Rare earths latest news

  • March 2015

    Pele Mountain joins with Chinese rare earths processor to advance Eco Ridge

    31 March 2015

    With processing technology fast becoming the most important consideration to rare earths investors, Pele has joined other companies in heading to the Chinese to acquire the critical and technically complex knowledge required for flowsheet design.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 24 – 30 March

    30 March 2015

    Hastings and Commerce improve metallurgical testwork results; Montero refreshes licence for Tanzanian rare earths project; veracity of reports on North Korean rare earths deposit under question.

  • MEPs call for maintenance of industrial mineral duties under TTIP deal

    27 March 2015

    European Parliament committees have come together to discuss duties on US mineral imports in light of the new Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement between the EU and US. MEPs are likely to argue against the removal of tariffs for fear that US imports could undercut EU production in energy intensive industries.

  • Kenyan High Court rules against Pacific Wildcat on Mrima Hill rare earths permit

    25 March 2015

    The Kenyan High Court has ruled against Toronto-listed Pacific Wildcat and its subsidiary, Cortec, in a long-running dispute over the granting of a mining licence for the Mrima Hill rare earths project under different rules in 2013. The permit was revoked following a government shake-up in 2013, and Pacific Wildcat has announced its intention to continue with the case.

  • PDAC 2015: Battery minerals an oasis in the mining desert

    20 March 2015

    Battery mineral companies happier than most as short term demand sources disputed.

  • 4,000 tpa NdFeB magnet facility takes shape in China

    20 March 2015

    A large JV NdFeB magnet factory is expected to enter production in June of this year, according to local Chinese news source. Magnets are expected by much of the rare earths industry to drive demand growth in the near future as the world looks to new technologies.

  • Lanxess suffers sales losses but realignment programme boosts EBITDA

    19 March 2015

    Lanxess's sales performance has suffered from market conditions in the rubber industry, but its realignment programme is enabling it to grow its EBITDA nonetheless. The first phase of its cost cutting was only the beginning, and the group has two more phases to implement before it believes it can start seeing the results in the rest of its business.

  • Molycorp registers further large losses but substantially reduces opex

    17 March 2015

    Whether or not Molycorp can continue to avoid bankruptcy is still under question in light of the company’s latest set of financial results. Another substantial loss, set against significant leveraging is continuing to make for fractious relationships with investors, though certain measures, including opex reduction efforts, now appear to be making a difference.

  • Orbite presses ahead with patents; installs HPA refractory system

    17 March 2015

    Orbite has been active in getting its red mud technology patented, with notices of allowance now received for both Canada and the United States.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 9 – 16 March

    16 March 2015

    Rare earths prices continue steady recovery; Commerce Resources updates pilot plant; Search Minerals identifies additional rare earths mineralisation areas in Labrador.

  • Chinese government ties up heavy rare earths in southern China

    16 March 2015

    The China South Rare Earth Group was officially founded today in Ganzhou in southern China’s Jiangxi province, which is the country’s main source of valuable heavy rare earths. The establishment of the state-owned holding company gives the Chinese government greater control over supply of the strategically important elements.

  • Debt extensions secured by rare earths miner Lynas Corp. as losses increase

    13 March 2015

    Loan extensions will aid Lynas over the coming years as it struggles to achieve profitability in a tough rare earths pricing environment. Rumoured price improvements and the apparent possibility of additional operational efficiencies may further help the company towards earnings growth.

  • Baotou City’s earnings dragged down by rare earths as Chinalco project moves ahead

    12 March 2015

    Weak prices for rare earths have eaten into the revenues of Baoutou’s biggest rare earths producer and made a hole in the region’s GDP, while China’s continuing emphasis on upping its heavy rare earths output has seen Chinalco’s Liutang project in Gunagxi progress unabated.

  • Chinese export data suggests dysprosium pricing uptick is overstated

    11 March 2015

    Data detailing the volume and value of rare earths exported from China may indicate that market excitement over dysprosium could, for now, be overenthusiastic. Similar upticks have been seen before, and only a sustained rise in value per unit mass over several months can confirm the magnet-related prices potential of the element.

  • China Rare Earth Industry Association calls for reform of production

    11 March 2015

    The China Rare Earth Industry Association has made a number of suggestions for regulation to deal with oversupply and illegal rare earth mining in China. The Association conceded that production quota policy is important but needs to be more attuned to market conditions.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 3 – 9 March

    09 March 2015

    Ucore acquires exclusive rights to rare earths processing technology; Hastings Rare Metals identifies 200 new potential ironstone targets at Yangibana; China continues to investigate illegal mining.

  • PDAC 2015: Battery minerals an oasis in the mining desert

    06 March 2015

    Most commodities are presently operating in a depressed market and financing environment. Lithium and graphite, and now to a lesser extent rare earths, are receiving interest that other minerals are not, owing to excitement in electric vehicles, grid storage solutions and high tech industries. However, even considering the extra attention, times are hard for battery mineral developers.

  • China announces 2015 rare earths industry policies

    04 March 2015

    The latest round of announcements from the Chinese government makes fresh pledges to reform the country’s rare earths sector, including a revision of production guidance and its approach to tackling illegal mining and environmental issues associated with the sector.

  • REM ups Bacanora stake to 15% but chairman declines interest in CEO position

    03 March 2015

    UK-listed speciality mineral investor Rare Earth Minerals Plc has increased its holding in Mexico-focused Bacanora as it pushes for more exposure to the revival of interest in lithium exploration.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 25 February – 2 March

    02 March 2015

    China’s Fanya launches rare earths contracts on Xiamen exchange; Geomega spins off R&D arm