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  • Indian mining: Stuck in the slow lane IM October - November 2019

    Frustration at the lack of progress in India’s mining sector was simmering at the annual FIMI meeting in Delhi in September. Sunder Singh discovers how many in the industry believe that, far from advancing, mineral production in India is going backwards. Read More

  • Whiter than white? Global talc developments IM March 2018

    China is still the world’s largest producer of talc but its influence after 50 years of dominating high-quality white talc is starting to wane, UK consultant Ian Wilson discovers. Read More

  • On the way up: Industrial minerals in India IM March 2018

    India has recorded economic growth of around 7% per year in the past three years. But while it has significant resources of some of the most widely used industrial minerals, this sector has shown only modest growth, as Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh discovers. Read More

  • Processing: Going green IM July-August 2017

    Although the number of industrial minerals covered by IM is far reaching and the technology required for their production often varies by sector, the mining industry is seeing increasing calls for corporate social responsibility and greener technology, particularly in light of the growing role renewable energy has to play in the everyday lives of consumers. Read More

  • When the lights go out IM July-August 2016

    At its peak in 2008, oil (WTI) was trading at $140/bbl, which in turn pushed up the price of natural gas. The high price of fuel prompted investment in alternative energy supply, with countries looking to become self-sufficient, at least in part. Now, Cameron Perks, IM Correspondent, details how Australia has moved to diversify its supply mix and what this means for oilfield mineral markets. Read More

  • Ontario’s mineral sector: “Enriching the future” IM March 2016

    Home to some of the world’s leading mining technology specialists, Ontario has long been at the forefront of the modern mining industry. Michael Gravelle, Ontario’s Minister of Northern Development and Mines, outlines how the province is working to reinforce its status as a global mining destination. Read More

  • Indian talc: Moving up the value chain IM November 2015

    Home to some of the largest and purest talc reserves in the world, India has the potential to tap into growing markets for higher grade forms of the mineral. Sunder Singh, IM Correspondent, gives an overview of the industry and its major players and reports how some have invested in the technology needed to increase the value of their products. Read More

  • Global talc production and markets IM July August 2015

    Growth in the plastics industry is helping to drive expansion in talc markets, particularly for high purity material used in making lightweight, high performing components for automobiles. Ian Wilson, Consultant, gives an overview of worldwide talc production and consumption and examines some of the key trends shaping the industry. Read More

  • Coatings turn to new products IM April 2015

    Changes in regulation and customer preference are driving the emergence of exciting new products in the coatings industry, but behind the headlines many producers are concerned about weaknesses in key consuming sectors. Read More

  • Australia: End of the mining gloom? IM December 2014

    The downturn of the global “commodities supercyle” and slowing raw material demand in China has been felt keenly in Australia’s resources sector. But while proponents of Australian mining admit the industry isn’t quite as mighty as it used to be, they say that there are still plenty of reasons to be positive Down Under, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor and Laura Syrett, Prices Editor, discover. Read More

  • SUPPLY SITUATION REPORT: In the driving seat: talc demand looks to automobile market IM December 2013

    Paper has traditionally been driving the market for talc, but as Kasia Patel discusses, other markets such as in automobiles and construction are looking up Read More

  • Cracks on the surface? IM May 2013

    The ceramics industry may have suffered on the back of bearish demand and flagging construction, but the sector’s major players are eyeing BRIC markets, while making expansions and acquisitions in far flung corners of the world, as Siobhan Lismore, Editor, discovers Read More

  • Looking for the right mineral filler for plastics February 2013 issue

    Fillers were first introduced into the plastics industry as a cost-saving device. But, as Ajay Kulshreshtha discovers, their myriad properties perhaps should be more correctly focused on improving performance and driving innovation Read More

  • End User Focus: Cutting edge minerals January Issue 2013

    Medical applications for minerals might not be the main market driving factor or the biggest consideration for producers, but speciality applications in the medical industry are undeniably important for our everyday lives and advances in healthcare Read More

  • IM 2012 Round-ups: Talc January Issue 2013

    2012 saw the declining use of talc as a filler in the paper industry more than offset by good growth of the use of talc in polymers, especially for automobile parts. Read More

  • The emergence of Afghanistan as a significant talc supplier September 2012

    Ian Wilson, consultant, UK, takes a look at the Asian talc market and discusses the sources of new talc in the market, including Afghanistan, where high-quality white talc is being exported to all continents, and even some to China. Read More

