Rutile pricing news

  • Zircon market drops amid weaker fundamentals 19 September 2019

    The price of zircon is falling, but not yet as much, or as fast, as some market participants have forecast. Read More

  • Rutile price in Australia rises to highest for two years 20 May 2019

    Further constraints in the supply of rutile are pushing the price of the material in Australia to new long-term highs. Read More

  • PRICING NOTICE: Delayed publication of mineral sands prices 26 April 2019

    Fastmarkets published its mineral sands price assessments later than scheduled on Thursday April 25, because of a reporter error. Read More

  • Iluka resumes mining Sierra Leone operations, revises rutile guidance down further 31 October 2018

    The one-week strike at Iluka's Sierra Leone operations has caused Iluka to lower its rutile production guidance for the second time this year. Read More

  • Price Briefing: September 28 – October 4 05 October 2018

    Rutile price range narrows upwards while tight supply, strong demand continues; GLOBAL LITHIUM WRAP: Seaborne battery-grade lithium compound prices dip on slow consumption, falling offer prices; Diverging demand scenarios result in steady pricing for zircon in Q4; Chromite market quiet as fourth quarter begins; Antimony trioxide market unchanged over Golden Week. Read More

  • Rutile price range narrows upwards while tight supply, strong demand continues 04 October 2018

    Rutile prices have strengthened this week due to tightened supply and strong demand, resulting in a narrowing price spread. Read More

  • Base Resources reports rising mineral sand prices 28 August 2018

    Prices for ilmenite, rutile and zircon all strongly increased over the year to June 30, the miner reports, boosting profits 114%. Read More

  • TiO2 prices hold steady; market reaches equilibrium 10 August 2018

    But a looming feedstock shortage has sustained fears of further supply constraints to come in 2018. Read More

  • Iluka Q2 rutile, zircon output falls but rutile price rises 24 July 2018

    Iluka Resources' production of natural rutile and zircon fell in the second quarter from the first and was also down in the year to date against a backdrop of strong demand and higher prices. Read More

  • Price Briefing: June 29 - July 5 06 July 2018

    Sluggish demand, cheaper material weigh on China’s battery-grade lithium carbonate prices; Haicheng government set to dismantle polluting MgO kilns, but magnesia prices steady for now; European titanium dioxide prices down under heavy imports; Fluorspar market split on extent of China's environmental controls; Producers see higher soda ash prices on strong demand; Rutile prices increase, Tronox to cease external rutile, leucoxene sales by 2018 end; Silicon carbide production shutdowns in China push up European refractory prices; Have zircon prices peaked? Global antimony trioxide markets weaken, European prices stable Read More

  • Rutile prices increase, Tronox to cease external rutile, leucoxene sales by 2018 end 05 July 2018

    Continued supply tightness has pushed rutile prices higher in the third quarter, while Tronox announces it will cease rutile and leucoxene supply to external markets. Read More

  • Price Briefing: June 8-14 15 June 2018

    Buyers, sellers expect tightness to boost Q3 rutile prices; No movement on Chinese soda ash price despite restored supply sources; PRICING NOTICE: Proposal to discontinue micronised zircon, zircon opacifiers, zircon flour, and fused zirconia prices; Chinese magnesia export market stagnant, prices unchanged; Zircon price increases confirmed for Q3, with range set to widen; PRICING NOTICE: Proposal to discontinue kaolin prices Read More

  • Buyers, sellers expect tightness to boost Q3 rutile prices 14 June 2018

    Continued supply tightness is set to push prices higher in the third quarter, with multiple market participants predicting upward pressure on the market. Read More

  • IM's May Price Movements IM May - June 2018

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • IM's March Price Movements IM April 2018

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • Price Briefing March 23 - April 5 06 April 2018

    Tightening supply gives zircon, rutile prices a boost as Q2 gets underway; PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of wollastonite prices; Chinese lithium market remains slow but prices rise globally; Low-grade magnesia prices fall while stocks rise; Foundry chromite prices strengthen; chemical grade stable; PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of sulphur prices Read More

