TiO2/Zircon pricing news

  • December 2016

    Chemours announces Q1 titanium dioxide price hikes

    15 December 2016

    Following Q1 price hikes by a number of pigment producers, Chemours is the latest to announce planned price increases for TiO2 grades outside of North America in February.

  • Prices

    15 December 2016

    Antimony trioxide prices drop, as do iodine prices; lithium deals for 2017 approach closure; foundry chromite spot market widens; raw material costs lift WFA prices; graphite suppliers talk 2017 contracts; Cristal to increase TiO2 prices; industry concerned over China scrapping magnesia quota.

  • Tronox to push up TiO2 prices

    09 December 2016

    Tronox is the latest titanium dioxide producer to push up prices for the pigment mineral starting early next year.

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