  • End User Focus: Talc in coated paper August 2012

    We often hear our bosses talking about working in a paperless office. Yet everyone knows that no office can ever be completely paperless. It is hard to conceive of any life without paper, whether in the office or at home. Since its invention, paper has become inseparable from our daily lives. Closely connected to the cultural development of mankind, it can be considered a socio economic indicator of any nation. Read More

  • End User Focus: Playing ceramic catch-up July 2012

    There are three main sectors for production of ceramics in the world: porcelain/tableware, sanitaryware and tiles. In all of these markets, China is the world’s leading producer and consumer and it is just the global ceramic tiles sector that will be considered in the following. Read More

  • Price Briefing: Shaky fundamentals felt in minerals markets as economy wobbles June 2012

    With bearish headlines flashing across screens this month it would be logical to come to the conclusion that all markets, minerals ones included, were failing. Read More

  • Indian ceramics eye new heights May 2012

    India’s ceramics industry has emerged as a modern, world-class sector, ready to take on global competition. Consultant Ajay Kulshreshtha outlines the country’s main ceramic producers and raw material sources Read More

  • Volume cost in plastics applications July 2011

    Mineral fillers are widely used in the plastics industry to enhance polymer properties and reduce ingredient costs. But, as Siddartha Roy demonstrates, over-use of fillers can be a false economy Read More

  • Talc in transition July 2011

    As the market recovers, driven by Asian growth potential, the corporate landscape of the talc industry is undergoing significant change with the sale of the two leading talc players Luzenac Group and Mondo Minerals Read More

  • End User Focus: China’s sanitaryware dominance continues May 2011

    In just over 25 years, China’s sanitaryware industry has grown more than 2,000% to 174.1m. pieces. Eileen Hao and Ian Wilson outline the country’s main producers and examine growth challenges for the future Read More

  • China’s talc challenge February 2011

    Raw material availability and low cost prices have been the cornerstones in developing China’s talc industry for the last 30 years. However, these benefits are now weakening. Dr Jia Xiu Zhuang, one of China’s foremost talc experts, examines the challenges facing Chinese talc, and recommends solutions for its future prosperity Read More

  • Pharma-minerals focus August 2010

    The versatility of non-metallic minerals ensures they remain central to pharmaceuticals developments Read More

  • India enters a deciding decade August 2010

    After designing a symbol for the rupee, India has joined the ranks of only a handful of countries with a currency icon. This is in preparation for the ten years in which, the country believes, it will become an economic superpower. The mining industry, including refractory and white minerals, is central to this plan Read More

  • Set for heavy loads July 2010

    Mineral fillers keep pace with plastic product requirements as demand grows, including applications with higher loadings Read More

  • Minerals realise pipe dream November 2009

    Liu Yingjun reviews the growing consumption of minerals in plastics and how they are playing a key role in reducing the consumption of oil Read More

  • Chinese recovery on green light September 2009

    Export trade issues appear to have little impact on positive signs for China’s economic recovery and good market prospects for certain minerals. These and other topics are up for discussion at IM’s 8th Chinese Industrial Minerals Conference in Qingdao, 7-9 September Read More

  • The global talc industry in 2009 September 2009

    Sorted for plastics: as talc’s filler use in paper continues to decrease, Ian Wilson discovers how the mineral’s role in polymers and cars looks set to drive the future market Read More

  • Filler minerals: Auto doom & gloom stalls market April issue 2009

    IM reports on the 4th High Performance Fillers for Polymer Composites conference, held 4-5 March 2009 in Barcelona, Spain, covering market outlook, new filler grades, plus developments in nanofillers and mineral processing by Jessica Roberts, Assistant Editor Read More

  • China minerals outlook: the Dragon has turned April issue 2009

    China has switched to domestic demand priority status. Those relying on Chinese mineral exports should now be seeking alternative sources. Here we examine how China’s mineral industry has changed tack, its impact on world markets, how it will cope with the recession, and spotlight on barytes, bauxite, fluorspar, magnesite, paper minerals, and rare earths Read More

  • Minerals' plastic future November Issue 2008

    Innovations are expanding markets for mineral use in plastics, demand for which is forecast to rise in the long term. Alison Russell reviews trends in plastics usage and end markets, and industrial mineral consumption Read More

