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  • Quirk boasts Freeport's culture, innovation, AI, embrace of agile way of working MMM November - December 2021

    Kathleen Quirk, the president and chief financial officer of US copper producer Freeport-McMoRan, stresses teamwork and the strength of her colleagues in discussing her career with Andrea Hotter. Read More

  • The peaks and troughs of Eurasian mining IM May - June 2019

    Turkey is the standout performer in Eurasia’s industrial minerals industry but its economic recession is affecting the wider region. Rose Pengelly looks at what neighboring countries are doing to boost their domestic mining sectors. Read More

  • On the way up: Industrial minerals in India IM March 2018

    India has recorded economic growth of around 7% per year in the past three years. But while it has significant resources of some of the most widely used industrial minerals, this sector has shown only modest growth, as Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh discovers. Read More

  • Growth markets for new fertilisers IM March 2015

    As a raft of new sulphur deficiency-addressing fertilisers hit the international market, James Sean Dickson, Reporter, examines the reasons for their emergence, and the future of the specialist crop nutrient industry. Read More

  • Feeding the world: the future role for minerals IM March 2015

    As the global population continues to expand rapidly, there is a growing need to increase crop production. Frank Hart* examines the role minerals can play in achieving this goal. Read More

  • Is there any room for additional fertiliser supply? IM August 2014

    Owing to its solid long term fundamentals, producers and juniors have been developing new fertiliser projects. But with recent developments, lower prices and uncertain demand, this is not a race that all will finish. Read More

  • Short-term sulphur oversupply on the horizon IM August 2013

    Supply growing is faster than demand, driven by oil and gas markets; balance depends on fertiliser demand growth Read More

  • Price Briefing: Shaky fundamentals felt in minerals markets as economy wobbles June 2012

    With bearish headlines flashing across screens this month it would be logical to come to the conclusion that all markets, minerals ones included, were failing. Read More

  • Sulphuric acid sweetened by fertile market outlook April 2010

    Negative prices, fertiliser demand slump and reduced copper production all soured the sulphuric acid market last year. But 2010 promises to be a tale of cautious recovery Read More

  • Forgotten fertiliser March 2010

    As government attention turns to kick starting shattered economies, global food security and the role of fertiliser minerals is put on the back burner Read More

  • Brazil’s rise to recovery January 2010

    Brazil leads the South American economies out of recession, with particular focus on developing its fertiliser minerals market and rejuvenating mineral exploitation with a new Mining Law for 2011 Read More

  • Minerals in waste remediation August 2009 issue

    With a shift in US environment policy and a global push for a cleaner environment, George Hawley reviews the potential of minerals in waste disposal Read More

  • Sulphur feels weight of oversupply August 2009 issue

    From the times of unprecedented sky high demand in 2008, sulphur production has once again plummeted into excess and oversupply. But for the by-product mineral from oil and gas refining, severe shortages could well be the long term norm by Alexandra Feytis, Assistant Editor Read More

  • Minerals for carbon dioxide sequestration June 2009 issue

    Minerals key to locking emissions: George Hawley examines the use of industrial minerals in capturing carbon dioxide emissions Read More

  • Fertiliser loses its mineral appetite April issue 2009

    A review of the fertiliser minerals sector reveals how, since a record breaking 2008, producers are reacting to a severe slowdown in demand and the impact this has on future expansion plans by Simon Moores, Senior Assistant Editor Read More

  • Sun rises on China's fluorochemicals November Issue 2007

    Unlike the sun, continuing enforcement of the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols causes fluorochemical production to fall in the west and rise in the east Read More

  • Industrial minerals: a generation of change October Issue 2007

    In marking IM's 40th anniversary, Peter Harben examines how the industry has evolved over the last forty years and what the future holds for a new generation of industry players. Read More

  • Feeding the hungry Dragon & Tiger October Issue 2007

    Ian Hanks examines why ASEAN countries are well positioned to supply minerals to Asia's industrial growth markets, as well as emerging as a potential replacement of Chinese and Indian supply for certain industrial minerals to North American and European markets. Read More

  • Hardly gold dust May Issue 2007

    Freight Market Report: NOT A REFERENCE to the extravagant rates in the freight market but at this time of the year huge swaths of yellow dust swirl from the deserts of Mongolia across northern China, down the Korean peninsula enveloping both south and north Korea; after a mild winter experts believe 2007 could be the worst on record. To address this China, Korea and Japan have been meeting to help Mongolia to create a green belt across the Gobi desert and are giving $1.2 m. to promote forestation. Now in the second quarter, Capesize Owners can look back to the start of the year with huge satisfaction: the BCI soared to over 8000 points an increase of 2000 since early January – owing to a 23.4% rise at 100.2mt in first quarter Chinese imports on 2006, and massive congestion. Read More

  • Pyrites v Sulphur March Issue 2007

    Production of sulphur from traditional sources of naturally mined sulphur and pyrites is holding on by a thread. Captured sulphur from hydrocarbons is the new dominant source, and with rapidly increasing production, oversupply may be on the horizon. Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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