Rare earths latest news

  • June 2014

    IM Rare Earths News in Brief: 24-30 June

    30 June 2014

    Great Western Minerals completes NI 43-101 report for Steenampskraal; Northern Minerals to become a potential leading producer of dysprosium; Stans Energy receives approval for submission for Kyzyluraan rare earths project.

  • Mining on Top 2014: Water management is critical for mining projects in Africa

    27 June 2014

    The problem of water resources, which has been discussed by global organisations in recent years, is also a growing concern within the mining industry, which seeks water management solutions to increase efficiency in minerals production and reduce environmental impact in Africa.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief: 17-23 June

    23 June 2014

    REM indicates positive results from its Yangibana project in Australia; Moody’s downgrade Molycorp to Caa2; New Zealand and France to study new rare earths nitrides-based RAMs.

  • Lynas plant faces fresh activist woe

    23 June 2014

    The latest protest has produced yet more unwelcome press for Lynas, which has faced legal battles, activists and even a song against its plant. This latest activity serves as a lesson to other developers to garner good relationships with local communities and casts yet another shadow over Lynas’ project.

  • Kenyan miners challenge proposed 2014 Mining Bill through petition

    23 June 2014

    By bringing the Mining Bill to the Kenya’s court, companies which exploit important industrial mineral reserves in the country, could prevent an excessive concentration of state’s power in the mining sector, which would be badly impacted by the present bill.

  • TDK and Guangdong Rising form joint venture to produce rare earths-based magnets

    19 June 2014

    The joint venture between Japanese TDK and Chinese Guandong Rising follows the recent cooperation letter of intent signed between Chinalco and Liyang Solvay, showing China’s effort to open up to collaborating with global industrial partners in the rare earths market

  • Researchers look to tap rare earths from mine waste

    16 June 2014

    The push to establish new ways of accessing rare earths besides mining have intensified the focus on recycling the minerals from waste streams, including mine tailings and end-of-life consumer products.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief: 10-16 June

    16 June 2014

    Alkane Resources raise $9.8m for its DZP project; Arafura Resources to build rare earths separation plant in the US; Spectrum Rare Earths sells Arnhem Minerals to Uranium Equities

  • Northern Minerals recovers high value dysprosium in Australia

    16 June 2014

    Following recent recovery of high quality dysprosium from its hydrometallurgical pilot plant, the Australian company could become a reliable alternative supplier of this critical rare earth element outside China and play a complementary role to Australian rare earths producer Lynas Corp

  • China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology calls for regulations on rare earths recycling

    13 June 2014

    As preliminary statistics show that smuggling is also present in the Chinese rare earths recycling sector, MIIT’s call for action shows Beijing’s commitment to seriously tackling illegal mining problems and promote stability in the domestic market.

  • African nations try to set uniform minerals royalty charges

    13 June 2014

    A proposal from the Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre agency aims to prevent unfair competition for resources and improve returns to local economies, but it could hamper foreign companies to invest in the African industrial minerals sector, which includes potash, rare earths, ilmenite and vermiculite.

  • Namibia to develop rare earths deposits

    09 June 2014

    While Namibia’s government is striving to increase the amount and profitability of the country’s mining industry, a newly proposed law could in fact lead to reduced activity, warns the Chamber of Mines.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief: 3-9 June

    09 June 2014

    Lynas Corp financial difficulties worry Malaysian politicians; Northern Minerals retain 100% interest in Browns Range project; Rare Element Resources completes initial scoping study

  • UK government ready to step up support for domestic mineral development

    06 June 2014

    A parliamentary select committee has flagged the absence of a definitive policy for Britain’s mining sector – an omission the Department for Business is seeking to rectify, in order to support the raw material demands for growing industries such as fertilisers and fracking.

  • Lynas Corp brings in new CEO

    05 June 2014

    The appointment of a new CEO following the departure of Eric Noyrez after just 14 months in the job, highlights the difficult moment for the Australian rare earths producer, with the company hoping to reduce its losses and cuts costs in the future, while meeting its production target in June this year.

  • China to lift tariffs and quotas on rare earths exports

    05 June 2014

    The plan to remove quotas and tariffs on rare earths exports suggests China’s intention to comply with the WTO’s ruling in March, despite Beijing’s recent appeal against it, and would be welcomed by many producers and customers within the rare earths market.

  • Price Briefing 30 May – 5 June

    05 June 2014

    PwC blames falling prices for unstainable corporate strategies; phosphate weakness cuts New Zealand fertiliser costs and zircon prices steady towards end of H2

  • Solvay opens R&I centre for OLED and lithium-ion batteries in Korea

    03 June 2014

    The new R&I centre in Seoul will allow the Belgian chemicals producer to develop rare earths- and lithium-based materials for applications in electronics and energy storage, specifically targeting Asia’s fast growing electric automotive market.

  • Shanghai Future Exchange to include rare earths

    03 June 2014

    By including rare earths futures products, the biggest Chinese commodities market will further stabilise prices worldwide and will become the major trading platform for rare earths products, helping the country regulate its domestic market.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief: 28 May – 2 June

    02 June 2014

    Seven new NdFeB projects signed in Inner Mongolia Baotou; REM identified rare earths targets in Greenland; Lynas Corp. issued additional shares placement