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Agenda Overview

DRAFT AGENDA - Pre-Day: Monday, March 16, 2020

4:00PM Registration desk opens

Avoid the queue and come collect your badge and conference goodies early.

6:00PM Welcome drinks party – Rooftop

Come and enjoy the warm breeze and great food, catch up with old and new friends while overlooking the beautiful Miami marina.

DRAFT AGENDA - Day One: Tuesday, March 17, 2020

7:45AM Registration desk opens
8:55AM Opening remarks

Keynote sessions

9:00AM Global bauxite, alumina and aluminium trends
9:20AM Keynote panel: The next 10 years – preparing for the future
  • What are the future opportunities for the bauxite and alumina industry?
  • How is the global social-political landscape affecting the bauxite and alumina landscape?
  • Climate change and sustainability: Is this the main focus for the next 10 years?
  • What challenges will the industry face in the next 10 years?
  • How is the industry working to improve community and government relationships, said to be key to access future supply?

Panellists to be announced soon

10:00AM Key changes in the industry: Alunorte update

Interview with Norsk Hydro

  • What happened to Alunorte and how is it doing now?
  • What has Alunorte’s changes meant to Hydro’s bauxite and alumina production?

Speaker to be announced soon

10:15AM Morning networking break
10:45AM Macroeconomic outlook
  • Trade ‘wars’ and their end game
  • With protectionism influencing politics: How is it affecting economies?
  • The effects of the Section 232 measures and countermeasures
  • Trade remedies (anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures)
Dean Pinkert, Partner, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
11:15AM Bauxite and alumina prices
  • Volatility over the past year and key market movers
  • Close-up of Fastmarkets’ bauxite and alumina prices
  • Non-met pricing update: refractory bauxite grade, BFA and WFA
  • Research tools to support your business development
Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
Davide Ghilotti, Industrial Minerals Editor, Europe, Fastmarkets
11:45AM Pricing panel: Adapting to increased volatility
  • How are global trading trends shaping the market?
  • Where is the floor alumina prices in the downward spiral?
  • Less demand for aluminium: How influencing the bauxite and alumina prices?
  • China importing: What does it mean to the price trends for upcoming year?
Moderator: Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
Adam Mammon, Metal Derivatives Broker, Ocean Solutions LLC
Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
12:30PM Networking lunch break

Sustainability and bauxite residue management

2:00PM Sustainability and bauxite residue management
  • Update on upstream dynamics of global aluminium market
  • Green aluminium: What challenges is the aluminium supply chain as a whole facing to achieve it?
  • Can supply disruptions be expected in upcoming years?
Paramita Das, General Manager Global Marketing & Development, Rio Tinto
2:20PM Global overview of bauxite residue management
  • The importance of responsible management of deposits
  • What to consider for the next 10 years?
2:40PM Joint Q&A – Discussing creating the sustainable supply chain
Moderator: Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
Paramita Das, General Manager Global Marketing & Development, Rio Tinto

Regional developments (part one)

3:00PM Guinean bauxite: How is future supply ramping up?
  • How is future supply ramping up?
  • Which main export markets to target?
  • How is the sustainable mining/ responsible mining developing?

Speaker to be confirmed

3:20PM Brazil: New Bauxite Resource for Metallurgy and Industrial Minerals
  • Latest on Brazilian Bauxite Barro Alto Deposit
  • Resources, Geology and Potential Uses of High Quality Barro Alto Bauxite
  • Dry Processing Technlogy of Barro Alto Bauxite
  • Metallurgy Market and Future Trends
  • Industrial Minerals Market and Future Trends
Reinaldo Noronha, Director, Bautek Minerais Industriais
3:40PM Short networking break

Roundtable sessions

4:00PM Roundtable details

Take part in the debate led by an industry expert during roundtables knowledge sharing sessions

Setup: Roundtables sessions each lasting 45 minutes. Pick the topic you are most interested in and join the table for the discussion.



Table 1: China: What will their focus be for the future?

Table host: to be announced


Table 2: Investing in Guinea bauxite projects

Table host: to be announced


Table 3: Bauxite residue management

Table host: Katy Tsesmelis, Manager – Mining & Refining, International Aluminium Institute


Table 4: Aluminium and alumina: Future outlook on how they affect each other

Table host: Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets


Table 5: Freight and logistics  

Table host: to be announced


Table 6: Sustainability and the aluminium supply chain

Table host: to be announced

MAIN STAGE: Non-met industry: What to expect beyond 2020?

