Rare earths latest news

  • August 2015

    IM Rare Earths News in Brief 25 – 31 August

    31 August 2015

    Molycorp seeks court approval for incentive plans; Medallion to produce calcium phosphate by-product through rare earths extraction process.

  • Molycorp to mothball Mountain Pass rare earths mine

    26 August 2015

    The embattled US rare earths miner has put its Californian mining and processing facility on care and maintenance and said that how long it takes to reactivate the mine will depend in part on whether the US government decides to lend its support to a restart effort.

  • Pink-tailed worm-lizards clear the way for Alkane's Dubbo Zirconia Project

    26 August 2015

    The New South Wales Department of the Environment has given the DZP the go ahead, provided Alkane Resources mitigates the project's impact on the pink-tailed worm-lizard, which was identified at the site in 2001.

  • EU trade deal with Vietnam could increase rare earths smuggling

    25 August 2015

    FTA could grease trade for smuggled minerals; south China's heavy rare earths producers may skip controls.

  • Solvay to buy US rival Cytec for $5.5bn, swings to profit for Q2

    25 August 2015

    Cytec deal will build Belgian company's presence in mining chemicals as sales and currency put company back in the black.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 18 – 24 August

    24 August 2015

    Chinese rare earth exports double July 2014 figures; Frontier proposes TSX delisting.

  • Malaysia to tighten laws on mining to tackle pollution

    19 August 2015

    The Malaysian government will be making efforts to add more stick than carrot to its mining laws, as it carries out plans to tighten all mining operating licence conditions and enforce stricter controls in order to overcome pollution issues that arise from excavation activities.

  • Icelandic investor moves in on Tantalus Rare Earths

    18 August 2015

    Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson lost around $2bn of his estimated $3.5bn personal wealth in the collapse of the Icelandic banking bubble, but is now thought to be looking at mining, and at the African and rare earths sectors in particular via his UK-based private equity group, as his latest investment venture.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 11 – 17 August

    17 August 2015

    Nine in 10 Chinese rare earth producers making losses; successful six months at Batou; US DoE develops new rare earths recycling technology.

  • Lynas announces debt restructuring

    17 August 2015

    The rare earths company’s agreement with lenders over its ‘significant’ debt levels is a positive step forward for the company, which appears to be coping well despite tough conditions in the rare earths industry.

  • Consortium to sue Hitachi Metals over “product hopping” rare earth patent monopoly

    17 August 2015

    Patents are vitally important to the US import market, which is inaccessible without prior authorisation. Hitachi Metals has been accused of dominating the space by making small patent modifications to ensure contemporary legal enforceability.

  • Tianjin explosion may affect industrial minerals exports

    14 August 2015

    The blast which has left 50 people dead has disrupted the operations of iron ore exporters and Indian refractories manufacturer, IFGL Refractories, and could also affect trading of rare earths, graphite, metspar, kaolin and bentonite, among other minerals.

  • Fanya Exchange investors call for police investigation

    13 August 2015

    As chaos continues at the Fanya Metal Exchange in the Chinese city of Kunming, indium and germanium are at the heart of investor anxiety over the platform’s credibility, with rare earths, antimony, vanadium investors also facing losses.

  • Madras court rules clean slate for Tamil Nadu beach sand mining

    11 August 2015

    The companies at the heart of the beach sand mining case in southern India, VV Mineral Transworld Garnet, will be allowed to resubmit mining proposals once the government has provided them with a list of clarifications regarding their original plans – a move that could pave the way to a resumption of beach mining for rare earths, garnet and mineral sands in Tamil Nadu.

  • China’s Rare Earth Plus strategy to tackle industry scaling and product competition

    11 August 2015

    High-tech rare earth utilisation is still, broadly speaking, a Japanese, European and North American game. The Chinese government and the Baotou regional government are hoping that a large investment in the industry will allow the local regions to compete with the high end products in the rest of the world, in addition to providing higher profits and better-skilled jobs.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 4 – 10 August

    10 August 2015

    China’s MIIT to increase illegal mining scrutiny while the Ministry of Finance invests Rmb 458m in Ganzhou; Jien Mining receives Australian approval for Northern Minerals investment; US Rare Earths enters processing agreement.

  • EU free trade deal with Vietnam could increase Chinese rare earths smuggling

    07 August 2015

    Vietnam hosts a number of rich but largely undeveloped mineral resources and a new FTA with Europe is expected to see more resource investment flow into the country. One expert has warned that the deal could also ease the export passage of minerals smuggled from China.

  • Avalon receives continued listing standards notice from NYSE

    06 August 2015

    As in many other sectors, share prices, financing and earnings are struggling owing to low prices. A number of rare earths companies have received delisting notifications, and Avalon has now joined them.

  • Chalco to invest $64.4m in China Rare Earth Holdings

    04 August 2015

    The Chinese aluminium giant’s reasons for the investment remain unclear, but following months of declining prices, the cash injection may represent a more positive near-term outlook from Chalco.

  • Rio Tinto offers Australian juniors free laser tech for high quality mineral discoveries

    04 August 2015

    According to the Anglo-Australian mining company, exploration spend and drilling at both greenfield and brownfield sites has been declining over the past few years in Australia. To facilitate the discovery of the next major mineral discovery, Rio Tinto is offering laser mineral analysis technology at no cost to junior exploration companies.

  • Private equity shows little appetite for speciality minerals

    03 August 2015

    As an alternative source of finance for mining and exploration companies, private equity investment continues to strongly support mainstream metals. Its interest in speciality industrial minerals remains low, however.

  • IM Rare Earths News in Brief 28 July – 3 August

    03 August 2015

    Inner Mongolia export volumes rise as prices slump; MIIT announces new rare earths funding; Ossen Innovation regains compliance with NASDAQ listing requirements.