  • Tightening supply gives zircon, rutile prices a boost as Q2 gets underway 06 April 2018

    Continued supply tightness pushed zircon prices higher heading into the second quarter of 2018, with rutile prices also benefiting from similar market conditions. Read More

  • IM's February Price Movements 27 February 2018

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • IM's January Price Movements 01 February 2018

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • Pricing notice: Christmas schedule 19 December 2017

    Industrial Minerals will be closed from December 25 until January 1 in observance of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Read More

  • Pricing notice: Proposal to discontinue ilmenite grades, launch new price 11 December 2017

    Industrial Minerals will extend its consultation period for the discontinuation of three grades of ilmenite and the launch of a new price for 47-49% TiO2 ilmenite concentrate. Read More

  • IM's November Price Movements IM October-November 2017

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • Price briefing 6 - 12 October 13 October 2017

    European fused magnesia prices rise further after Chinese prices extended the rally after holidays; Andalusite supply contracts expected to be shorter, costlier; Antimony trioxide prices dip over Golden Week; Higher Chinese prices push up European silicon carbide market; Zircon, ilmenite price rise as rutile makes moderate gains; Chinese TiO2 producers raise prices in October as buyers scramble for limited supply Read More

  • Zircon, ilmenite price rise as rutile makes moderate gains 12 October 2017

    Zircon consumers continue to feel the pain of tight supply while ilmenite prices have risen again and rutile stabilized after earlier gains this month. Read More

  • IM's September Price Movements IM September 2017

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • IM's July Price Movements IM July-August 2017

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • Price Briefing 7 -13 July 14 July 2017

    End-of refrigerant season fails to pressure Chinese fluorspar prices; Chemical-grade chromite falls to 14-month low; Production cost spike could lift fused alumina prices; Ilmenite prices dip; Lomon Billions lifts profit forecast on rising TiO2 prices; Chinese soda ash exports hit multi-month high in May while India extends its soda ash anti-dumping duty to 2018. Read More

  • Price Briefing 23-29 June 30 June 2017

    Bauxite and antimony trioxide prices moved down this week while iodine prices inched upwards. Meanwhile ilmenite and rutile markets remained unchanged. Read More

  • Ilmenite outlook no clearer despite more optimism 29 June 2017

    Ilmenite traders eye looming Chinese capacity losses, while welding powder producers fear Stradbroke shutdown which will take around 35,000 tonnes of rutile out of the market by 2020. Read More

  • Price briefing 2-8 June 09 June 2017

    Ilmenite price ranges widened on buyer-reluctance, as rutile remained unchanged; chromite price stable; silicon carbide spreads tighten; APMDC gear up for baryte tender; fluorspar producers outside China plan price increase; India soda ash prices rise amid shipping delay; antimony trioxide prices soften Read More

  • Ilmenite delivers mixed signals while rutile prices pause 08 June 2017

    Spreads widened on ilmenite prices to China while rutile markets held unchanged amid little reported trading activity. Read More

  • Price briefing 26 May - 1 June 02 June 2017

    Strict anti-pollution controls in China continue to impact bauxite production, lifting prices; while rising raw material costs support white fused alumina; rutile prices registered small gain, ilmenite holds firm; andalusite supply in 2017 to fall; barytes fell amid global oversupply; aluminium trifluoride value spike on higher fluorspar prices Read More

  • Ilmenite holds firm, rutile welding price rises 02 June 2017

    Welding grade rutile prices have strengthened this week on tighter supply in the market, while ilmenite remains stable amid strong demand. Read More

  • Price briefing 19-25 May 26 May 2017

    Mineral sands producer Iluka raised zircon prices; while ilmenite and rutile prices held firm; China Southern Rare Earth Group Co. unveiled another round of price hike; Magnesia prices unchanged as Chinese government sets new environmental standards; Galaxy Resources complete 2016 offtake spodumene sales Read More

