Soda ash latest news

  • January 2015

    Poyry to engineer EnPro soda ash plant in Norway

    30 January 2015

    EnPro plans to convert waste product from the Kollsnes LNG plant and use it in soda ash production- both cutting carbon emissions at the plant and meeting what it says is a growing demand for the mineral.

  • FMC rumoured to be in final talks on soda ash sale

    29 January 2015

    FMC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of soda ash and last year posted good results on the back of positive optimisation and higher sales in this sector. All eyes will be peeled this week to see if the sale of the unit will be adding to the capacity of one of its competitors, or be managed by a private equity firm new to the industry.

  • €9.5bn EU glass industry still robust market for industrial minerals

    23 January 2015

    FEVE says that while glass may be regarded as an “old-fashioned” industry, it continues to attract major investment, offers unique recycling opportunities and is very resilient in terms of supply and demand.

  • Volume stats show mixed fortunes for European dry bulk ports

    22 January 2015

    Runcorn and Riga saw a rise in soda ash and fertiliser imports last year, while Rotterdam recorded a slight fall in overall dry bulk volumes, suggesting Europe’s raw material demand is still patchy.

  • ISACC’s Saudi soda ash plant powers ahead with fuel approval

    15 January 2015

    The renewal of its fuel allocation means that ISACC, which is developing the soda ash and calcium chloride plant for local company InoChem, remains on track to open the facility in 2018 and become a significant MENA supplier.

  • Ethiopia suspends issuance of exploration licences pending Chinese survey

    14 January 2015

    The East African country has fended off claims that giving China exclusive access to the geology in southwest Ethiopia will give Chinese mining firms an unfair advantage over miners from other countries, arguing that the results of the bilateral survey will boost development in the nation’s resource sector.

  • EU antidumping to boost European glass fibre market

    08 January 2015

    European fibreglass producers have welcomed the restrictions on Chinese imports, which they believe undercut prices and undermine European industries, while industrial mineral producers serving this market also stand to benefit from customer diversification.