Soda ash features

  • October 2010

    Glass loses its shine

    26 October 2010

    One of the first markets to be dramatically impacted by the financial downturn, the glass industry slowly starts cracking the window to recovery in Europe but pre-crisis levels are still far away

  • August 2010

    Ukraine’s gift and curse

    23 August 2010

    Some of Europe’s richest mineral resources lie in the middle of an energy resources super-highway from Russia into Europe. This route has given Ukraine an abundance of cheap gas that has underpinned its economy. It is an asset that has attracted many, and one that could be its undoing

  • July 2010

    Pharma-minerals focus

    27 July 2010

    The versatility of non-metallic minerals ensures they remain central to pharmaceuticals developments

  • May 2010

    Soda ash survival

    25 May 2010

    The global downturn caused the soda ash market to crash from an all time high. Roger Pechey reviews what happened and suggests the emerging period of recovery might force some uncomfortable restructuring in the supply sector

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