Rare Earth Minerals pricing news

  • Price Briefing: 8-14 December 15 December 2017

    Graphite spot prices in China overtake Europe; China Northern decreases rare earth prices; Pricing notice: ilmenite; Chinese silicon carbide exports dip, European prices edge higher Read More

  • Jiangxi unveils China’s first rare earths policies plan IM December 2017-January 2018

    Following China’s recent inspections of rare earth industry facilities and the resulting guidance, Jiangxi province has released a rare earth policies plan, which is a first for the East Asian country. Read More

  • Leading Chinese rare earths producers sign cooperation deal IM December 2017-January 2018

    Two of the biggest rare-earth companies in China, China Northern Rare Earth High-tech and Xiamen Tungsten, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Read More

  • China Northern decreases rare earth prices 12 December 2017

    China Northern Rare Earth has decreased its rare earth prices for December, while China Southern Rare Earth Group has maintained prices. Read More

  • Price briefing December 1-8 08 December 2017

    Global iodine market slows down; Zircon prices are set to increase in the first quarter with Tronox and TiZir announcing price rises and 2018 negotiations continuing; Quiet antimony trioxide market shrugs off higher Chinese metal offer prices; PRICING NOTICE: Proposal to discontinue magnesia grades; Minimal prices moves in lithium spot market while contract talks continue; Global lithium contract prices rise while contract periods shorten; BFA prices tick up on China’s supply squeeze; China Southern lowers prices of most rare earths Read More

  • China Southern lowers prices of most rare earths 01 December 2017

    China Southern lowered the prices of many of its rare earths at the end of November for the first time that month, other than for terbium oxide. Read More

  • Price briefing 17-23 November 24 November 2017

    Antimony trioxide prices move down on low demand; two of China’s largest producers have reduced their rare earths guidance prices; zircon availability is low; Industrial Minerals launches Chinese domestic grade of lithium hydroxide. Read More

  • Two leading Chinese rare earth producers lower public guidance prices 20 November 2017

    China Northern Rare Earth High-Tech Group and China Southern Rare Earth Group lower some prices by more than 25% from previous guidance. Read More

  • Pricing Notice: IM suspends rare earths pricing 01 November 2017

    Industrial Minerals has suspended its rare earths prices. Read More

  • Price briefing 8 - 14 September 15 September 2017

    Lithium carbonate prices jump on proposed ICE ban in China; European refractory silicon carbide market posts uptick; Chinese magnesia market continues to surge; Ilmenite price spreads widen amid uncertainty; Zircon prices rise after Iluka announces hikes; China TiO2 producers announce more price hikes; Two of the largest rare earth producers increase prices for light rare earth elements in September. Read More

  • China's rare earth prices surge in September 11 September 2017

    Two of the largest rare earth producers increase prices for light rare earth elements in September. Read More

  • Price briefing 4-10 August 11 August 2017

    Two Chinese producers announced another price hike for rare earth; while strict environment checks pushed brown fused alumina higher. Read More

  • August rare earth price rise in China 11 August 2017

    Price increases have been introduced for light and middle/heavy rare earths both in southern and northern China. Read More

  • Price briefing 16-22 June 23 June 2017

    A severe supply shortage has lifted fused magnesia prices outside of China; Chinese flake graphite grades post uptick; spot chromite prices fall on lack of Chinese buying; baryte holds unchanged despite heavy rain storm temporarily hitting production in China; antimony trioxide prices under pressure; Chinese producers raise rare earth prices again; ilmenite trading activity slumps leading some to speculate that it could be an end to the rise in prices. Read More

  • Chinese producers announce rare earth price increases 19 June 2017

    Prices published by Chinese firms for some rare earths have increased as the authorities continue to deal firmly with producers who break the law. Read More

  • Price briefing 19-25 May 26 May 2017

    Mineral sands producer Iluka raised zircon prices; while ilmenite and rutile prices held firm; China Southern Rare Earth Group Co. unveiled another round of price hike; Magnesia prices unchanged as Chinese government sets new environmental standards; Galaxy Resources complete 2016 offtake spodumene sales Read More

  • Heavy rare earth prices hiked again 23 May 2017

    South China Rare Earth Group unveils another round of price increases, following the company's historic decision to publish prices last month Read More

  • Price briefing 12-18 May 19 May 2017

    The ongoing draconian anti-pollution controls in China continue to disrupt production in a number of minerals, which has lifted prices in bauxite and antimony trioxide. Meanwhile, fused magnesia is no longer available in China; producers announced another rare earth price hike; chromite and silicon carbide prices remained stable; and lithium carbonate spot have risen in China again. Read More

  • China Southern lifts middle, heavy rare earths prices again 18 May 2017

    In the third week of May, China Southern Rare Earth Group Co once again raised the prices of its middle and heavy rare earth products on May 15th, and this is already the third time in May. Read More

  • Chinese rare earth prices rising further 12 May 2017

    China Northern Rare Earth Hi-Tech Group and China Southern Rare Earth Group Co have edged their prices upwards again in May. Read More

  • Update: South China Rare Earth Group hikes heavy rare earths prices 28 April 2017

    South China Rare Earth Group published a price list for its heavy rare earths product for the first time in mid-April. Issuing public price lists is seen by some as a way to stabilize the market a move that would be inline with the Chinese government's recent steps to reform the sector's supply side. Read More

  • China Northern Rare Earth Hi-Tech raises April prices 11 April 2017

    The major Chinese rare earths producer has raised its prices for praseodymium and neodymium for the fourth consecutive month. Lanthanum and cerium oxide prices were unchanged, meanwhile, as the company hopes to encourage more sales. Read More

