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Agenda Overview

Pre-conference: Battery Chemistry Day: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

9:00AM Pre-Conference Event: Battery Chemistry Day

This Battery Chemistry Day will:

  • Assess lithium-ion battery types 
  • Solid-state batteries and alternatives to li-ion battery chemistries: Vanadium redox-flow and Zinc-Nickel batteries

PLEASE NOTE: This day requires an additional registration fee to attend. 

You can view the full agenda for the day and registration details here>>

3:00PM Welcome Party

You are invited to the Welcome Reception on Wednesday 10 April. Come and catch up with old and new friends at the Brew Bar at the Kerry Hotel. 

Main Conference: Day One: Thursday, April 11, 2019

7:45AM Registration desk opens
8:40AM Opening remarks
Gary Gao, Regional Sales Manager, Fastmarkets MB
8:45AM Welcome address
Jionghui Wang, President, Minmetals Exploration and Development Co Ltd
9:00AM Chinese policies and its influence on the battery chemistries
  • Overview of Chinese policies and future plans around EVs
  • How have subsidies changed since last year?
Chen Junquan, Section Chief of Multivariate Business Research Department, Minmetals Economic Research Institute
9:20AM Global regulatory update
  • Overview of policy changes around the world to increase electrification
  • Which countries to look at and follow
  • How do regulatory measures affect the uptake on EV sales, battery cells and raw material demand
Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
9:40AM Chinese EV market and cathode materials used for automotive LIBs
Junxian Xie, Director of Marketing and International Business, Pulead Technology Industry Co. Ltd
10:00AM Morning networking break

Session: Nickel

10:30AM PBT – Powering the clean energy evolution
  • Introduction to Pure Battery Technologies (PBT)
  • Why is PBT a differentiator?
  • How is PBT supporting the battery producers for more affordable battery materials with the lowest environmental footprint?  
10:45AM Nickel market spotlight
  • Pricing trends 2018
  • Pricing forecast for 2019-2020
Jim Lennon, Commodities Strategy Consultant, Macquarie Bank Ltd
11:00AM Nickel panel: The future of battery grade nickel

Format: Discussion panel. 

  • What are the implications of the EV revolution on nickel market?
  • How are miners adapting to increased demand for class 1 nickel?
  • Is responsible sources also impacting the future developments for class 1 nickel?
  • Growth continues for nickel li-ion cathodes: How is supply side expected to grow to meet the battery demand?
  • What will this mean for costs?
  • What are the major threats to nickel-rich battery chemistries?
  • Battery grade nickel: Are new benchmarks needed?
Moderator: Clive M Whittington, Managing Director, C.M.Whittington & Associates Ltd.
Mark Selby, Chairman & CEO, Canada Nickel Company
Alex Khodov, Principal Nickel Market Analyst, MMC Norilsk Nickel
Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
Zong Shaoxing, Chairman, MCC RAMU New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
Jim Lennon, Commodities Strategy Consultant, Macquarie Bank Ltd
12:00PM Networking lunch break
1:30PM Panel: Strategic supply chain management
  •  Understanding supply chain management models
  • Off-take agreement versus investment into mining companies
  • How much investment in supply chain to secure raw materials needed?
  • Risks and price influences
  • Future technologies to support the battery raw material supply chain
Moderator: William Adams, Head of Base Metals and Battery Research, Fastmarkets
Emily Hersh, Managing Partner, DCDB Group
Coco Liu, Procurement Director, BYD Battery
2:15PM How is the LME supporting the cobalt industry?
  • LME Cobalt: price, volumes and volatility
  • Strategic initiatives to support the battery materials industry
Xu Xiao, Vice President, Corporate Sales, The London Metal Exchange
2:45PM Networking break

Session: Lithium

3:15PM On track for pilot operations and definitive feasibility in Q2 2019
Graham Harris, Chairman & Director, Millennial Lithium Corp.
3:30PM Developing West African lithium for the world
Chris Evans, CEO/Executive Director, Birimian Limited
3:45PM Future of lithium production in Africa
4:00PM Lithium market spotlight
  • Prices 2018-2019 trends
  • Prediction prices 2019-2020
  • Development of lithium pricing: update
  • Relevance of lithium pricing index
Vicky Zhao, Senior Battery Materials Analyst China, Fastmarkets
Carrie Shi, Market Reporter, Fastmarkets
4:25PM Lithium panel: Looking at a bright future?

Format: Discussion panel  

  • Overview of lithium fundamentals and changes since last year.
  • Ramping production: What is going on with the juniors?
  • Quality: Does source have an impact on battery lithium grade carbonate and hydroxide output?
  • Assessing the lithium fundamentals more closely
  • Lithium a small market: What are the challenges of demand growth and supply struggles?
  • Price challenge to bring it to a specialty chemical
Moderator: Martim Facada, Senior Market Reporter, Fastmarkets
Jingwen Sun, Assistant Director - Equity Research, Minmetals Securities
Anthony Tse, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Resources Limited
Zhou Jianqi, General Manager, Yahua Lithium
Alison Dai, Commercial Director, Chemphys
5:30PM End of day one – Networking reception

After a long day filled with interesting discussions, you are invited to join for a networking reception. 

