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Agenda Overview

Pre-Conference Day: Monday, March 25, 2019

1:00PM Golf Day at the Biltmore Golf Course

How better to kick off your networking in Miami, than an afternoon on the golf course! Join Noranda and Concord for 9 holes at the famous and stunning Biltmore Golf Course. The Course was designed in 1925 by legendary architect Donald Ross. Early in its storied history, it was host to The Miami- Bilton Open, one of the richest prize purse professional golf tournaments of its time. More information at

You can sign up here.


5:00PM Registration opens

19th Floor - where the welcome party will start at 6pm, come and register to avoid queues on Tuesday morning. We look forward to welcoming you to the event. 

6:00PM Welcome drinks party

You are invited to our welcome drinks party. Come and enjoy free champagne, great food and catch up with old and new friends. 

Day One: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

7:30AM Registration desk opens
8:40AM Opening remarks
8:45AM Welcome address
Mark Hansen, CEO, Concord Resources Ltd

Session I: Global bauxite, alumina and aluminium trends

9:00AM Keynote panel discussion

Format: traditional panel discussion, no presentations, moderator facilitated discussion

  • 2018: Looking back on a year of supply disruptions
  • Macroeconomic trends: what are the implications for aluminium demand growth?
  • Environmental regulations: how has it changed the bauxite and alumina landscape?
  • Trade policy and sanctions: where does it trigger uncertainty?
  • How will the reduced Chinese growth continue to influence the market?
  • Sustainability: end-users and their demands on mining of bauxite
  • How does the alumina and aluminium supply chain continuing its quest towards lowering its carbon footprint, leading to green aluminium?
Moderator: Ron Knapp, Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute
John Thuestad, Executive Vice President Bauxite and Alumina, Norsk Hydro Brasil
John Habisreitinger, Executive Vice President, Noranda Bauxite & Alumina
Parris A Lyew Ayee, Former Executive Director, Jamaica Bauxite Institute
10:00AM Morning networking break
10:30AM Global bauxite, alumina and aluminium trends
  • A closer look at the fundamentals of the supply chain
  • Upstream dynamics and update on global aluminium market
  • Impact of Chinese demand on bauxite and alumina prices
  • How have the sanction on Rusal hit the global market?
Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Limited
10:50AM Executive interview: What lessons were learned?

An open conversation with Hydro about its Alunorte alumina refinery

  • What went wrong?
  • How to mitigate the risks of the incident for the future?
  • What are key takeaways?

Interview with John Thuestad the Executive Vice President of Norsk Hydro Brasil. 

Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Fastmarkets
11:15AM Update on Brazilian B&A industry
  • A competitive analysis: strategic roadmap of Brazilian B&A industry
  • New government: new challenges?
11:35AM Mining opportunities in Guinea
Abdoulaye Magassouba, Minister of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Mines and Geology, Republic of Guinea

Session II: Regional growth developments

12:00PM Giving the floor to the bauxite producers

Format: group discussion with insights from Europe, Jamaica, Guinea, and Australia

Australia: an update on domestic production and future capacity

Guinea: what is in the pipeline for the key projects in development?

Jamaica: what are the new opportunities on the horizon for its bauxite and alumina industry?

Europe: latest developments and future opportunities 

  • Continuous Chinese bauxite tightness: what are the effects for global bauxite miners?
  • How is Chinese demand affecting prices?
  • Quality: what are the conditions of the global bauxite reserves?
  • Responsible sourcing: how are end-users influencing the bauxite miners? 
Moderator: Andrea Hotter, Special Correspondent, Fastmarkets
Andrew Wood, Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Limited
Chris Young, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations, Noranda Bauxite and Alumina, Dada Holdings
Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
12:45PM Networking lunch break - Hosted by SMB and Ministry of Mines and Geology of Guinea
2:00PM Insights: Bauxite and alumina prices
  • An overview of price movement from last year
  • Price disconnect between alumina and aluminium
  • How have Rusal and Hydro’s alumina reductions affected the prices?
  • Non-met pricing update: refractory grade bauxite, BFA and WFA
Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
Davide Ghilotti, Industrial Minerals Editor, Europe, Fastmarkets
2:20PM EGA upstream investment - Guinea Alumina Corporation and Al Taweelah alumina refinery
  • Update on Emirates Global Aluminium’s strategic growth projects upstream in the aluminium value chain
  • Update on EGA’s Guinea bauxite mining project, one of the largest greenfield investments in Guinea in the past 40 year
  • Update on Al Taweelah alumina refinery, the first to be built in the UAE and only the second in the Middle East
Paulo Roberto Castellari, CEO, Guinea Alumina Corporation, Emirates Global Aluminium
Zaher Al Habtari, Senior Vice President, Refinery Operations, Emirates Global Aluminium
3:00PM IB2 Technology to process low grade bauxite
  • China, Azerbaijan, Australia and many other countries have huge reserves of LGB
  • IB2 will offer a solution to the refineries refining LGB in order for them to make big OPEX savings
Romain Girbal, General Manager, IB2
3:20PM Networking break
3:45PM An update on caustic soda
  • What are the latest caustic soda pricing trends?
  • Is the European market rebalancing?
  • What will the future hold for caustic soda market?
Catherine Webster, Senior Analyst, IHS GLOBAL INC.