  • Ilmenite, rutile prices hold firm 25 May 2017

    Titanium dioxide feedstock materials ilmenite and rutile saw no changes to prices over the past week. Read More

  • Price briefing 5-11 May 12 May 2017

    Prices were mixed across a number of industrial minerals markets, with anti-pollution related production shutdowns lifting prices for antimony trioxide, while Chinese fluorspar prices also continue to rise. Amid prices surging over the past months, fluorspar market participants have urged caution amid supply and demand uncertainty. Rutile and titanium dioxide prices have also increased. In contrast, chemical-grade chromite prices have slumped. Read More

  • Rutile prices rise in China as ilmenite market pauses 11 May 2017

    Rutile prices have risen to almost US$900/t CIF China as demand for TiO2 pigment runs high as coating season gets under full swing in Europe and the US. Read More

  • Titanium dioxide prices continue to trend upwards 13 March 2017

    Supply tightness, higher raw materials costs and increasing demand for the mineral as a result of higher end market activity are continuing to push up prices for TiO2. Read More

  • Price briefing 3-9 March 10 March 2017

    Magnesia held unchanged, as brown fused alumina and titanium dioxide prices increased while iodine remained stable. Read More

  • Base Resources reports H2 2016 profit as TiO2 strengthens 28 February 2017

    Increases in prices and demand for titanium dioxide in the second half of 2016 drove ilmenite sales and prices for Base Resources. The company expects further improvements in mineral sands prices throughout 2017. Read More

  • Iluka revenue declines, insists market improving 24 February 2017

    Despite a weaker financial performance in 2016, the mineral sands producer focused on the future, with hopes that 2017 might mark an upswing in its markets. Read More

  • Price Briefing 27 January - 2 February 03 February 2017

    Industrial minerals prices were unchanged this week during the Chinese New Year holiday where the country is shut. The graphite market in Europe remained largely stable despite the scrapping of Chinese export duties from January. Read More

  • Price Briefing 4-9 November 11 November 2016

    The TiO2 industry sees improving demand, chromite prices continue their weekly increases amid firm demand and lithium buyers expressed frustration as producers hike annual contract rates. Read More

  • Price Briefing 7-13 October 2016 14 October 2016

    Chinese-origin bauxite and fused alumina spot prices gained and chemical grade chromite tags rose on tight supply. while metspar prices fell and 2017 lithium contract talks continued to stall. Read More

  • Price Briefing 9-16 September 2016 16 September 2016

    Mineral sands prices moved up on increased activity in titanium dioxide and tighter supply from China; antimony trioxide continues to rise on the back of strength in antimony metal; suppliers of chemical grade chrome ore have raised their quotes further but the degree of acceptance from the market remains to be seen. Read More

  • Rutile and ilmenite prices increase 16 September 2016

    Increased activity in titanium dioxide and tighter supply from China is edging up mineral sands prices. Read More

  • Price Briefing 2-8 September 2016 09 September 2016

    Mongolia fluorspar producers secured higher 2017 contract prices, antimony trioxide spot prices continued to climb, chromite suppliers raised their offers amid firm demand, while titanium dioxide (TiO2) feedstock ilmenite prices gained. Read More

  • Price briefing 19-25 August 2016 26 August 2016

    Trading remains quiet in iodine and graphite as prices edge down further, while some fused alumina production is resuming in China following weeks of shutdown. Market activities are expected to increase in the coming weeks as the European holiday season comes to an end. Read More

  • Kenmare H1 revenue falls on low mineral sands prices 24 August 2016

    While a large number of contracts were signed towards the end of 2015 for H1 2016 resulting in lower prices throughout the first half of the year, Kenmare said tightening ilmenite supply was starting to give way to higher prices as it looks to secure contracts for the second half of the year. Read More

  • China's TiO2 producers issue ninth price hike 05 August 2016

    Titanium dioxide producers in China have announced another price hike, the ninth this year. Read More

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