  • Price Briefing 10-16 February 17 February 2017

    Cristal joins other producers to announce a further price hike in titanium dioxide this week, while spodumene producer sold lithium concentrate for delivery in H1 2017; Chinese rare earths producer announced price increase. Read More

  • A turning point for rare earths? 17 February 2017

    Could a price increase by the world’s biggest rare earths producer herald brighter days ahead for an industry that has been struggling with low prices? Read More

  • China Northern Rare Earth Hi-Tech raises prices 14 February 2017

    China Northern Rare Earth Hi-Tech Group, the leading producer in China, has raised its February prices for rare earth products Read More

  • Price Briefing 3-9 February 10 February 2017

    Trading remains quiet in the first week after the Chinese New Year holiday, but a number of industrial mineral miners have announced production update. Antimony trioxide spot prices increased while chromite held firm. Read More

  • Price briefing 20-26 January 27 January 2017

    Trading activities in many minerals are expected to stall in the next two weeks during Chinese New Year, but lithium prices could rise in Q2. TiO2 may also see further increases, as bauxite and fused alumina remain firm on supply shortage. Read More

  • Lynas revenue rises as REE prices edge up 24 January 2017

    The company hopes that upticks in lanthanum and cerium prices, which benefitted it during the quarter, may spread to other rare earth elements. Read More

  • Price briefing 30 December - 5 January 06 January 2017

    Graphite market weighs up scrapping of export taxes; China rare earth prices stable for January; alumina and bauxite supply reportedly tight in China; Chinese DBM, CCM export value drops; Chinese TiO2 producers hike prices again. Read More

  • China rare earth prices stable for January; exports increase 05 January 2017

    According to prices announced by China Norther Rare Earth Hi-Tech Group, January prices for rare earths will remain stable compared with December values. Exports of the mineral also showed an uptick at the end of 2016, according to Chinese customs data. Read More

  • Pricing notice: Christmas schedule 28 November 2016

    The publication of Industrial Minerals’ price assessments will be affected by the Christmas holidays. Read More

  • Price Briefing 21-27 October 28 October 2016

    Antimony trioxide price increase, while chromite continued its uptrend on tight supply. In iodine, the price war to gain market share may be coming to an end. Read More

  • China Northern holds REE prices in October 24 October 2016

    The world’s largest rare earths producer published an October price list on par with September levels, though most prices are lower than they were in July, while fellow Big-Six producer Minmetals risks delisting if it fails to turn a profit in 2016. Read More

  • Price Briefing 14-20 October 2016 21 October 2016

    Fluorspar prices stable, iodine rates falling while chromite prices continues to appreciate. Read More

  • Low rare earth prices continue to hurt Lynas 29 September 2016

    Large production increases of NdPr and rare earth oxides generally were more than countered by weakening prices, causing the company’s net loss to widen by 14% in the 2016 financial year. Read More

  • Chinese rare earths prices differ in August 19 August 2016

    Guidance prices for rare earths products released this month for southern and northern China show a notable difference, with price levels in the north of the country declining as southern rates remain stable. Read More

  • Price Briefing 15-21 July 2016 22 July 2016

    Supply disruption in China fails to lift bauxite and brown fused alumina prices; chromite sees an increase in buying activity in China; Indian potash contracts signed at lower y-o-y levels. Read More

  • Price Briefing 17-23 June 2016 24 June 2016

    Future of European markets uncertain as UK votes to leave the EU; fluorspar prices experience further drops; chromite market stabilises; oil price holds barite steady. Read More

  • Rare earths stockpiling pushes up prices in China 13 May 2016

    Chinese domestic prices for almost all rare earth oxide products rose in April, though exports have yet to register a price hike. Opinions on the efficacy of the state-initiated stockpiling process vary, however. Read More

  • Price Briefing 5-12 May 2016 12 May 2016

    Battery markets look bullish, while oilfield sector lags. Read More

  • Refractories down but not out IM May 2016

    Read More

  • Price Briefing 11 – 17 March 18 March 2016

    Prices for fluorspar, graphite, rare earths and zircon all remain stable, despite ructions in markets. Read More

  • Chinese New Year keeps lid on mineral markets in February IM March 2016

    Antimony fluctuates, rare earths stay flat; lithium prices exaggerated, says Albemarle; graphite stagnates, chromite prices dip. Read More

  • Ganzhou Rare Earth Association brings guidance prices back down 28 January 2016

    Body rolls back increases announced for the beginning of January without explanation. Read More

  • Price Briefing 24 December – 7 January 08 January 2016

    Graphite prices unlikely to revive before mid-February; rare earths prices fall in export markets. Read More

  • Slow exports drag down Chinese rare earths prices 31 December 2015

    Weakness blamed on Christmas holidays in purchasing destinations but some expect market to stabilise in January. Read More

  • Ganzhou Rare Earth Industry Association raises guidance prices by 8-9% 30 December 2015

    The association has raised its guidance prices on evidence of lower ore inventories and stronger downstream demand. Read More

  • Prices: TiO2 and samarium IM January 2016

    TiO2 2016 contracts negotiated in December; prices edging close to production costs. Samarium's use in permanent magnets could boost prices but oversupply remains a challenge. Read More

  • Year-end promises few celebrations for mineral suppliers IM December 2015

    Barite prices expected to fall further as fluorspar and graphite face negative revisions. Meanwhile, lithium prices continue to rise in China. Read More

  • Price Briefing 20 – 26 November 27 November 2015

    Iodine, magnesia, potash, rare earths and TiO2 prices all down on earlier in the year, as oversupply and weak Chinese consumption erode markets. Read More

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