Session III: Non-met market in the spotlight

4:15PM Non-metallurgical bauxite applications and markets

Paper in collaboration with Kerry Satterthwaite, Roskill 

Ted Dickson, Consultant, Tak Industrial Mineral Consultancy
4:35PM Panel: How has a turbulent year affected the non-met market?
  • Current challenges for non-metallurgical markets: China and beyond
  • China’s environmental policy: where are we and what can we expect in 2019 and beyond?
  • Rusal sanctions: leftover effects for non-met alumina markets?
  • Calcined alumina: another year of tightness?
Moderator: Davide Ghilotti, Industrial Minerals Editor, Europe, Fastmarkets
Dirk Auge, Managing Partner, Minerals by Cofermin Rohstoffe GmbH & Co Kg
Lee Bray, Aluminum Commodity Specialist, US Geological Survey (USGS)
Catherine Webster, Senior Analyst, IHS GLOBAL INC.
Fernando Lopez, President & CEO, Arciresa - Arcillas Refractarias SA
5:15PM Panel: Refractories and main trends
  • 2018: good performance year, will the success of 2018 continue into 2019-2020?
  • How have higher mineral prices affected refractories makers? How is downstream demand perceived?
  • How are supply issues for raw materials continuing to shape the market?
  • End user perspectives: how are steelmakers coming to terms with more expensive and scarcer refractory raw materials?
  • Main raw materials under the spotlight in 2019
Moderator: Ted Dickson, Consultant, Tak Industrial Mineral Consultancy
Christian Viehweger, Sr. Vice President Purchasing, RHI Magnesita
Fernando Lopez, President & CEO, Arciresa - Arcillas Refractarias SA
6:00PM End of day one

Day Two: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

8:15AM Registration desk opens
9:00AM Opening remarks

Breakfast Briefing - Focus on alumina pricing

9:10AM LME Alumina contract – the details
  • Why a new LME Alumina contract?
  • Putting the LME Alumina contract into practice
Antonio Masiero, Business Development, London Metal Exchange
9:30AM Pricing panel
  • Price trends for alumina and the effects of this on the supply chain?
  • Why the market needs an exchange listed alumina contract?
  • The future of pricing indices?
  • How the market will adapt to increasing volatility in indices?
Moderator: Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
Adam Mammon, Metal Derivatives Broker, Ocean Solutions LLC
Antonio Masiero, Business Development, London Metal Exchange
Duncan Hobbs, Research Director, Concord Resources Limited
Vivienne Tieu, Vice President Marketing, South32
10:15AM Analysing pricing and input costs
  • Alumina input costs: bauxite, freight, energy and caustic soda
  • How are smelter margins crushed by rising alumina cost?
  • Analysing the cost-price relationship: alumina price capped by aluminium price's downward spiral
Ami Shivkar, Principal Analyst - Aluminium Markets, Wood Mackenzie
10:35AM Morning coffee break
11:00AM Shipping and logistics trends and future changes
  • Bauxite trade outlook: what are the trade flows and movements?
  • What are current and future freight rates?
  • How has China’s buying patterns changed since last year?
  • What to expect for future freight developments?
Denny Sabah, Business Development, Clarksons
11:20AM Sustainable managing of red mud disposal sites
  • What remain key sustainability challenges for mined-out bauxite lands?
  • How to work together with the local community to continue transforming the mine pits?
  • What are the opportunities for the future? 
Parris A Lyew Ayee, Former Executive Director, Jamaica Bauxite Institute
Shanti Persaud-Levy, Senior Environmental Officer, Jamaica Bauxite Institute

Session IV: Asian supply and demand under the microscope

12:00PM China: production, demand, and price trends
  • Price trends in China for alumina and bauxite
  • What is China’s bauxite reserve capacity and its quality?
  • China’s alumina supply and consumption patterns?
  • China’s domestic alumina prices vs FOB Australia  
Alice Mason, Senior Price Reporter, Fastmarkets
12:15PM India: Moving towards a bright future?
  • Overview of current supply and demand trends
  • When to expect new project coming online? What challenges are new projects facing?
  • Bauxite residue: what is the progress on its disposal development?#


Ashok Nandi, President, International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society
12:45PM End of conference