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Agenda Overview

Monday 13th June

Optional Field Trip 1 – KMK Granit – Feldspar Pit

18:00Registration desk opens and Welcome reception

Tuesday 14th June

Day 1: Keynotes and regional focuses

09:00 Chairperson Address
Corina Hebestreit, Director, Euromines


09:15 The state of the industrial minerals market


  • What are the key metrics for industrial minerals in 2016?
  • What is taking place in the supply/demand and pricing of minerals?
  • Where is the industrial minerals market going?


Peter Fitzmaurice, Chief Publisher, Industrial Minerals
Barbara O'Donovan,
Managing Editor, Industrial Minerals

09:45 Czech Republic: an overview of the nation’s mineral status

  • What are the mineral resources in the Czech Republic?
  • How have mineral developments within the industry made an impact to international practice?
  • Who are the Czech Republic’s partners and what are their areas of development and success?

Pavel Kavina, Director of Raw Material Policy, Ministry of Industry and Trade

10:05 China among equals: Asia and its stake in the mineral market


  • What are the major issues facing the Chinese industrial minerals market?
  • What path might China take to resolve its supply and demand imbalance?
  • What are some of the developments in Asia in its various mineral processes?
  • What is the future of international companies and their stake in the Asian market?

Albert Li, Analyst and Researcher, Industrial Minerals

10:45 Networking refreshment break

11:30 Case study: Etimine and the borate industry in Turkey


  • What is the boron mining activity in Turkey in light of world boron reserves and capacities?
  • What are the speculative differences between boron produced in Turkey in comparison with the other production sites in the world?
  • What are the shares and the future for the world boron market respectively?

Bayram Ankarali, General Manager, Etimine SA

12:00 Glass: Future applications and market demands


  • What are the developments in glass recycling? Which firms are pioneering new technologies?
  • Who are the pioneering producers and technology developers?
  • What are the new applications for glass and what will be their future importance for the industrial minerals market? What part do nanomaterials play?

Murray Lines, Director, Stratum Resources


12.30 Networking lunch break


14:00 Which minerals will hold the market?

  • What is the status of Lithium, Graphite, Rare Earths and Bentonite in the industrial minerals industry?
  • Which minerals will dominate the resurrection of the industry?
  • How will the supply and demand balance affect the success of these minerals?
  • What geographies will carry the flows of these minerals and what are their current statuses?

Steven Fortier, Director, National Minerals Information Center, United States Geological Survey

14:30 Rail, road and water: Moving minerals and its importance to the market


  • What is the current situation in the shipping industry?
  • What can users expect for the future of mineral logistics?
  • Considering the stages of minerals handling and the end-to-end visibility of supply chains, how well are requirements pushing the need for large scale logistical solutions?


Marcel Gorris, Cluster Manager Agribulk, Minerals & Recycling, Port of Amsterdam
Paul Chapman,
Director, Australian Commercial Minerals Exporters
Erwin Mortelmans,
Commercial Director, Port of Duqm
Hans Mattheyer,
Commercial Director, OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam
Wilfred Knegt,
Agency Department, LBH Netherlands
Marco Holleman,
Managing Director, Maja Stuwadoors

15:30 Networking break

Middle Eastern opportunities and strategic considerations

16:00 Iranian industrial minerals: An exciting future for the industry

  • The main Iranian industrial minerals
  • Overview of geology of industrial minerals resources in Iran
  • Production & consumption of the main industrial minerals in Iran
  • The major Iranian industrial minerals producers
  • Challenges & opportunities in Iran's industrial minerals sector

Dr Alireza Ganji, Economic Geologist and Advisor, Iran Mine House

16:20 Iran and its relationships beyond its borders

  • How does Iran seek to connect/ work with the international community now that sanctions have been lifted?
  • Who are the key national players in the opening of Iranian opportunities? Will Iran be a key supplier to the Middle Eastern region?
  • What international companies are already present in Iran and what are their operations? Where will the US fall in regards to Iranian relations?

Roohollah Sharafian, International Affairs Deputy, Falat Asia Holding Company

16:40 Panel: Iranian and neighbouring logistics and the channels to opportunity


  • What are the logistical considerations of dry bulk transportation to and from Iran for international suppliers and consumers?
  • What are the capacities of neighbouring mineral ports at present? What are plans for expansion in light of predicted increased product flows?

Erwin Mortelmans, Commercial Director, Port of Duqm

17:00 End of day one followed by networking drinks reception

Wednesday 15th June

Day 2: Mineral Focus, Processing and Products


09:20 Welcome remarks



Stream 1
Mineral focus


Stream 2
Processing and mineral products

09:30 TiO2: Trends and tensions
  • What is rationalisation and where will it take place? What will be affected by this trend?
  • What technologies will be impacted by the current state of the industry?
  • Where are new deposits of titanium dioxide? What is their potential for growth?
  • What are the financial projections of the industry and activities for survival?