4:00PM North America and the trade war
  • What is the latest on the tariffs imposed on aluminium imports, Section 232 and antidumping legislation?
  • How as the non-metallurgical side been affected in North America?
  • How are local importers of non-met feedstock reacting? What alternatives are there?
Lee Bray, Aluminum Commodity Specialist, US Geological Survey (USGS)
4:20PM Refractory industry: What is going on?
  • The struggle is real: refractories downturn in 2019/2020, regional performances – Europe vs. North America
  • Destocking of inventories: how are refractories producers managing raw materials demand?
  • What bright spots are there in refractories at the moment?

Speaker to be confirmed

4:40PM Panel: Current challenges and future opportunities
  • Discussing the uncertainty around production
  • Future opportunities and challenges
  • Prices remaining flat – how it is affecting the industry.
Moderator: Davide Ghilotti, Industrial Minerals Editor, Europe, Fastmarkets
Dirk Auge, Managing Partner, Minerals by Cofermin Rohstoffe GmbH & Co Kg
Ted Dickson, Consultant, Tak Industrial Mineral Consultancy
5:30PM End of day one

DRAFT AGENDA - Day Two: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

8:15AM Registration desk opens
8:55AM Opening remarks

Regional developments (part two)

9:00AM Open discussion panel: Creating an industry working group
  • Securing future supply: Why is it key to improve community and government relationships?
  • How to operate worldwide with governments, companies and communities?
  • Who and what should an industry working group look like?

Speakers to be announced

9:30AM China: Update on production, demand and price trends
  • Chinese bauxite and alumina supply/demand balance outlook?
  • China supply and consumption patterns?
  • Refining capacity: What is happening in the domestic market?
Yang Cao, Metals Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research
9:50AM Factors impacting Chinese refinery growth – inside and outside China
  • Alumina supply-side reform?
  • Environmental impacts
  • ‘’Go out’’ and Chinese-style refineries outside China
  • Economics of Chinese alumina refineries
  • Bauxite constraints and opportunities
Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Limited
10:10AM Panel: Will Indonesia ban the export of bauxite again?
  • What is the Indonesian government plan for the proposed ban and its timeline?
  • How will the potential ban of bauxite impact China’s aluminium industry?
  • Is China already adapting to the supply dynamic?
  • How are other bauxite regions benefitting from the potential diverted trade flows?
Moderator: Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Fastmarkets
Ashok Nandi, President, International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society
Sunny Huang, Aluminium Analyst, BGRIMM Lilan Consulting
10:55AM Morning networking break
11:20AM Middle East: How is Al Taweelah alumina refinery performing?
  • How is Al Taweelah performing?
  • What is the volume forecast for upcoming year? What are the main export countries?
  • How has the global market developments influenced Al Taweelah?

Speaker to be announced soon

11:40AM Jamaica: Industry legacy issues and sustainable approaches
  • What are the future opportunities in Jamaican bauxite lands?
  • Particular closure aspects of red mud disposal sites
  • Continuation of working with local communities
  • What remain challenges?
Shanti Persaud-Levy, Senior Environmental Officer, Jamaica Bauxite Institute
Yolanda Drakapoulos, Senior Director of Bauxite Reserves, Jamaica Bauxite Institute
12:00PM Where else can costs be saved?
  • Global production cost curve overview
  • How are producers innovating to save costs?
  • Advice for the future
Ami Shivkar, Principal Analyst - Aluminium Markets, Wood Mackenzie
12:20PM India: What challenges do new projects face?
  • Latest updates on key projects in development
  • What are the future opportunities for India’s bauxite and alumina industry?
Ashok Nandi, President, International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society
12:50PM Latest of the caustic soda industry
  • The latest on the caustic soda industry of the past year
  • What challenges is the industry facing?
  • What will the future hold for the caustic soda market?

Representative from IHS Markit

1:10PM Shipping and logistics for the future
  • Increased freight prices: How is it affecting the freight commodity market?
  • 2020 Regulations towards fewer emissions: How is the freight industry going to change in the upcoming 10 years?

Speaker to be confirmed

1:30PM Networking lunch break and end of the conference