There are many periodicals related to the mining and minerals industry, however, Industrial Minerals is the only magazine focused purely on covering the global non-metallic minerals industry.

Since its inception under the stewardship of Peter Rowbotham in October 1967, Industrial Minerals (IM) has been unrivalled in its pursuit, research, and writing on the international non-metallic minerals industry. As such, its in-depth articles and news reporting are recognised by the industry as being the authoritative source of market information for industrial minerals.

IM was born out of Metal Bulletin’s coverage of mineral sands in the late 1960s which, in addition to metals, ores and steel, covered the mineral sands trade and published an occasional column on non-metallic minerals.
Trevor Tarring MBE, ex-Chairman of Metal Bulletin plc, (then Metals Editor) takes up the story:

IM was actually conceived in 1962. In those days Metal Bulletin was very active covering the ups and downs of mineral sands prices as part of its ores coverage. I remember my late father being very pleased that the Board had agreed to launch a new title to fan out from this base to cover all the non-metallic minerals. Unfortunately, not long after, he entered a terminal illness, so I was doubly busy and the IM project went on the back burner.

It was revived in 1966 for a 1967 launch. The leading question was who would edit it. Luckily my then right hand man was Peter Rowbotham who jumped at the chance. The blueprint we gave him still had quite a strong focus on prices, in the Metal Bulletin mould. But Peter said ‘Facts, Trevor. That’s what they want, facts’. This has certainly proved a good recipe down the years. It was also the basis for IM showing the Metal Bulletin group the way into the conference business

Serving the world’s industry

“Serving the world’s minerals industry” was the title of the first issue’s Comment which introduced IM to the world in 1967. Here are some extracts from that first leader by Peter Rowbotham, explaining the role and rationale of the then new title:


Industrial minerals deserve far greater attention
Minerals are very broadly divisible into fuels, metals, and “other”, and it is just as vital to identify, and if possible, anticipate developments in the “others” – the industrial minerals – as it is for the fuels or metals. The impression that has been fostered in the past by, amongst other things, the absence of a central trade paper for the industry, is a rag bag of unimportant commodities. While not yet quite the equal of the fuels or metallic minerals either in volume or value of production, the industrial minerals deserve far greater attention as a group hitherto.

Providing a focus
Basic statistical and factual data – which for metals and fuels may be had almost for the asking – has not hitherto been available from one source and coverage of news in the field has required an armful of mining and chemicals papers. It is to provide a focus for all this information that “Industrial Minerals” has been created.


Uniquely, emphasis will be on marketing significance
Honest and unbiased comment on topics of major importance will be offered, claming as our justification for so doing the role of the “onlooker who sees most of the game”. Uniquely, the emphasis will be on news of marketing significance.

Industrial Minerals will, we hope, help actual and potential producers of minerals to plan for the future with a better understanding of the markets they serve, while those concerned with their industrial uses will, inter alia, be better able to grasp the significance of the myriad developments which can exert an influence on supply and demand."

Peter Rowbotham, IM October 1967, Issue no.1



The onlooker that sees most of the game
On reviewing these words in the first issue, we feel that over the decades IM has resolutely stuck to its original task of being “the onlooker that sees most of the game”, and has been a source of valuable information to the industrial minerals community with emphasis on “news of marketing significance”. 







Recent issue of IM

Our aim is simple and unchanged from the start: to ensure that IM continues to provide timely and premium market information to the industry, while looking to improve our services at all times, and using the latest media technology most appropriate fashion to this end.


Today, IM employs a highly qualified and dedicated team of editorial, sales, marketing, and events staff. Editorial, sales, marketing, and events staff are based in London.

Supporting and complementing the publications, IM’s focused events provide a unique forum for all aspects of the industry to come together. Few, if any, organisations match our events for delegate calibre, organisation, and functionality.

publications combine directly with IM events as a package to underpin the IM business and its revenue earning potential.

List of IM Editors

Peter Rowbotham

1967 - 1970

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Siobhan Lismore-Scott

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