Rare earths latest news

  • August 2014

    New Indian processing plant will be capable of producing 5% of global rare earth supply

    29 August 2014

    Indian Rare Earths Ltd. plans to dent the Chinese rare earth supply monopoly by producing 5,000tpa of metal oxides, due to sign a contract with Japanese buyers seeking supply security

  • Oman port to build largest rare earths plant outside China

    28 August 2014

    The Middle Eastern country’s efforts to diversify away from oil and gas will see it invest in a number of industrial minerals facilities and the Sohar rare earths facility will be Oman’s second major investment in these critical minerals.

  • Tanzania to amend Mining Act of 2010 to increase government revenues

    28 August 2014

    The proposed changes are aimed at companies that have purchased licenses but are delaying mining and is expected to increase revenues from the sector, while encouraging the development of rare earth, limestone and phosphate projects.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 19 – 25 August

    26 August 2014

    China orders capacity closures; US funds research into rare earth-free motors; Northern receives Macquarie grant

  • China calls rare earths producers to reduce output

    20 August 2014

    By imposing a reduction in rare earths production on major firms, the Chinese government aims to address the current oversupply, which is exercising downward pressure on rare earths prices and companies’ profits.

  • Lynas rare earths plant faces new protests in Malaysia

    19 August 2014

    Opposition to the construction of a road with recycled by-products from Lynas Advanced Materials Plant could add delays in the development of the company’s rare earths processing facility in Malaysia.

  • Closing the loop: recycling for greater resource efficiency

    19 August 2014

    Current recycling rates for valuable minerals and metals used in consumer products fall well short of technically possible levels, creating an unsustainable drag on resource efficiency. Laura Syrett talks to Outotec’s director of technology management, Markus Reuter, about his UN-backed report on the opportunities, limits and infrastructure for raw materials recycling.

  • SADC summit emphasises role of domestic beneficiation for regional growth

    19 August 2014

    The Southern African Development Community summit opened this week, with native beneficiation said to be key to Southern African development. Development in the region has been delayed by its political reputation and lack of infrastructure.

  • Video News: Sierra Rutile confirms no Ebola cases at its plant

    18 August 2014

    Sierra Rutile not affected by Ebola outbreak; titanium dioxide prices continue falling; North China Baotou Rare Earth group approved by Beijing; Haydale to market graphene in Asia.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 12 - 17 August

    18 August 2014

    Great Western Minerals reports increased Q2 year-on-year profits; Stans Energy Corp. restructures in view of Kutessay II dispute; Tusaar Corp. given grant for research into rare earth recovery from geothermal waste.

  • Illegal rare earths mining blamed for price dive

    12 August 2014

    Since 2011, rare earths prices nosedived after being inflated initially by supply disruptions and unrealistic demand forecasts. However, this week Chinese officials have squarely placed the blame for the plummet on illegal mining.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 5 - 11 August

    11 August 2014

    Avalon Rare Metals completes flowsheet optimisation at Nechalacho; US Rare Earths to access stockpile at Lehmi Pass; Peak Resources increases recovery of rare earths from Ngualla

  • Avalon monitors forest fires near its rare earths project in Canada

    08 August 2014

    Forest fires, which have been occurring in the Northwest Territories, Canada, due to extremely hot and dry weather conditions, do not pose immediate risks to Avalon’s Nechalacho project, but the Canadian company is constantly monitoring the situation and adopting preventative safety measures.

  • WTO rejects China’s appeal on rare earths quotas dispute

    08 August 2014

    As the World Trade Organization rejected China’s appeal and confirmed the ruling against Chinese rare earths export quotas, which was released in March, China will now be under pressure to lift the quotas, a measure which could push rare prices even lower.

  • Stans seeks payment as Kyrgyzstan makes a stand against its rare earths project

    07 August 2014

    The recent ruling against Stans from the Bishkek City Court on the dispute regarding the company’s acquisition of the Kutessay II rare earths deposit in Kyrgyzstan suggests that the Kyrgyz government does not intend to negotiate, posing serious doubts about the possibility of the company continuing with redevelopment work.

  • Nippon’s rare earths project in Jamaica on hold

    07 August 2014

    Dull demand and prices in the rare earths market have led Nippon Light Metal to take the decision to stop developing its red mud beneficiation-based project in Jamaica. The Japanese company will continue refining the process while waiting for more profitable market conditions.

  • Price Briefing 1 – 7 August

    07 August 2014

    Frac sand and potash prices rise on swelling demand; fluorspar, rare earths and TiO2 still struggling

  • Molycorp losses widen as low prices and operational bottlenecks persist

    07 August 2014

    Low rare earths prices are continuing to impact revenues of the US-based producer, which posted additional losses in the second quarter of this year and had to deal with discontinued operations at its processing facility in California and difficulties of hydrochloric acid supply.

  • Chinese rare earths-based magnets producers challenge expiring Hitachi patent

    06 August 2014

    The patent for magnets production belonging to the Japanese producer expired in July, meaning that Chinese manufacturers are able to freely export their products to the US and to force legal action if Hitachi forbids them from trading.

  • Lanxess offers conservative outlook despite Q2 profit surge

    06 August 2014

    A major consumer of pigment and speciality chemical minerals, Germany-based Lanxess’ earnings growth will encourage raw materials suppliers. However, the company is evidently nervous about the prospects for rubber chemicals, despite strong sales in pigments.

  • Low rare earths prices impact Chinese producers

    06 August 2014

    In a rare earths market affected by sluggish demand and low prices, Chinese major producers see profit badly affected, but those companies that successfully cut costs were able to keep high profits. The industry is still confident Beijing’s new policies will help market revive.

  • China stockpiles rare earths at higher prices

    05 August 2014

    The purchase of rare earths by the Chinese government last week is the result of the pressure from the World Trade Organization (WTO) to lift rare earths export quotas and is an attempt to push up prices to revive a market still weakened by illegal mining.

  • North China Baotou Steel Rare Earth Group gets government approval

    05 August 2014

    The approval of the formation of the North Baotou Steel Rare Earth Group, formed by Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Hi-Tech and five other major producers, is a major step towards implementing Beijing’s policy of building enterprise groups to regulate the domestic market.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 29 July - 04 August

    04 August 2014

    Spectrum discloses positive results from drilling at Skyfall; Australia to extract rare earths from tailings at Mary Kathleen uranium mine; Search Minerals patents simplified process to recover rare earths in Canada.

  • Lynas rare earths production and sales accelerate despite problems

    01 August 2014

    Increased production and sales of rare earths in the second quarter and the raising of share capital give new cash to the miner, but a further fall in rare earths prices have dampened progress made by the company, which is going face debt repayments in September.

  • Solvay sees growth in fluoropolymers, but rare earths still lag

    01 August 2014

    Solvay’s results confirm that the market for polymers is an area for growth, which is good news for the chemical company as it recently invested in new technology in this area.