Main Conference: Day Two: Friday, April 12, 2019

8:30AM Registration desk opens
8:55AM Opening remarks
9:00AM Cobalt market overview
Lara Smith, Managing Director, Core Consultants

Session: Cobalt

9:30AM Cobalt market spotlight
  • Prices 2018-2019 trends
  • Price prediction 2019-2020 
Susan Zou, Minors, Ores and Alloys Editor, Asia, Fastmarkets
Vicky Zhao, Senior Battery Materials Analyst China, Fastmarkets
9:45AM Cobalt panel: Responsible sourcing, demand and other problems

Format: Discussion panel

  • DRC in spotlight:
    • Call to responsible sourcing and more transparency
    • Illegal mining issue
    • Safety and artisanal mining problems
  • Will there be enough cobalt in the future?
  • Less or no cobalt in the battery chemistries:
    • How are changes in chemistries forming a risk to cobalt prices?
    • How quickly are the chemistry changes happening?
  • How much cobalt supply comes from outside of the DRC?
  • Chinese cobalt consumption overview
Moderator: Charlotte Radford, Minors, ores and alloys editor, Europe, Fastmarkets MB
Tony Southgate, Cobalt Trader, Stratton Metals
Lara Smith, Managing Director, Core Consultants
Forrest Deng, General Manager, Industry Research Department, China Molybdenum Co Ltd
Trent Mell, President & CEO, First Cobalt Corp.
Tiger Pan, Vice General Manager, GEM Co.,Ltd.
10:45AM Short networking break
11:00AM Restarting a Canadian cobalt refinery
Trent Mell, President & CEO, First Cobalt Corp.
11:20AM Scaling up for advanced cathode materials and next-generation batteries
Dan Blondal, CEO, Nano One Materials Corp
11:40AM Application of technology to brine
Bruce Richardson, Executive Chairman & CEO, Anson Resources Ltd
12:00PM Automotive industry perspective on EV battery supply
Srinath Rengarajan, Senior Automotive Research Analyst, Oliver Wyman
12:20PM A world class ultra-high quality spodumene lithium project moving to production
  • Overview of Sigma and their project 
  • The process of producing ultra-high quality differentiated spodumene concentrate
  • Discussing Brazil’s significant competitive advantage
Ana Cabral-Gardner, Vice Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Sigma Lithium Resources Inc.
12:40PM Networking lunch break

Session: Recycling of Li-ion battery on global scale

1:45PM Recycling panel: The present and future of battery recycling

Format: Discussion panel. 

  • Eye opening numbers to recycling rates and costs of lithium-ion batteries
  • What are developed end-of-life strategies for li-ion batteries?
  • How many technologies are emerging at the moment to answer this call?
  • Where does the LIB recycling infrastructure need to be put in place for this to be realised?
  • What are the questions we should be asking for progress in the circular flow of EV lithium-ion batteries?
  • What are the future opportunities and challenges for the battery industry?
Moderator: Tim Johnston, CEO, Li-Cycle Corp
Hans Eric Melin, Director, Circular Energy Storage Research and Consulting
Liu Zhendong, Senior Associate, China Minmetals Innovative Investment Co., Ltd

Session: Manganese and copper

2:30PM Focus on ultra-high-purity and green manganese products
  • Recent developments of the Chvaletice Manganese Project
  • What are the main challenges in the production of manganese chemicals for new generation of NMC battery cathodes?
  • What does “battery grade” mean?
Marco Romero, President & CEO, Euro Manganese Inc.
2:50PM Copper and its demand for a sustainable world
  • How much copper is used by electric vehicles and for charging stations?
  • Increased demand question for 2025, will the copper market be ready?
Frank Gao, Market Director for Technology and Appliance, International Copper Association
3:15PM Short networking break

Session: Graphite

3:45PM Application status and development trends of natural graphite
Jionghui Wang, President, Minmetals Exploration and Development Co Ltd
4:15PM Graphite market spotlight
  • Prices 2018-2019 trends
  • Price prediction 2019-2020
Carrie Shi, Market Reporter, Fastmarkets
4:30PM Graphite panel: Supply, demand and EVs

Format: Discussion panel.

  • Supplying the battery industry: Where is graphite going to come from? China and ex-China origins
  • Chinese graphite focus:
    • Influence of environmental regulations on domestic resources: Will graphite mining in China continue in the long term?
    • China as graphite importer: Is the shift meaningful and long term?
  • Graphite and anodes: Are there any alternative feedstock being considered? Are they viable?
  • Spherical graphite capacity, present and future: China versus the rest of the world
Joseph Li, Technical Product Manager, Superior Graphite
Chunxiao Li, Chief Technology Officer, Zhongyuan Longgang Company
5:00PM End of conference

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