Gerald Colamarino, Managing Director, TiPMC Consulting


09:30 Refractories: The benefits of energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness
  • What are the major trends influencing monolithic refractories applications?
  • How are fast curing and high insulating products supporting energy savings?
  • Where are examples of environmentally friendly refractories: a case study of Taphole Clay.
Giuliano Coppetti, Group Technical Manager, Seven Refractories
10:00 The future of the world’s lithium
  • How much and how soon can we expect a new lithium supply to the market?
  • How will its production affect the rest of the industry and the supply and demand balance?
  • What are the economics of lithium and the value proposition for investors?
  • What are the emerging applications for lithium? How do other minerals factor in?
Markku Isohanni, Chairman, Keliber Oy


10:00 Recovery of spent refractories: How to do it and using them as secondary raw materials for refractory applications

  • What is waste capture from secondary raw materials and their potential uses?
  • What are refractories’ stake in recycling and secondary use?
  • What are the technologies being developed to broaden the range of recyclable industrial mineral products? How do these respond to government pressures?

Michele Martino, CTO, Deref

10:30 Networking refreshment break

10:30 Networking refreshment break

11:00 Rare earth market and applications
  • What rare earths are in high demand? What are their market sizes?
  • What are the current versus historical REE prices?
  • What is the process from exploration, extraction and processing to the industrial user?
  • What are the geographies with economic opportunity?
Erika Machacek, Economic Geologist, GEUS




11:00 Ceramics: Developments and projections for future applications
  • What are the challenges to the industry in light of moves towards decarbonisation policy?
  • What have been the market's activities with flash sintering since its development?
  • What are the newly developed applications in the ceramics industry and how do the add value?

Andre Prette, Researcher in Field Enhanced processing, Lucideon

11:30 Rare earths: On the road to recovery and development
  • How can the EU become a significant rare earth producer?
  • How have rare earths risen above the hardships of the market?
  • What are the hurdles yet to be overcome before commercial operations? What are the policy options for EU to retain and encourage REE supply?
  • What comparisons can be made between EU and Chinese supply?
Damien Krebs, Metallurgy Manager, Greenland Minerals and Energy


11:30 The environment and its applications: A holistic view
  • What are the benefits of environmental applications such as flu gas desulphurisation?
  • Which regions will see a push towards these environmental applications in the manufacturing process?
  • How have the activities of NGOs impacted policy? What are their intended outcomes?
  • What are the long/ short term industry considerations in light of these pressures?

Roman Hubalek, Market Manager and Chief Researcher FG, Lhoist

12:00 EURARE: European projections and rare earth exploration
  • What is the EURARE program and its timeline considerations?
  • Where has the focus of REE deposits been in the programme?
  • What is the EU stake in the production of specialised rare earths?
Thymis Balomenos, Senior Researcher in the Laboratory of Metallurgy, EURARE
12:00 Processing developments: What are the innovations in mineral processing?
  • What are the developments in producing finer products into the market?
  • What part do quality and consistency play in technological advancements and market desires?
  • What technological innovations are helping to increase efficiency and cut costs in processing?
Dietmar Alber, Operations Director, Hosokawa Alpine

12:30 Lunch Break

12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Pricing and Supply Session

Join our editorial team pricing analysts as we review the prices of commodities

Pricing Specialists, Industrial Minerals

14:00 Processing developments: What are the innovations in mineral processing?
  • What are the developments in the area of tribo-electrostatic belt separation processing solutions?
  • How are dry technologies proving resilient for the beneficiation of fine materials?
  • What are the stages in the separation of materials to create finer products?
  • What minerals can be used these developing separation technologies?
Laddy Lewandowski, Business Development Executive, Europe, ST Equipment and Technology

14:30 Natural zeolite engineering: A viable investment?

  • Will research into the applications lead to profits?
  • What are their benefits compared to synthetic zeolites?
  • Which markets are already opening to the engineering of these minerals?

Daniel Eyde, CTO & President, St Cloud Mining

 14:30 A new approach to reduce the silica content in calcium carbonates for cement and burnt lime applications
  • What are the problems high-silica rocks cause during production?
  • How do the highly siliceous rocks appear?
  • What sensor technologies are there to identify these high-silica rocks?
  • How does the separation of the different rock grades work?
Jens-Michael Bergmann, Sales and Project Manager Europe, TOMRA Sorting


15:00 Networking refreshment break
15:00 Networking refreshment break

15:30 ‘Industrial minerals are not all created equal’: What constitutes a mineral resource?

  • What are the bentonite and graphite considerations?
  • What exploration method is applicable – what pitfalls are there?
  • Why should we report or grade industrial mineral deposits according to specifications?
  • How to classify Mineral Resources according to international reporting codes?

Andrew Scogings, Principal Consultant, CSA Global

 15:30 Panel on processes and their uses: Why is understanding them essential?
  • What role does processing play in the connection from mine to market? How has this changed in light of the current market situation?
  • What are the developments in processing technologies and how are they being formed around market demands?
  • What impact do these innovations have on the demands of end user applications?
Laddy Lewandowski, Business Development Executive, Europe, ST Equipment and Technology
Joe Roettle
, Global Sales Manager, Ecutec
Todd Parker
, Global Marketing Manager Mining Chemicals, ArrMaz




16:00 Financing and industrial minerals

  • What are the primary mineral markets?
  • Where are finance companies poised to invest?
  • Where are finance firms' investments heading and what are the specific minerals and material interests?

Josh Parrill, Senior Associate, Resource Capital Funds



End of Conference




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