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Evaluating Screening Performance

Screening (separating dry material based on particle size) is a complex task that requires sophisticated machinery. An optimized screener needs to be designed with consideration of countless variables, including: Motion: how a screen moves, whether vibratory, gyratory, linear, or stationary, loading mechanics: feed rate/unit area, etc. and material characteristics: particle size distribution, particle shape, bulk density, moisture, friability and static charge. 

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Processing Supplement 2014

Trying market conditions have continued to affect mining companies during 2014, causing many to turn to processing solutions that will help them to cut costs, become more efficient and, in some cases, improve on grade quality.

Contents include:

- Mineral processing challenges
- Analysis solutions for industrial minerals
- Recycling for greater resource efficiency
- Long term investment in resilient mills
- Analytical solutions for process controls

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Critical Minerals for Green Energy

Technological advancement and insight into why global mining and 'green' applications are so important to each other are discussed in detail and go someway to explaining why peoples views on this partnership are beginning to shift.

Contents include:

-The future belongs to energy metals
-Lithium as a critical material - sunny demand forecasts ahead
-Solar success: China set to lead global PV growth
-Back on track: restarting graphite production in Europe
-Rare earths set to meet green technology demand

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Tesla Gigafactory: Quantifying Critical Mineral Demand

Tesla Motors Inc., the high-end electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, is planning to double the world's battery production when it launches its Gigafactory in three years' time.

500,000 EV lithium-ion batteries will be produced when the Gigafactory hits capacity in 2020, a situation which could tranform demand for the critical minerals graphite, lithium and coballt.

This report  quantifies the potential mineral demand from Tesla's ambitious project. It also looks at the potentional mines of the future, as the EV manufacturer looks to secure the raw materials that will fuel a new global battery age.

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