  • Functional Fillers 2008 November Issue 2008

    A report on the 16th Functional Fillers conference organised by Intertech-Pira, held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on 22-24 September 2008, and comprised 16 papers spread over four sessions, plus optional seminars on plastic fillers selection and flame retardants. Read More

  • Chinese ceramics seek southern comfort October Issue 2008

    China's need for ceramics raw materials is increasing. The response from southern sources is examined Read More

  • A minerals passage to India August issue 2008

    As the word continues to seek a passage into India's industrial minerals industry, the country has continued to strengthen through domestic expansions and international acquisitions. Read More

  • Afghanistan: Revival & redevelopment June Issue 2008

    Major redevelopment projects in Afghanistan are placing large demands on the minerals industry, which is struggling to keep pace. Clive Mitchell and Antony Benham report on the revival of the country’s industrial minerals industry Read More

  • Lorda sits tight June Issue 2008

    As Spain looks to rebuild its construction industry, how are Catalan processers, Lorda Y Roig SA, staying a float on this downward market? Kwok W Wan, Assistant Editor, paid a visit to find out. Read More

  • Serving China's ceramics May Issue 2008

    China's ceramics production has increased rapidly to meet domestic and export market demand, and is now the largest consumer of ceramic raw materials.  Robert Baylis and Eileen Hao track mineral supply and demand in this growth sector as domestic mineral producers get close to (and often match) specifications for higher quality ceramic products. Read More

  • Asian mineral pigments on a roll March Issue 2008

    Driven by development and growth of certain paper grades and fibre use, mineral demand in Asian papermaking is forecast to rise significantly. Tony Noon examines the current and projected demand for mineral pigments by the paper industry in Asia Read More

  • The long and the short of it February Issue 2008

    Flawed arguments dog asbestos identification: It’s an issue that continues to hound the industrial minerals market; talc and vermiculite have suffered in recent years. Fifteen years after OSHA ruled that common cleavage fragments ought not to be treated as asbestos, confusion and misinformation persists. John Kelse sets out the facts for nonasbestiform amphiboles, reviews recent cases, and warns against unreasoned decision-making Read More

  • At large in Liaoning January Issue 2008

    Delegates on the CIMC 2007 Field Trip visited some of China’s key magnesia, talc, refractories, and port operations Read More

  • Highly loaded papers in Hungary November Issue 2007

    Roger Rothon reports on what was seen and heard at Eurofillers 2007, held in Zalakaros, Hungary Read More

  • Feeding the hungry Dragon & Tiger October Issue 2007

    Ian Hanks examines why ASEAN countries are well positioned to supply minerals to Asia's industrial growth markets, as well as emerging as a potential replacement of Chinese and Indian supply for certain industrial minerals to North American and European markets. Read More

  • Nigeria's hidden treasures October Issue 2007

    Following mismanagement and corruption, the government has stepped up its pursuit for economic reform and exploitation of mineral wealth by declaring 2007 as “Minerals and Mines Year” implementing new legislation that could make Nigeria a promising new mining destination Read More

  • Minerals of Italy August Issue 2007

    A significant processor of domestic minerals and overseas mineral sources, particularly ceramics and paper, Ian Wilson, examines how Italy’s minerals industry has survived and grown through high quality grades and consolidation Read More

  • Texan talc tale August Issue 2007

    OFTEN OVERLOOKED when discussing talc sources of the USA, are the grey or black talc deposits of west Texas, famous for traditionally supplying the regional ceramics industry. Read More

  • Talking talc July Issue 2007

    Global talc outlook is healthy but a shortage of high grade talc means the search for alternative sources is on. Read More

  • Will China stay cheap? July Issue 2007

    THE WORLD OF industrial minerals has become dominated by, and highly dependant on China. In almost every sector, Chinese minerals have become the price and quality base line. In the last decade, China’s exports and minerals production have metamorphosed from basic ‘raw material production’ using very simplistic methods, to ever more production and export of processed minerals. This progression has had profound effects and implications for producers, processors and consumers worldwide. Read More

  • Greece is the word April Issue 2007

    Greece continues to hold leading positions in world magnesite, bentonite, perlite, and pumice production and exports. The country is also the leading producer of bauxite in the EU and a dominant player in the global cement market. Kiki Hatzilazaridou and Ioannis Marantos of IGME review the industry’s status, developments, and outlook Read More

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