictions, IM considers how the country’s policy initiatives are changing the face of its internal industry. Read More

  • Price Briefing: While other markets tremble, antimony leads the way October 2012 issue

    While rare earths, zircon and TiO2 feedstocks slipped in September, antimony trioxide prices showed some recovery. Read More

  • Price Briefing: Barytes market reports bull trend as taxes bite in China August 2012

    Barytes up while graphite market softens and a rare earth platform hoves into view Read More

  • Industrial Minerals Prices July 2012 July 2012

    Read More

  • End User Focus: Playing ceramic catch-up July 2012

    There are three main sectors for production of ceramics in the world: porcelain/tableware, sanitaryware and tiles. In all of these markets, China is the world’s leading producer and consumer and it is just the global ceramic tiles sector that will be considered in the following. Read More

  • Rare earths: the politics and policy July 2012

    International public policies regarding rare earths have centred around the basic question: “What are the Chinese trying to do?” Vasili Nicoletopoulos discusses Chinese concerns and policies and investigates just how smartly the rest of the world is reacting: Read More

  • Rare earths march towards supply diversity July 2012

    As China continues to hold the whip hand on rare earths, so the need to develop new sources becomes ever-more critical, as Gerry Clarke reports Read More

  • Exploration key to growing Greek industry February 2012

    Greece is opening its doors to private investment to boost domestic industries. Ananias Tsirambides and Anestis Filippidis discuss the country’s key exploration targets for industrial minerals development Read More

  • Afghanistan’s mineral plan February 2012

    With its position at the heart of Central Asia, and significant mineral resources including lithium and rare earths, Afghanistan holds vast potential for attracting private sector investment, Vasili Nicoletopoulos reveals Read More

  • Rare earths: supply, demand, and politics July 2011

    Described as a “complex and intriguing topic”, Vasili Nicoletopoulos examines the rare earths industry and the continuing influence of China generating concern for the short term outlook Read More

  • 10 steps to rare earths supply March 2011

    China’s downsized rare earth exports have tightened global supply – now RE juniors are looking to fill the gap. Dudley Kingsnorth reviews the 10 steps for project development and highlights candidates for new supply Read More

  • Mongolia rocks! January 2011

    As China shifts its focus from exports to domestic demand-led growth, Mongolia has an opportunity to supply China as well as neighbouring countries. Alexander Czarnecki assesses the country’s industrial minerals potential and its attraction to foreign investors Read More

  • Pigments on rollercoaster ride January 2011

    Bumpy road ahead for pigment producers as construction and automotive markets decline in the west but rise in the east, driven by an emerging Asian middle class Read More

  • Vietnam’s resource vision November 2010

    Strong government support is seeing increased development of Vietnam’s key mineral resources, but red tape threatens to hold back over-eager foreign investors Read More

  • The winds of change August 2010

    The new generation of alternative power sources are providing attractive prospects for industrial mineral applications. Despite the recession, and against expectations, the photovoltaic and wind power sectors grew significantly in 2009, a trend that is expected to continue through 2014 Read More

  • RE SPECIAL: Earth, wind & fire June 2010

    From wind turbines to missiles, rare earth based magnets can been seen as strategic in many ways. But why are they so special? Can they be replaced? And does the magnet industry have an over-reliance on a product derived from a source controlled by China and on the verge of a supply crisis? Simon Moores talked with Gareth Hatch of Technology Metals Research, LLC to find out Read More

  • RE SPECIAL: Minerals for the digital age June 2010

    How heavy and light rare earth elements (REE) are fundamental to today’s most advance technology markets Read More

  • RE SPECIAL: Shock & Ore June 2010

    Fears of a supply shortage outside China have triggered a global rush to develop alternative sources of rare earth elements, critical to defence and clean energy technology. Mark Watts looks at the sweeping changes facing the industry. Read More

  • Australia: Land of Plenty April 2010

    Despite a recent dip in exploration expenditure, Australia remains a host for key industrial mineral targets, some close to fruition, spurred on by state government initiatives Read More

  • Saudi Arabia minerals review June 2009 issue

    Seeking Saudi mineral potential: A shift in national policy to diversify into non-oil resources has prompted domestic development and overseas interest in Saudi Arabia’s considerable wealth of untapped industrial minerals Read More

  • North American minerals meet: Things to do in Denver... May issue 2009

    …when you’re in the minerals business! IM reports on the 2009 SME Meeting which covered China, rare earths, new and emerging issues, and reducing the carbon footprint by Mike O’Driscoll, Editor Read More

  • China minerals outlook: the Dragon has turned April issue 2009

    China has switched to domestic demand priority status. Those relying on Chinese mineral exports should now be seeking alternative sources. Here we examine how China’s mineral industry has changed tack, its impact on world markets, how it will cope with the recession, and spotlight on barytes, bauxite, fluorspar, magnesite, paper minerals, and rare earths Read More

  • European rock and role February Issue 2009

    The EU’s position in global mineral supply, commodity trends, EU industries and policies, and future challenges are examined by Linda Hetherington and Andrew Bloodworth Read More

  • Rare earths at the crossroads September Issue 2008

    Dudley J Kingsnorth looks at the world market and sees how the industry is coping with present and future demands Read More

  • A minerals passage to India August issue 2008

    As the word continues to seek a passage into India's industrial minerals industry, the country has continued to strengthen through domestic expansions and international acquisitions. Read More

  • Seen & heard in Salt Lake City May Issue 2008

    IM attended this year’s SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit in Salt Lake City, which provided a stimulating industrial minerals programme – shortages, oilfield supply, rare earths, and recent start-ups Read More

  • Rare earth's rising April Issue 2008

    Vietnam has rich rare earth resources, particularly in the north-west of the country, but to reach its potential Dinh Van Dzien and Tran Kim Phuong believe foreign investment is a necessity Read More

  • Getting bolder in Boulder July Issue 2007

    Peter Harben reports from the 43rd Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals held 20-25 May in Boulder, Colorado, USA Read More

  • Will China stay cheap? July Issue 2007

    THE WORLD OF industrial minerals has become dominated by, and highly dependant on China. In almost every sector, Chinese minerals have become the price and quality base line. In the last decade, China’s exports and minerals production have metamorphosed from basic ‘raw material production’ using very simplistic methods, to ever more production and export of processed minerals. This progression has had profound effects and implications for producers, processors and consumers worldwide. Read More

  • Chinese rare earths April Issue 2006

    Rare earths breathe Dragon’s fire: a frank dissection of China’s rare earths industry, citing its pros and cons both domestically and in the context of the world market. Challenges facing this growth sector and a forward looking strategy are outlined Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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