Receive comprehensive commentary and analysis on industry developments that investigate all aspects of the mine to market supply chain.

Detailed reports explore current and historical information to predict future trends, solve complex problems and evaluate new opportunities in the minerals sector.

Global Lithium Market: Five Year Strategic Outlook 

Global Lithium Market: Five Year Strategic Outlook offer independent data and views on the future market and price prospects for the global lithium market.

This comprehensive study includes coverage on 39 operations covering every key company in the lithium industry and examines the strategic growth opportunities for the global lithium market and reviews the future for lithium, including price and supply forecasts.

  The study looks at the following questions to offer factual insight into the industry:

     -  How can new technology and process trends give rise to new future supply e.g. Bolivia?
     -  How will changes in the supply-side determine the price forecast for lithium over the next five years?  
     -  Of the approximately 390 new projects planned, which new suppliers will realistically enter into the supply equation?     

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Graphite Market Outlook to 2021       


   The study looks at the following questions and aspects vital for your business intelligence:

   -  What price premium is expected for highly processed graphite such as spherical coated?
   -  Will battery market growth justify investment in process integration?  
   -  Will overcapacity in China be reduced?  
   -  Properties of graphite
   -  Extraction and processing
   -  Reserves and resources  
   -  Recycling

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