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Agenda Overview

Battery Materials Europe: Day One: Thursday, September 26, 2019

7:30AM Registration desk opens
8:30AM Welcome Address
Raju Daswani, CEO, Fastmarkets

Session I: What's Driving Demand?

8:45AM The road to electrification
Yann Teste, Vice President Sourcing Global Commodities, Volvo Construction Equipment
9:05AM Understanding Europe's EV market
  • What is the current demand for EVs in Europe compared with Asia and the US?
  • What are key factors of EV development over the next decade
  • Which challenges and opportunities are unique to European automotive companies?
Srinath Rengarajan, Senior Automotive Research Analyst, Oliver Wyman
Adam Panayi, Managing Director, Rho Motion
Sam Adham, LMC Automotive
10:00AM Encouraging the continued growth of Europe's battery industry
  • How are Europe's battery makers responding to rising demand?
  • What further measures can Europe take to promote the adoption of new battery technologies?
Gert Meylemans, Senior Manager Communications, EUROBAT
10:20AM Morning Networking Break

Session II: The Future of Europe's Battery Ecosystem

10:50AM Europe's position in the global battery market
  • What are the capex costs of manufacturing facilities globally?
  • What differentiates battery manufacturing in Europe and Asia?
  • What strategies can Europe take to invest in raw materials assets?
James Frith, Associate, Energy Storage, Bloomberg
11:10AM Securing Europe's access to raw and active materials
  • Where are Europe’s major raw material reserves?
  • What is the future of Europe’s raw material production?
  • What steps can producers take to reduce their environmental footprint?
Vesa Koivisto, Senior Vice President, Finnish Minerals Group
Robert Pell, Director, Minviro
11:50AM From mine to car: Fully integrating Europe's supply lines
  • What does Europe’s current battery supply chain look like?
  • What areas of the chain are most in need of development?
  • How can these weaker parts of the chain be resolved?
Nicolo Campagnol, Senior Knowledge Analyst, McKinsey & Company

Session III: Cobalt Spotlight

12:10PM The future of battery grade cobalt: Securing ethical supply
  • What is the present and future demand for cobalt: do we have enough supply?
  • What strategies are companies taking to ensure the ethical sourcing of cobalt?
  • What do producers make of the trends for reducing cobalt concentration in cathodes?
Moderator: Charlotte Radford, Minors, ores and alloys editor, Europe, Fastmarkets MB
Michael Insulan, Senior Market Analyst, Eurasian Resources Group
Sam Wang, Product Manager, Manatrade AG
Bryce Lee, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co Ltd
Forrest Deng, General Manager, Industry Research Department, China Molybdenum Co Ltd
1:00PM Lunch Break

Session IV: Battery Materials Supply, Pricing and Analysis

2:00PM Pricing forecasts for lithium, cobalt and nickel
  • What are the pricing trends for lithium cobalt and nickel?
  • How are these expected to change over the next couple years?
  • Are we likely to see demand for any of these metals outstrip supply?
Antonio Masiero, Product Development Manager, London Metal Exchange
William Adams, Head of Base Metals and Battery Research, Fastmarkets

Session V: The Latest Updates in Battery Technology

2:45PM Improving cathode efficiency
  • What will be the cathode composition of choice for manufacturers over the next few years?
  • What are the solutions to overcoming stability issues associated with high nickel concentration in cathodes?
  • What are the applications of these next generation cathodes, and when will we see them fully commercialised?
Yazid Saidi, CTO, Lithium Werks
3:10PM Customising lithium-ion batteries for a variety of applications
  • What are the different battery chemistries and architectures required for automotive, marine, medical and aviation?
  • What are the proprtions of materials needed for each application?
  • How are these technologies expected to change over the next few years?
Daniela Werlich, CTO, Customcells
3:30PM Afternoon Networking Break

Session VI: Investing in the Battery Industry

4:00PM Attracting investment in Europe's battery industry
  • What initiatives are currently available to producers looking to secure funding?
  • What is the due diligence of investing in raw material assets?
  • What are the alternative ways producers can seek funding?
Moderator: Namrata Verma, Executive Director, Terrafranca Advisory
Ian Laurent, Director of Metals and Mining, BNP Paribas
Christophe Hadjal, Head of Advisory and Business Development, Societe Generale Asia Limited
Peter Kindt, Managing Director, ING

Session VII: Battery Applications for Stationary Storage

4:45PM Introduction to flow batteries
  • How do flow batteries work? What chemistries are available?
  • How will flow batteries compete with li-ion batteries?
  • When can we expect flow batteries to be adopted on a broader scale and where will this adoption take place?
Alexander Schoenfeldt, COO, CellCube
Chloe Holzinger, Senior Analyst, IHS Markit
5:30PM End of day one: Networking drinks reception

Battery Materials Europe: Day Two: Friday, September 27, 2019

7:45AM Registration desk opens
8:45AM Opening Remarks
9:00AM Bringing together Europe's battery makers
Diego Pavia, CEO, InnoEnergy

Session VIII: Recycling and Reusing Lithium Batteries

9:30AM Battery recycling: Current challenges and future opportunities
  • What are the main challenges currently associated with battery recycling? Who are the key players?
  • When will battery recycling become commercially viable, and when will recycled material start to influence supply chains?
  • What recent developments have been made in the field of cathode to cathode recycling?
Dirk Spiers, President, Spiers New Technologies
Hans Eric Melin, Director, Circular Energy Storage Research and Consulting
Pierre Gaudillat, Scientific Officer, European Commission
10:30AM Morning Networking Break

Session IX: Improving Anode Efficiency

11:00AM Developments in anode technology and the materials required

Improving anode efficiency

  • What are the recent developments in anode technology?
  • What are the advantages and safety concerns associated with silicone anodes?
  • What are the applications of 100% silicone anodes?
Ionel Stefan, CTO, Amprius
11:20AM The future of battery grade graphite
  • What is the market sentiment around graphite?
  • Natural graphite versus synthetic graphite: which is preferable for the battery industry?
  • How are environmental regulations expected to impact graphite production?
Mark Saxon, CEO, Leading Edge Materials
Christoph Frey, Managing Director, ProGraphite GmbH

Session X: Lithium Spotlight

12:00PM The future of battery grade lithium: How are existing supply chains likely to change
  • Is current lithium supply enough to meet demand?
  • What are the main challenges in bringing new mines to operation?
  • What strategies are junior producers taking in response to the expected EV surge?
Moderator: Martim Facada, Senior Market Reporter, Fastmarkets
Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles, Executive Director, Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited
Martin Steinbild, Director, Business Development, Savannah Resources PLC
Pertti Lamberg, CEO, KELIBER OY
Daniel Jimenez, Partner, iLi Markets
1:00PM Lunch Break

Session XI: Nickel Spotlight

2:20PM The future of battery grade nickel: Investing in alternative sources
  • What are the solutions to limited nickel sulphide reserves?
  • Where is battery grade nickel going to come from?
  • How are producers responding to increased nickel concentrations in cathodes?
Mark Selby, Chairman & CEO, Canada Nickel Company
Joni Lukkaroinen, CEO, Terrafame Ltd
Barry Jackson, Principal Market Analysis, AngloAmerican Marketing Ltd
Denis Sharypin, Head of Market Research, Norilsk Nickel

Session XII: Other Battery Materials

3:20PM Manganese, copper and aluminium: The role of these metals in global battery demand
  • What is the overview of demand and supply for these metals?
  • How important are these metals for the battery sector?
  • How is the rise in e-mobility expected to affect supply?
Goran Djukanovic, Analyst/Consultant, Aluminium Insider, Goran Djukanovic
3:45PM End of conference