Rare earths features

  • May 2010

    RE SPECIAL: Earth, wind & fire

    25 May 2010

    From wind turbines to missiles, rare earth based magnets can been seen as strategic in many ways. But why are they so special? Can they be replaced? And does the magnet industry have an over-reliance on a product derived from a source controlled by China and on the verge of a supply crisis? Simon Moores talked with Gareth Hatch of Technology Metals Research, LLC to find out

  • RE SPECIAL: Minerals for the digital age

    25 May 2010

    How heavy and light rare earth elements (REE) are fundamental to today’s most advance technology markets

  • RE SPECIAL: Shock & Ore

    25 May 2010

    Fears of a supply shortage outside China have triggered a global rush to develop alternative sources of rare earth elements, critical to defence and clean energy technology. Mark Watts looks at the sweeping changes facing the industry.

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