Critical Materials for Green Energy 2011

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Redefining Mining 
    Simon Moores, Industrial Minerals, UK
    COMMENT: Miners need to think like chemists to get a grip on the green energy revolution

Growing Pains 
    Jaakko Kooroshy, Chatham House, UK
    COMMENT: Niche industries play catch up with rapid adoption of new technologies

What does green mean today? 
    Luka Erceg, Simbol Materials, USA
A lack of standards to define environmental credentials threatens to undermine the truly green players

Vertical integration of yesteryear looms 
    Jason Burkitt, PricewaterhouseCoopers, London
    A look at the returning trend of vertical integration that is seeing downstream players acquiring strategic raw material sources

The rise of Chinese lithium
    Wang Xiaoshen, Ganfeng Lithium, China  
   How China is expanding its lithium industry and moving towards high value exports

Serbian jadarite under focus
    Various Authors, Rio Tinto Minerals, USA
    Rio Tinto Minerals outlines plans to commercialise lithium production from the newly discovered mineral jadarite.

Battery Bounce for lithium and vanadium 
    Dudley Kingsnorth, IMCOA, and Christopher Reed, Reed Resources, Australia
Lithium and vanadium rise as economies move from fossil fuels to battery technology
Lithium's long game
    INTERVIEW: Rincon Lithium’s general manager Mike Tamlin on why he believes only a fraction of new producers will begin production and how even less will be profitable

The chemistry behind lithium-ion batteries
    Various Authors, FMC Corp., USA
Exploring the wide variety of lithium based cathodes that will power EV batteries

Qatar to unlock EVs with LNG blueprint 
    Lithium-ion batteries and electric cars the next targets as Qatar looks to emulate its liquified natural gas success

WTO is no quick fix 
    Mark Watts, Industrial Minerals, UK
    World Trade Organization is no short term solution to the global rare earths supply crisis

Rare earth processing 101
    Various Authors, Kidela Capital Group, USA
    A review of the complex processing of rare earths

Rare earths rising in Australia 
    Industrial Minerals' Mark Watts interviews Steve Ward, MD of emerging rare earths producer, Arafura Resources

China refocuses on lithium-ion domination
    Simon Moores, Industrial Minerals, UK
    Chinese graphite miners evolve to gain upper hand on the Japanese and South Korean lithium-ion battery industries 

Natural graphite faces battle for Li-ion's share 
    Simon Moores, Industrial Minerals, UK
    SPHERICAL GRAPHITE: Debate is increasing over suitable graphite to use the EV batteries. The rising cost of natural flake graphite is giving rise to made-made alternatives

Changing trades 
    INTERVIEW: A Q&A with European graphite trader Georg H. Luh GmbH on how the business has changed drastically over the last decade in the wake of increased Asian competition and emerging uses.